Building The Custom Engine Bay For My Coyote Swapped 1966 Mustang!

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Welcome back to the channel in today's video we Build The Custom Engine Bay For My Coyote Swapped 1966 Mustang! ! Enjoy !
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Runtime: 21:11


vTuned garage
vTuned garage - Måned siden
Nikoloz Kurashvili
Nikoloz Kurashvili - 24 dager siden
can you give a link for the last cover song
szachtb - Måned siden
Its only called an Elenore when it has the body kit. Its a fastback otherwise.
Cruzredeye - Måned siden
@Is It Rigged yeah...a friend
Tony Anderson
Tony Anderson - Måned siden
gagan yadav dude he gets them uploaded best he can, he does help runs business, that comes first
Tony Anderson
Tony Anderson - Måned siden
Dang son lol
David Fusco
David Fusco - 13 timer siden
That’s a lot of heavy hot rolled steel on those inner fenders. An application of plastic sheeting in some areas might have accomplished the same end, and been lighter and removable. Nice job though.
gary brown
gary brown - Dag siden
I haven’t seen so many expert car builders on one persons channel before. There must be a bunch of amazing custom builds by all these keyboard mechanics, fabricators, welders, and paint&body guys.
J J - 3 dager siden
excelente proyecto pero en este video veo que las bolsas de aire tocaran el caucho cuando este recogida o cerrada la bolsa de aire......chequea o estoy equivocado.....
Wouter de Boer
Wouter de Boer - 5 dager siden
Get a Hellion Twin Turbo Sleeper kit for the 15/17 stang!! Than the turbos are underneath the car
RUBEN GONZALEZ - 6 dager siden
this thing better see a sema spot ....
Michael Sylvester
Michael Sylvester - 6 dager siden
He's going to have to pull the engine to change the spark plugs
Adel Alvarez
Adel Alvarez - 7 dager siden
Excelente trabajo te felicito
Wondershops - 7 dager siden
Great skillful work! Love to watch your channel!Love your build with heart and passion!
Pierre Labbe
Pierre Labbe - 8 dager siden
Wow. 💯☺👍🔥✅👀📝📷
Ave Tata
Ave Tata - 9 dager siden
Странно как то варить так открыто, так как потом везде будет следы от сварки ((
Viking - 12 dager siden
Nice safety glasses lol
Mark Bulmer
Mark Bulmer - 25 dager siden
Don't drag when mig welding, push forwards.
David James
David James - 27 dager siden
you want to be careful with individual solid supports. in an accident, you would not want to be impaled by a fender support should the front end get crushed. kinda like in the 1960’s when collapsible steering columns became standard.
Larry Seger
Larry Seger - Måned siden
More updates coming?
Semper Fidelis
Semper Fidelis - Måned siden
Don't turn this into some polished fastback like all the others. I'd like to see it as a "Mad Max" themed car.
Wayne McCuen
Wayne McCuen - Måned siden
I'd like to know what the weight of the car is compared to an original and the front/rear weight ratio....
kinglion boy
kinglion boy - Måned siden
Its starting to look like a beast already..
I've Never Done This Before
Very cool project vTuned.
cm1971it - Måned siden
I would like to know the weight of that car.
Гриша Чеснейший
David Steele
David Steele - Måned siden
Can I ask, what power washer do you use to wash the cars when there done?
TAP001 - Måned siden
I guess that custom tubing bender is linked on your Store. LOL
Atul M
Atul M - Måned siden
So this guy is basically building a go kart with a coyote engine
Steve Crow
Steve Crow - Måned siden
I really enjoy the channel dude! great stuff!
rgbigdog - Måned siden
Too bad you don't have rib bender to put rib lines in the sheet metal to make it stronger.
Ndalama Cassius Maluleke
Ndalama Cassius Maluleke - Måned siden
19:52 That is some clean work right There. Coming along.
Shops of Civica
Shops of Civica - Måned siden
When done, is it going to be heavier than a regular mustang?
Skiridr22 - Måned siden
That is some serious fabrication
Carlos Zambrano
Carlos Zambrano - Måned siden
Waooo excelente trabajo, me gusta mucho, saludos desde Venezuela...!
Bryan Crews
Bryan Crews - Måned siden
What welder and plasma machines do you use? I’m sure you’ve said in the past but I can’t remember. Got your cars spindles installed on my 66. Sold the car to my cousin to get a few other projects going though lol
Dga91 - Måned siden
It is just simply relaxing to watch this guy work and put these cars together.. love the channel
murat seyithaliloglu
murat seyithaliloglu - Måned siden
I want a 150 hp car or 500 horsepower. Can you help?.What should I change? Just tell me..l want to make my own car..I have an old car. I want to experiment with it.,I'm removing the engine now,,I need your information. Renault laguna 2 2007 year 268000km 110kw M9R me please..
Cnoevo Auto Adventures
Cnoevo Auto Adventures - Måned siden
man this thing is nut compare to where it was
Fetik - Måned siden
Build next car bmw e30 m4 please
wayfaring stranger
wayfaring stranger - Måned siden
This gonna be one stout stang!
