Building a CUSTOM Roll-Cage For My BMW E30 V8 Swap - Episode 5

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Hey guys in todays video we are Building a CUSTOM Roll-Cage For My BMW E30 V8 Swap! Enjoy
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Runtime: 33:53


vTuned garage
vTuned garage - 21 dag siden
Siphesihle Ngubane
Siphesihle Ngubane - 16 dager siden
Howzit. When are you posting videos of Ford mustang 1966, I'm looking forward to the progress. Thanks
GRINANDBEARIT - 2 dager siden
Eye protection young man, those eyes can’t be replaced
Garrett Lamb
Garrett Lamb - 13 dager siden
Where’s the mustang?
Jimf - 14 dager siden
you will want one bar from either the right or left front top of the bar to the opposite side rear leg could use a pair, but one will be fine for your purposes.
Jimf - 15 dager siden
are you going to larger front brakes to account for the LS3?
Andrew Ferguson
Andrew Ferguson - 15 dager siden
Great Job!! Thank You...:-)
Raymond L
Raymond L - 16 dager siden
U should wear some sort of breathing protection when spray painting...JS :)
glen johnson
glen johnson - 16 dager siden
i hope your building a 10.5 or slower car because at most tracks that cage wont be legal. i'm pretty sure it would save some ones life. but here in Tx and Fl. its not legal.
davidb0126a - 16 dager siden
I like your new intro! Your channel is going places!
GrindhousePE - 16 dager siden
You work your ass off every episode and I love it dude. Awesome to see as always.
James Graves
James Graves - 16 dager siden
Nice ktm in the background there 👌
Betty Bean
Betty Bean - 17 dager siden
Why all that effort on a roll cage? why bother?
Betty Bean
Betty Bean - 16 dager siden
@vTuned garage I've had cars my whole life and never rolled any LOL. But I get your point. You do great work and I am a fan.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - 16 dager siden
Sir so when I roll the car 3 times I survive
Grzegorz Kolbrecki
Grzegorz Kolbrecki - 17 dager siden
Death trap :( This cage is dangerous in case of front or side hit. It might only help while rolling over.
Freedom 41nall
Freedom 41nall - 17 dager siden
Most Racing clubs require the main hoop diagonal to be one piece bar that goes all the way from the upper corner to the opposite lower corner of the cage. The shoulder harness bars are the ones that are cut. The diagonal bar is very important if you roll your car. But if you aren't planning on racing it really isn't a big concern (you'd be in a ridiculous expensive racing class anyway, having the V8 swap).
Joseph GEIS
Joseph GEIS - 18 dager siden
What happened to the Mustang ?
Kahoush Assaad
Kahoush Assaad - 18 dager siden
Who else wants to see an M3 kit on thr car? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️
Matt Bruce-Clarke
Matt Bruce-Clarke - 18 dager siden
VTuned logo would look good where the back seat was
Robert Magaro
Robert Magaro - 18 dager siden
I see the 80's colors are cool again. please use safety stands and eyewear.
paul huber
paul huber - 18 dager siden
Jason Smith
Jason Smith - 18 dager siden
Possibly invest in a milling machine, carbide hole saws and end mill tooling. Duplicating brackets and drilling would be much easier, that is if you continue to do custom cars. Kudos to you for learning new skills under the microscope. Keep up the great work!
Mattie Fattie
Mattie Fattie - 18 dager siden
So this is a unibody right?
Medicines - 18 dager siden
What about airbags?🌚
James Hosta
James Hosta - 18 dager siden
Hey Ben, regarding the strength and protection the roll cage has to have... It's best to bolt or weld it to the frame not the floor pan. Also, check the support design nascar uses to ensure the driver is fully protected in a roll over. Right now you have no driver door protection and integrity strength on the right side. Build it to withstand a high speed impact and rollover that will save your life.
Jay Acourt
Jay Acourt - 18 dager siden
Did you get it out after?!
Lucky Luke
Lucky Luke - 18 dager siden
Swap v8.. maybe l ls swap? 😀
Evil Ash
Evil Ash - 18 dager siden
nice roll cage for a first go. I suggest Urchfab's channel for some nice roll cage fab, as he gets his really close to the roof/walls for a much better look.
Calimero 1
Calimero 1 - 18 dager siden
Always please use dust mask whilst grinding or sanding mate. Full .Support from Bosphorus
Aadil Jones
Aadil Jones - 18 dager siden
Roll cage... Google has some great ideas on e30 roll cages you could just replicate it I mean if you do it why not do it right like it should be done I believe in you just don't be in too much of a hurry do your homework before just slapping some metal together it may seem like I'm criticising your work but in the end it's gonna be worth the extra efforts love your channel love the work you do but I believe you can perfect your talents
blackfilmes - 18 dager siden
Search for the BOQUINHA channel from Brazil. He just ended one E30 right now in his channel! Prepared for drift! Amazing job u too!
Chewbacca FU
Chewbacca FU - 19 dager siden
I’m so surprised you don’t use air tools more , rather than battery ones .
I’m amazed the drilled isn’t dead with drilling that tubing .
