CTS-V Gets a fresh Paint job

Welcome back to the Channel We finally get the CTS-V painted!
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Howard Swing
Howard Swing - 3 måneder siden
Sure get tired watching sanding, degreasing and using a tack cloth (fill in video clips) with no value. Get back to the skill level you have and we like to watch.
swangindirtyrods TV
swangindirtyrods TV - 3 måneder siden
Had to subscribe
L’Ôdyssee De Ruben
L’Ôdyssee De Ruben - 4 måneder siden
Félicitations 🎈🎉🎊🍾
Hamza Ahmed
Hamza Ahmed - År siden
I give you10/10
rofan2314 234
rofan2314 234 - År siden
Iwata gun?
Aryo CountryBoy
Aryo CountryBoy - År siden
Your video are better every upload. Never Stop to Learn.
Pumpkin Face
Pumpkin Face - År siden
Damn I can taste the paint fumes from over here!! I don't know how you came out of that without going blind but excellent job!
Lenn Pitt
Lenn Pitt - År siden
I didn’t see any mention of sanding base coat or clear coat. Is there a reason to leave this out between coats?
ShadeTree HandyMan
ShadeTree HandyMan - År siden
I'm no expert but have done some automotive type painting and a couple of things struck me as odd... the fan from the paint gun is very wide... never lets up off the trigger even when changing directions... maybe the fan pattern is so wide that it allows for this technique to produce a good finish... but then I cant say that I've watched many other folks paint
Coolride17 - År siden
A lot of newer guns spray real wide, and not releasing the trigger is just being lazy, I do it sometimes too. It wastes a lot more paint though.
Larry Pike. Jr.
Larry Pike. Jr. - År siden
I’ve never seen anyone paint the hood and fenders in 2 different directions before Hope wont be noticeable in different lights !!
pbysome - År siden
Shouldn't matter once it's flatted and polished
Frederick Hillegas
Frederick Hillegas - År siden
Do you and Goon Squad use the same paint booth? The owner of that has to be making a lot of money on you guys. You even with the new ventilation that was installed. And I bet it did not come out of his pocket LOL
stpaulirocker - År siden
Spraying in T-Shirt and shorts but with gloves on. Healthy Level 2000
Brian Weir
Brian Weir - År siden
I guess i am trying to understand the reason for painting the underside of the hood, considering it's going to get mostly covered by the underhood mat and then the exposed part of the underside of the hood your paint gets cooked from underneath by that hot engine.
But more importantly, why no safety equipment? No breathing protection, no paint suit, no eye protection? You're not invincible. Paint contains known carcinogens.
Your fans would like to see you live longer. If you won't do it for us, do it for yourself. Nobody can rebuild YOU.
gato - År siden
As far as protection, I believe he was using a charcoal filter mask. And I do agree with you. When you are young you feel invincible, these chemicals produce irreversible consequences in the long run, I became allergic to automotive refinishes after 10 years of painting without any health problems and I was young 18-28 when I painted . And now it sucks because I cant get near a paint job because my lungs-breathing shuts down and I get severe headaches for a week.
gato - År siden
brian weir- he is trying to make it look as oem as possible, just like when it was painted in the asembly plant, you shoot one fast thin coat of clear so that it looks sort of satin-glossy, if not it would look flat because base coat finish is flat and you need some clear protection because basecoat will come off if sprayed or cleaned with a harsh chemical like degreasers, the clear helps to shield off grime and grease and makes it easier to clean, clear acts like teflon or ceramic. The clear withstands high temperatures and the more heat exposure it gets, the harder the clear becomes. Clear doesn't get cooked that fast, it gets killed due to drive thru car washes (brushes), lack of maintenance (clears need to be polished/waxed every year) , dirt, dust, snow, and mostly chips from flying debris. Once your clear gets pinholes it starts to peel because dust and moisture starts to get under neath it. As for the under mat, many cars don't come with one, and if they do, he sprays the edges and not so much the center where the mat goes.