Mentor zeqiri
Mentor zeqiri - Måned siden
V tuned Mustang looks good What about WIN Numbers ?
vortexgen1 - Måned siden
Pull the engine to change the spark plugs. Looks good though.
cpgixxer - Måned siden
Got my shirt in the mail, not autographed unfortunately, maybe next time.
dani arnelas
dani arnelas - Måned siden
nice work men
BRIAN EBERS - Måned siden
Good job, truly enjoy your work. 👍🏿
Esteban Cutini
Esteban Cutini - Måned siden
Great video
Peter Liket
Peter Liket - Måned siden
If you use the pocket on the front between the wheelwell and fenders and double line it you can do a clean wire tuck and stash you computers there and if you heat coat them the twins wil fit perfectly in the front
Ralph - Måned siden
Great skills, but I can't bear watching death wheels, grinders and chop saws being used with zero eye protection. What's it gonna take, losing an eye?
49ics - Måned siden
You going to enter it into sema
Newcomer builder whateva they call the class
Eero Laukkanen
Eero Laukkanen - Måned siden
Good job, man ! Couple questions: What size is that square tubing?? 1 inch??, and when you bend it, did you use any heat, or just force it ?? Thanks=) youtheman !
Denish Godhavia
Denish Godhavia - Måned siden
Bro if you will coner all the engine through metal what about colling of the engine
One Man Engineering
One Man Engineering - Måned siden
Man, that looks CLEAN!
Well done!
PSk - Måned siden
Going to be one very heavy car when finished ... not sure if all that weight means it will also be strong
Thaier Alawadh
Thaier Alawadh - Måned siden
I would like to swap a ford engine in my 69 mustang fastback.. I am looking into reliable mustang engines with stick shift.. any recomendation/suggestions?
Barry Hopkins
Barry Hopkins - Måned siden
From what I've seen. How do you work on the shocks when you need to get to the bolts on the top mounts?
Dillon L
Dillon L - Måned siden
That’s a really small engine bay
Al Man
Al Man - Måned siden
What's your plan to pay our paint all the frame and be metal work panels?
Going to be a real passion dismantling.
Ken Allen
Ken Allen - Måned siden
Thats a lot of talent. I’m enjoying watching your progress.
jousey junior
jousey junior - Måned siden
I don’t know if it’s just me I think your using way too much metal, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter if you supercharge that engine cause it’s going to have to haul 2.5 tons lol
Nic_Vapes - Måned siden
What color are we painting it ?
arbie de jesus
arbie de jesus - Måned siden
You always scare me on your intro..
Diego Rogel
Diego Rogel - Måned siden
Espléndido 👍💪
jacco eversdijk
jacco eversdijk - Måned siden
Mustang looks great your work does to👍 only.... Your personal safety is something you have to work on. 😉 grinding without glasses. Welding without glasses. 😒
scracer24c - Måned siden
I’ll say this again. Sure there are some things that could’ve been done a little better, a little faster etc etc, BUT for your age, You do EXTREMELY Nice work, and most importantly, You are making a “CUSTOM” Mustang! Which means you can do it any dang way you want, So don’t even sweat the haters or keyboard fabricators, Do YOU!!! Now, Congrats on some GREAT Work & for letting us ride along... 👏👏👍💯
zero budget
zero budget - Måned siden
This is the best car build on YouTube caunt wait to see you ripp it
Fifi Finance
Fifi Finance - Måned siden
Just started my grind. Hoping for everyone's success this year. 💪👍
Claudia Magaña
Claudia Magaña - Måned siden
Bob Stienke
Bob Stienke - Måned siden
“Serious progress” Indeed! Good job young man!
NYC KING - Måned siden
You gotta do the firewall bro
Mac Franks
Mac Franks - Måned siden
Well, the shirts sold out before I could get on here and order 1 or 3. I own a 65 fastback that I am on the back end of a down to the bare metal and bring it back project. I built a healthy 331 for it and did a lot of reinforcement to the body structure to hold the power. I have previously drag raced it for a dozen years or more but I'm fixing all the old patched up botched accident repairs someone previously did. I virtually de-skinned the entire car.
I like the stylized image on the shirts and it depicts my actual car so I was going to get a few. I hope you make another run on those and well, my car is black so I personally would like a black shirt with the image and logo in another nicely visible color like white would be an obvious choice. Light grey would work for me too particularly since I had my interior custom done in black with silver accents.
Anyway, the project is looking pretty good. Still have a long hard road ahead to get to a finished product but I think you've hit a major milestone on it at this point. You have the basic structure or foundation there and its way easier to build onto what you have at this point. I know you have had some "learning experiences" getting this going but it happens anytime you start to do something like this.
Are you planning to make building custom cars a career? You have the talent and skills. Its a lot of hard work though and then every different car you undertake has perhaps some similarity but a lot more new things to also have to figure out.