Love your builds , keep it up 👍
icurt06 - 19 dager siden
Vtuned, I like the color that you chose for your BmW. Everybody does red, black, silver, etc. Car clean Guru has an M3 in the same color and I think it really looks sharp!
Hat Geek Tips
Hat Geek Tips - 19 dager siden
Nice. The video editing is much better now.
loou26 - 19 dager siden
V you should do a video with your brothers and explain your background and how the shop started. Include Pops or whatever. Viewers are interested to know.
Joseph Boucher
Joseph Boucher - 19 dager siden
What kind of tape do you use when you start to paint?
HvT - 19 dager siden
Nice one using paper instead of plastic 😉
Alan Sjolseth
Alan Sjolseth - 19 dager siden
U should lean the main hoop back a little to line up with ur b pillers it would look so much better. Not saying it doesn't look dope already. Keep up the good work
Vag T
Vag T - 19 dager siden
Some mig weldin techniques for welding cages would be nice
Francis Sheku
Francis Sheku - 19 dager siden
I would have suggested that you curve the back of the roll cage behind the Recaro seat to allow the cage to accept the seat if a taller person would drive your car, i am worried without the steering being in, the space may not be enough.
l S
l S - 19 dager siden
What Fred said,, in case you have not seen, your viewers re genuinely concerned for your health and well being..keep it safe, be smart and if something does does not feel right, stop and reassess. Other than that..good work for building a roll cage without knowing how to build one before, you got the smarts kiddo.
Mike G
Mike G - 14 dager siden
good work? it's all wrong! to the point of being dangerous.
GroovyDrifter - 19 dager siden
An already tail happy car with more weight in front and more power back... driving it straight may be a challenge.
Marc Müller
Marc Müller - 19 dager siden
It's just a roll bar, not a roll cage. Add some tubes to the a pillar to make it a roll cage. And maybe some tubes between the seat and the door.
Donald Gryder
Donald Gryder - 19 dager siden
does he finish anything or is the mustang just a thrown away kit car ???????????????????????????????????????????????
Aidan Huddleston
Aidan Huddleston - 19 dager siden
vTuned looks kinda lonely working on that car all by himself 😞
Marcin Sobczyk
Marcin Sobczyk - 19 dager siden
VTUNED for my car fix and Goonzquad for my remodeling fix. That's all I need. PERFECT.
Buckets - 19 dager siden
Definitely on the spectrum. What the.
samuel ashman
samuel ashman - 19 dager siden
SleeplessInDayton Jacobs
SleeplessInDayton Jacobs - 19 dager siden
Looking Great 👍🏻
Ronnie Phipps
Ronnie Phipps - 19 dager siden
You spent how much money on these cars and you can't buy a breaker bar
SNELLERIZED GARAGE - 19 dager siden
That hoop doesn't fit the body well at all. Way too small.
Torland Stylez
Torland Stylez - 19 dager siden
Im feeling the new vibe of the channel. Music and cinematography touches are on point!!
Caiolo Vincenzo
Caiolo Vincenzo - 19 dager siden
Super Job!!!
Benjamin Bishop
Benjamin Bishop - 19 dager siden
Damn son, you should scratch the Mustang and put the Coyote in the e30.
David Bruner
David Bruner - 19 dager siden
What happened to the Mustang build? Taking a break from it, or giving up on it, or?
Steve Avis
Steve Avis - 19 dager siden
Your doing a phenomenal job! I have one suggestion when separating the tie rod end from the spindle, try one solid wack to the side of the spindle where the tie rod goes in, it shocks the tie rod and 9 times out of ten, just pops out. Try it. I've been a flat rate tech for 45 years, and has worked for me.
mateck - 19 dager siden
Please wear some eye protection! We don't want you get hurt
Piotr Madej
Piotr Madej - 19 dager siden
who did u get into a fight with?
Troy Motter
Troy Motter - 19 dager siden
Main hoop needs to be at least 3" above your helmet and rear down tubes need to go through the back seat bracing to the rear frame rails as few joints as possible
Pieter Van der Merwe
Pieter Van der Merwe - 19 dager siden
Love to see young people working with their hands. But I do not like to see the carelessness around safety!
Mr. Be.
Mr. Be. - 19 dager siden
Makes it all look so easy
CupraBBD - 19 dager siden
Role cage needed to be a bit wider 🙄
Larry Joffe
Larry Joffe - 20 dager siden
Everything is coming along nicely... but your cage design is wrong and deadly. The angled bar from behind drivers head to behind passenger seat HAS to be a solid bar, it cannot be welded together. The cross bar for the seatbelts can be cut as it offers no support in case of a rollover. The cage is also too far from the B pillars and too far from the roof, not safe. This cage will never pass any safety inspection. Honestly, for your own safety do some research on how to properly design/build a cage. if you want to see how a cage should be built. He is building himself a death trap. :(
Brian W
Brian W - 20 dager siden
You should continue the center V bars to make it an X. In roll cage building your not supposed to end a tube like that without something supporting the other side. if you where to roll the car all side forces would be transferred to the center of your harness bar. If that bent bad enough it could cause spinal damage from compression.