Keep Out
Keep Out - År siden
Brother, your work is Awesome, I watch every video that comes on, Peace brother
Matthew Laun
Matthew Laun - År siden
Oh my...should I love Vtuned or Goonszquad more...Lots of love for both!!!
baileygamly - 8 måneder siden
why not both the same :) they all have great talent
Matthew Laun
Matthew Laun - År siden
I'm really glad to see you developing your own channel after helping others...wish you well!!!
Matthew Laun
Matthew Laun - År siden
Love it...yes yes yes...keep following the formula of your boys at goonszquad....you helped them so many times...you should enjoy the benefits also....love it, get at it!!!
Michael McGregor
Michael McGregor - År siden
You boy's were tought well. And very professional with the frame machine and downdraft spray both. Hope y'all stay with it
Alex Guzman
Alex Guzman - År siden
You suck at painting
kickit59 - År siden
Great job on the Caddy Vtune! Already looking forward to the next video!
azharsyarawi - År siden
Amazing work guys👌
InFiD3ViL - År siden
Paints in an awesome booth...in street clothes.
Will J
Will J - År siden
I definitely no painter, but I also am not used to seeing 80% overlap from 2 inches. Is that just his style?
N8Monk - År siden
there might be frame damge it hard to tell.
N8Monk - År siden
fix that up please
it an awesome car the dash looks fine but the wheel is not ok.
front suspension Is dead.
N8Monk - År siden
scarmenl - År siden
Get a paint suit my man. Your skin is the biggest organ of the human body and all that stuff you are spraying soaks in. Over time it can cause you big health problems.
Dave Buck
Dave Buck - År siden
I second that assessment.
Roger Thaine Sr.
Roger Thaine Sr. - År siden
Great Job just wondering why no outfit. Looks like spray is coming back onto your skin. That can't be good. Stay healthy,be safe!! Plan on seeing a lot more videos from you
Bruce Skinner
Bruce Skinner - År siden
Great paint work and awesome video! Keep up the good work.
RODZILLA - År siden
vTuned rolling in a V! This is a quick build for Ya'll.
Andy Smith
Andy Smith - År siden
Nice work guys but I can do without the damn ads every 2 minutes lol
Brian Weir
Brian Weir - År siden
@Andy Smith You know, you could just get NOburn Premium. It's $10 a month and no ads. Pay up or stop whining about what you won't pay for
john mckee
john mckee - År siden
Great work as always
Russell McKnight
Russell McKnight - År siden
One thing I was taught in trade school learning autobody is to not sand with your fingers,it can show up.
Paint GuN Express
Paint GuN Express - År siden
Automobile Universe
Automobile Universe - År siden
bestest video nice work tho you got talent
Rather Be Restoring
Rather Be Restoring - År siden
Wow you weren’t lying..looks like glass! 👍
Josh Heiser
Josh Heiser - År siden
Looking good!
Gethin Pandy & Co
Gethin Pandy & Co - År siden
Tidy job on the painting lads, great video as always 👍
Cody Langston
Cody Langston - År siden
Beast mode 😎
ke98248 - År siden
how long do you wait between wiping parts with wax and grease remover and applying paint?
RLA 82
RLA 82 - År siden
That’s amazing how you guys make paint jobs look badass! Question Is it hard to learn how to spray? also would some auto-zone spray guns be good for starters?
Coolride17 - År siden
Get Harbor Freights most expensive one ($70), it sprays great for a China knock off. Just don't use the filter that comes in the cup, instead filter your paint before you pour it in the gun . I just finished 3 cars with that gun, they looked great. When you get to painting a lot of cars, buy a $500 gun you can get parts, and rebuild kit for though.
Aussie Mike
Aussie Mike - År siden
Why do you have a different gun for base v clear - different atomisation pattern?
Tyler Young
Tyler Young - År siden
Master class in car rebuilding
Howard Rice
Howard Rice - År siden
D.M. Hubbard
D.M. Hubbard - År siden
watching Paul "cake walk" that spray gun is like watching an artist create a treasure = We enjoyed the drop! Thanks Guys!!
Joes Golden Garage
Joes Golden Garage - År siden
Vtune! I was behind you in traffic feeling the wrath of that hellcat exhaust the other day. Woah it’s loud! 😝
Al van der Laan
Al van der Laan - År siden
Awesome work there on this real American muscle. Great pain job too.