I don't know if you realized this or if it matters but I personally know people that would have sent good money for some of the stuff you chopped up and now the whole hard top body has been ditched. I needed to fix a mild accident damage repair that was previously botched together on my passenger side rocker panel. Well none of the repo rockers were correct so I eventually found somebody parting the pieces of his car that were left and he carved out the entire inner and outer rocker complete and sent it to me. I was really glad to have found original metal and in good shape. That cost me between 2 or 3 hundred actually. Maybe you don't need the money from carving one apart like you did but preserving the original metal for people(like me) would be invaluable to other peoples projects. The reproduction metal often has to be worked extensively to make it fit if it will fit at all and that is a pain and a massive consumer of time trying to restore the car.
Using the front grille+++ assembly for fitment has also worked well for me. I do that on mine when I am trial fitting the fenders back on it. All those bolts on the fenders are vital also. If you don't have the whole thing bolted down it can vibrate, rattle and flop or move and that is not what you want. You will have to figure out a way to pick up all those bolt points. I've already had my fenders on and off at least half a dozen times. Mustangs to fear sells a complete one piece upper nose in fiberglass to eliminate some of the bits and pieces, nuts, screws and bolts that hold that thing together. I decided to keep my original stuff though.
Christian Sepe
Christian Sepe - Måned siden
Its like from b si for build
Ali ALMOSAWI - Måned siden
This dude is legendary make me happy to see his project ending result.
Keep it up bro..
Darren Craig
Darren Craig - Måned siden
Engine bay looks wicked with the engine just sitting there awesome progress Its all new to be this fabrication stuff so hats off to you
Jennifer Adams
Jennifer Adams - Måned siden
VTuned is a daddy?!?
Carl Wilson
Carl Wilson - Måned siden
You’re a wizard!
Gotta Tinker33
Gotta Tinker33 - Måned siden
your doing a good job!
Garrett & Dustin, Living in Idaho
I just got caught up on all of the mustang build videos!! It is looking amazing!!! Your build is a dream of mine!!!
Phillip Toole
Phillip Toole - Måned siden
weld splatter on air bags
Josh Letroy
Josh Letroy - Måned siden
Its comin along nicely. Keep it up Vtuned 👊
Danny Rodriguez
Danny Rodriguez - Måned siden
Damn Boi! Keep getting at it!
Noah Quides-Perez
Noah Quides-Perez - Måned siden
Dude, you have to do a collab with B is for Build. This looks so sick!!! Keep up the great work and content. Can't wait to see the finished project.
Harri Lahdensuo
Harri Lahdensuo - Måned siden
you know yer business dude...respect! \p/
Dave Y
Dave Y - Måned siden
Awesome work
..shit that takes a week to do .. takes you a day.. your truly a master of your craft... keep it up👍👍
Fengshui Aquatic
Fengshui Aquatic - Måned siden
This channel is getting better and better each new video love it !
freedoms not free freedoms not free
This build has really been something to watch, amazing talent. Kudos to you young man.
Uh Oh
Uh Oh - Måned siden
Dude . You gotta wear goggles for metal working , and long manpants for welding ....
Rix - Måned siden
Engine bay looks kinda small for such a powerful engine. The engine has barely room to breath.
James Walnut
James Walnut - Måned siden
Dang Son! Really good welding there. 66 is really coming together. Glad you went with the whole car kit. Seems much better of an idea.
Devon Knowles
Devon Knowles - Måned siden
Love it keep it up
Mark A
Mark A - Måned siden
It's a bad ass build.....but PLEASE drop the lame music....
Anderson Lopes
Anderson Lopes - Måned siden
this project is getting really good, I don't miss any videos it will be wonderful
Lomelly Nell
Lomelly Nell - Måned siden
You should paint over all your welds when done, doesn’t take much moisture to start rusting also will be a botch to paint later
Paul Coote
Paul Coote - Måned siden
Easier to slot the 7.3l Godzilla into it
Mike - Måned siden
You did a fantastic job with those inner wheel wells great work keep up the great work and great Channel to watch also👍🏻👍🏻
Anderson Morgan
Anderson Morgan - Måned siden
Loving the build but you really should start wearing safety glasses when your grinding and using the chop saw. I got a piece of metal in my eye cutting a piece of metal with a sawzall and I had to have it removed from my eye with a magnet.
Heimlichcamper - Måned siden
Looking great! Lovely greetings from Switzerland!
akbal ahmed
akbal ahmed - Måned siden
There is difference between real car builders and real estates dealers& shirts sellers, keep going vtuned
La cocina de Marino
La cocina de Marino - Måned siden
Where all the rest of your enginecomponents go???
Shannon Chuna
Shannon Chuna - Måned siden
question, do plan the build or look see the invisible and make. looks like the later. Which is crazy. the greats have said David was in the Marble I just removed all that was not him. You are very good. and look like your having so much fun
Carbon Fiber Creations Arizona
Put air conditioning in that bad boy.
Christopher Mo
Christopher Mo - Måned siden
Hey, Vtuned!
This is my first comment on any Chanel since I stared using YouTube (been about 7 years) I really like you Chanel and the content, also as your personality is the way of is it makes for such a great watch! Keep up the great work! Can’t wait for the next upload!
Beat wishes from Sweden!
Martin Misigah
Martin Misigah - Måned siden
Walter Brown
Walter Brown - Måned siden
V tuned keep up the good work you are one of a kind
Todd Kirst
Todd Kirst - Måned siden
Nice Build!!!