Nigel Bradby
Nigel Bradby - 20 dager siden
not wishing to criticize but please watch this video before you make anymore cages
MarcusDa GOAT
MarcusDa GOAT - 20 dager siden
Or at least one of those m3’s have a v8
MarcusDa GOAT
MarcusDa GOAT - 20 dager siden
You should put an m3 engine in it they’re v8’s
Holster og
Holster og - 20 dager siden
that hoop is horrible it is way to small it should be much tighter to the pillars
Deo Persad
Deo Persad - 20 dager siden
Awesome 👍🏾🤙🏼 good job but also if the car rolls over the roll bar's will protect you as well 😀👍🏾 put some padding around the bars to when done 👍🏾
Kenneth Newman
Kenneth Newman - 20 dager siden
Looks good. If you ever want to professionally race it then you might need to change some stuff. There is rules for each different type of racing.
LCD consultant
LCD consultant - 20 dager siden
You are amazing at this
Pat Murphy
Pat Murphy - 20 dager siden
Can't see for sure, but your tubing looks seam welded You should always use DOM tubing for a cage. It's much stronger, but as long as you are not racing the car, should be OK.
Dat boi Preston !!
Dat boi Preston !! - 20 dager siden
The SJV Workshop
The SJV Workshop - 20 dager siden
Yeah, nah.
SREEKANTH CPY - 20 dager siden
Andy San Diego
Andy San Diego - 20 dager siden
Vtuned is definitely now my favorite channel, and I'm glad to see his subscription number growing, now a very healthy number. I wish he'd use eye protection more, certainly using the drill press with metal spirals spinning off. Even if it's a pseudonym, I suggest he give out a name. We need something to call him by.
Darren Charles
Darren Charles - 20 dager siden
Nice job with roll cage
Андрей уаз
Андрей уаз - 20 dager siden
Хороший проект😁👍
Malcolm McSpadon
Malcolm McSpadon - 20 dager siden
Nice job for the first time...I'm sure most ppl wouldn't have known that this was your first roll-cage if you hadn't said so! You need to go tag Motorhead's jalopy like they did yours...might get them more views and subscribes, since you got them smoked anyways!!!
Eddy Sanchez Casas
Eddy Sanchez Casas - 20 dager siden
pk ko
pk ko - 20 dager siden
Grüessli us de Schweiz 🇨🇭
HK Monaro
HK Monaro - 20 dager siden
Russell Hobson
Russell Hobson - 20 dager siden
What a great job. Car is coming along great can’t wait to see the outcome.
Jon Hill
Jon Hill - 20 dager siden
Lookin good
Going be a beast
James Weaver
James Weaver - 20 dager siden
Ray Hughes
Ray Hughes - 20 dager siden
SAW the last episode NOT SEEN. Try not to make americans seem so poorly educated. You said the exact same thing last episode, SAW buddy, SAW.
sandra folsom
sandra folsom - 20 dager siden
Nice job fitting the tubes. However that cage is useless if you don’t run a diagonal from the base of the hoop up to the center. It will turn into a parallelogram in a rollover otherwise. Also certified cages are supposed to be TIG welded.
Ben Bazan
Ben Bazan - 20 dager siden
looking good!
1957smr - 20 dager siden
Squinting is not a replacement for a welding helmet unless you have replacement retinas
Drakos - 20 dager siden
Next problem , installing the seats
POLLO - 20 dager siden
its getting amazing!
Albert Timmer
Albert Timmer - 20 dager siden
You are the Tube Master for me ! Excellent fitting and it is looking very proffesional ! It going to be a nice BMW again !
Gnaus76 - 20 dager siden
Wax and grease remover without gloves on 🤦
endall39 - 20 dager siden
you are getting really good at tube bending! But, the "safety squint" is not a welding helmet! Set an example V
Eamon McHugh
Eamon McHugh - 20 dager siden
Good job VTUNED 👌
K Del
K Del - 20 dager siden
man put some safety glasses on, god only gave you one set
K Del
K Del - 20 dager siden
love your ambition and it all looks great
Paul Gunter
Paul Gunter - 20 dager siden
Love the new intro ! I like watching the progress on your builds, you and your brothers are very talented ! Can't wait to see the LS installed.
Michael McDaniel
Michael McDaniel - 20 dager siden
Im pretty Sure that V-Tuned has ADD. You can tell by watching him work. He is just all over the place even when he sands or even something as simple as using a spray can. I wish he would get back on the Mustang
Wes Wright
Wes Wright - 20 dager siden
Safety glasses! Nice work, but SAFETY.
K Del
K Del - 20 dager siden
when you get the roll bar to within 1-2 inches of the body you can say you have it figured out
tazfaninafocus - 20 dager siden
After your initial fit from when you decided on a 15-degree bend, that roll cage turned out nothing like you originally planned did it?
You accidentally made it too short and too narrow.
A rookie mistake, from which I am sure you will learn from.
PLEASE USE SAFETY GEAR. We do not keep telling you for the fun of it you know.