Mad Mechanix
Mad Mechanix - År siden
This car project is really cool!! Well done
Deni Boy
Deni Boy - År siden
Cherry 🔥
Rusty - År siden
You missed a spot j/k lololol looking awesome guys #vtunedrocks
Wavey Boy
Wavey Boy - År siden
Please mute the hissing when painting and just play the music.
Scott Michael
Scott Michael - År siden
great video as always....thanks.
ianwynneuk - År siden
Beautiful paint job, just amazing finish. Wish I could paint like that 👍
Lonnie Davis
Lonnie Davis - År siden
Man that Cadillac going to be sweet you should keep it don’t sell it
TheKerb Channel
TheKerb Channel - År siden
Guys , great job , I've been watching for a while , this is absolutely fantastic ..
Just noticed you are gaining some extra pounds, mmmmmmm. be careful..
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Lmao yea I notched that to when I was editing I was like damnnn
hans hoogendyk
hans hoogendyk - År siden
black is like any other colour... like "dave kindig says black ain't black" if it has a paint code it needs matching!!!
jimmy aber
jimmy aber - År siden
OMG at the runs in paint until you have the spray gun rhythm down pat. You guys make excellence look easy. Like those across the yard b.ball shots. The ones where the 116 misses are edited out.
jimmy aber
jimmy aber - År siden
I hope the parts to be painted didn’t have ceramic coating. You know that stuff bonds itself around every molecule of matter in the whole car.🤓
Craig Wilson
Craig Wilson - År siden
damn get that lad a sanding block! Only 1 coat of basecoat??!!
Brendan Dong
Brendan Dong - År siden
Where do you get your crash data module cleared???
Brendan Dong
Brendan Dong - År siden
@vTuned garage 🙏🙏 thanks so much! Your Charger Hellcat video got me hooked on your chanel! Awesome work 🚘
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Safety restore look them up on google
James Sawyer
James Sawyer - År siden
nice  good job
Joey Sweet
Joey Sweet - År siden
You are a very talented young man I wish and hope you learn to paint I know you can do it just ask your buddy at goonzsquad he can help you, you built this thing from the ground up man dont give up we need more upload's from you so kick it in and maybe build exotic or a raptor or something and get your head into it and get your sub's up! Com'on man you can do it just get your head in the game! Best wishes
brake smokes
brake smokes - År siden
Sick my boy can’t wait to see it all done bro 💪🏻
G_Force - År siden
Hey boys where’s ya sanding block.... you know you should use them always 😉👍👍👍
bernardthefourth - År siden
Vtuned, you are going to pull so much ass in this V. Get em buddy!
Victor Victor
Victor Victor - År siden
Don Guillermo del Norte
No adhesion promoter on the bumper bro?!
Ray Cappel
Ray Cappel - År siden
bumpers come from GM with ad pro already on them.... I would have painted the hood in car position though.... The clear will flow out better in a horizontal position
frank kapsner
frank kapsner - År siden
Who is the better painter , u or your brother ?
Mads julsgaard
Mads julsgaard - År siden
Another great video - looking forward to the next one. Best regards from Denmark 🇩🇰
Matthew Sorensen
Matthew Sorensen - År siden
Nice job 👍
Randy Travis
Randy Travis - År siden
Always on point
Joebiz24 - År siden
If I could afford it, I'd pay these guys to just stand back and watch them work. I guess the channel will have to do for now. Amazing!!!!
Elite Joe
Elite Joe - År siden
Yo how do you not get paint on the camera?😂
Daniel Medrano
Daniel Medrano - År siden
What type, brand of spray guns did you use?
Daniel Medrano
Daniel Medrano - År siden
What was the first coat? Was it some source or primer?
I am totally new to this stuff
Dylan Glass
Dylan Glass - År siden
Daniel Medrano sealer
K B - År siden
Awesome paint !
Its a Rome Thing Everyday
It's gonna look great when you it's put back together
David Cruse
David Cruse - År siden
Great job ! Love the videos ! Thank you !
Andrew Ybarra
Andrew Ybarra - År siden
prolite for clear 👍
Francisco Gonzalez
Francisco Gonzalez - År siden
Lookin good vtuned. Love the work you guys are doin keep it up.
lou faiella
lou faiella - År siden
did you add some plasticizer for the plastic bumper and other plastic parts??
Mohammed Riyadh
Mohammed Riyadh - År siden
Randy Sookdeo
Randy Sookdeo - År siden
Hey v tune, wanted some advice. Putting together an off road project and I'm ready for paint. How do I apply the pearls? In the clear coat or is it safer to put it in a clear base and the put on the clear coat?
Joey Sweet
Joey Sweet - År siden
Watch goonzsquad on their Lamborghini they show how to do pearl shoot the base coat then shoot the pearl then shoot the clear coat he's a awsome painter!
mktbully - År siden
@Randy Sookdeo good luck
Randy Sookdeo
Randy Sookdeo - År siden
@mktbully thanks much, will do some sample shoots and see what they look like
mktbully - År siden
You can either mix it in with the base coat or you can have a mid coat (between base and clear). Keep the clear coat clear.
Joshua Parton
Joshua Parton - År siden
Sanding without a block became noticable when the hood is hanging up..
greg mooney
greg mooney - År siden
dont need to block sand at that stage
willipic - År siden
@Dcalhoun 38581 Looks pretty good to me, can't see any flaws in the paint.
Dcalhoun 38581
Dcalhoun 38581 - År siden
And that's just the beginning. Watching these guys paint is downright Painful.
mierpub8lam - År siden
you young guys are AWESOME!!!
Maj Khan
Maj Khan - År siden
vtune your channel going down m8 u uploading 1 month you need upload more m8
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Yea I agree
Tracy McClung 31
Tracy McClung 31 - År siden
Love the video x
Mark Bennett
Mark Bennett - År siden
Man you ‘slicked that in’ as you guys say! Greetings from the UK✌️
White Thunder
White Thunder - År siden
I like the new vtune watermark on the video. Any reason for this?
White Thunder
White Thunder - År siden
@Camaro Mods Channel that's terrible! Do ppl steal content that way?
Camaro Mods Channel
Camaro Mods Channel - År siden
So no one can reuse his video and take credit for it. happens all the time. Need to do that myself.
Pete Le Boydre
Pete Le Boydre - År siden
Nice.....clean black you can't go wrong with it......well done Vtune.
Sequoiakicks - År siden
Man I waited for this video 😬
SubUrban Cowboy
SubUrban Cowboy - År siden
Looking good. I can't wait to see it up and running!
Jaxon McBride
Jaxon McBride - År siden
In a paint booth like that...what is the average drying time between coats? Love the videos by the way! Keep up the great work!!!
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Around 8-10 minutes just depends on the temperature out side.
Will Hubler
Will Hubler - År siden
Thanks for going over the process in detail. Were those panels factory painted or new parts in primer?
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
New parts
Danny Oliveira
Danny Oliveira - År siden
Very professional awesome work, you have an extreme talent keep it up.👍🏻😎💯
hans hoogendyk
hans hoogendyk - År siden
agreed he does a great job but his attitude to personal safety a professional body paint guy is a long way from being up to scratch, as he is painting you notice the clear coat mist??? means he hasnt got the extractor going .. he will realise all his little shortcuts when he hits 40 and has health problems due to chemical ubsorbsion over many years
keith lance
keith lance - År siden
Awesome video as always!! Very talented. Question, is that yellow painters tape on the inside of your shoes? Copyright protection?
SourBogBubble - År siden
Brandon Bman
Brandon Bman - År siden
Great job my dude. The CTS-V is one of my favorite new cars. Too bad Cadillac is killing the model. Keep up the good work.
Al van der Laan
Al van der Laan - År siden
I am telling you, these CTS-V sedans pack a punch!! My neighbor has one and he loves it.
Joey Sawyer
Joey Sawyer - År siden
Looks good man
Paul Smith
Paul Smith - År siden
I can't believe Vtuned you're just a glorified cameraman now. How you have fallen my friend you are too talented to be running just the camera putl your brother on the camera..
Paul Smith
Paul Smith - År siden
@vTuned garage you are too talented my friend you built this channel we all want to see you that's all you are very talented brother. 👊
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
I retired lolol