Fixing My Huge Mistake on The Salvage Lamborghini Frame!

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So we made a huge mistake on the salvage Lamborghini Gallardo
frame piece and we fix it!
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Runtime: 13:41


DLoad This1
DLoad This1 - 2 måneder siden
Dang Mike! Is there anything you don't know about fixing cars? LOL
You seem to be undeterred in any situation. 👍😂👍
Matthew Delgadillo
Matthew Delgadillo - 3 måneder siden
Whrer is sam
Chounoki - 3 måneder siden
Is it required by law in US to disclose previous crash history when selling a rebuilt car from salvage?
I know in many countries it is illegal if previous crash history is not disclosed to buyer even if the salvaged car passes road safety check, because after all, road safety test only concerns about lights and brakes, never about frame strength.
Marino Miguel Duran Garcia
Marino Miguel Duran Garcia - 3 måneder siden
Bro excellent work you just needed to do some heat treatment on that part and a quik quenching after that and put some alodine in the aluminium to help stop the corrosión primer and paint and ends like New . Great Job
Edd Bayes
Edd Bayes - 3 måneder siden
Humans make errors
julia baldo
julia baldo - 3 måneder siden
As long as you weld it right!!💪😎👍
Tony Bogayle
Tony Bogayle - 3 måneder siden
Big man killing it v tune
cause&effect - 4 måneder siden
Mistakes is how you learn, either fix the mistakes or wait and see Sam Crack get impelled by the brace without crumbles with a front end collisions
Iskandar Ibrahim
Iskandar Ibrahim - 5 måneder siden
Guys _ you are good;
Heavens to Murgatroyd
Heavens to Murgatroyd - 6 måneder siden
This kid is a meathead.
mr grumpy
mr grumpy - 6 måneder siden
ok you've done the repair .. .. now crash test it.
Jimmy Shover
Jimmy Shover - 6 måneder siden
why didn't you paint the red panel before installing it???
Taj Khan
Taj Khan - 6 måneder siden
Top man for showing fault bigger man to sort it and show it.well done.
Michael Legary
Michael Legary - 6 måneder siden
Hi, I need a tip from you, Im going to be buying a Salvage Superleggera 2014 Gallardo, and its got damage on the right door, what kind of important functioning parts sit in that area? I would like to know if you do!
Michael Legary
Michael Legary - 6 måneder siden
Ah forgot to mention, the collision only affected the door, nothing else, (possibally a bit of the right front fender.
insrt name here
insrt name here - 7 måneder siden
hack job
jerry smith
jerry smith - 7 måneder siden
Some people, you couldn’t stick that bar up there a- - and explain it to them. and I bet they have never worked on a car. They are dumb a- -es every where.
ElChafalote - 7 måneder siden
Please don't start videos like goon squad
vulcan2000pilot - 7 måneder siden
Vtuned is one of my favorite builders. This kid has talent !
Life in Washington
Life in Washington - 7 måneder siden
Brother phawk those that try to check you like they could do it better. They do t have a growing YouTube channel and a BADASS shop with a sweet inventory of muscle cars and exotics. You're doing great.
rcracer55o - 8 måneder siden
nice to correct ur work but.. Really? 9 ads in a 13 min video? U got my thumbs down for just that reason..
Rick Allen
Rick Allen - 8 måneder siden
What a hack. So what happened to this car, never saw a video of it finished.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - 8 måneder siden
Go watch Samcrac’s latest video
Michael Graham
Michael Graham - 8 måneder siden
All that skill I know vtune can build a house
Primoz Secundus
Primoz Secundus - 8 måneder siden
Under pressure...;-)
Juan Carlos Lozano
Juan Carlos Lozano - 8 måneder siden
the making of crumple zones! Nice job!!!
Freepress666 - 9 måneder siden
Samcrack F Good job and you know the goonsquad Ford 450 platinum
B Martin
B Martin - 10 måneder siden
Great job vtuned. Love how you added the crumple zones to make it almost oem if not better. Hell Yeah!!
Russell Martin
Russell Martin - 10 måneder siden
Wow you are really good at pouring, I had no idea.
Michael Yarmie
Michael Yarmie - 10 måneder siden
You guy's use that blow torch to fire up the crack pipe?
Michael Yarmie
Michael Yarmie - 10 måneder siden
garage hahaha good come back bud. How's your neck? My bro broke C2 in a snowmobile accident he had the halo bolted to his head for a few months. He's lucky to be walking after that.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - 10 måneder siden
Yea if a pipe has a crack in it I use it to heat it up then weld it up
Mike Winn
Mike Winn - År siden
I know this is an older video, but I'd let you build/repair any car for me. The way that you dissected the front tub replacement on the 911 and layered it bank together, i was sold on the quality of your work.
Now for the serious question: if i buy a crashed 911, will you build it?
Pro 2A Dad
Pro 2A Dad - År siden
kid, you have NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT! Are you a structural engineer?
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Jerk Of All Trades
Jerk Of All Trades - År siden
Etching primer is to help primers and paint stick to the bare metal. 1k etch sucks also
Dave Black
Dave Black - År siden
You make it look so easy! Great job!
Ze Bud
Ze Bud - År siden
Glad to see young man doing lambo DIY engineering save big dollars
Billy Robert
Billy Robert - År siden
I've been reading a book, "Surgery for Dummies," and now feel qualified to remove my own appendix next Tuesday. I've put on a lot more weight sitting in my recliner watching YouTube videos of people actually working on cars. As a result, I can't see the area of my belly where the incision will need to be made, so I'm debating using a large mirror or connecting my phone to the TV so I can sort of do a "Surgical Selfie." Which do y'all think would work better?
Since I'll be posting a full video of my surgery on YouTube afterward, I am hopeful that others just like me will be able to correct my technique or tell me if I've missed any steps or stitches. Since there are so many 'Do It Yourself Sofa Surgeons' out there, I know I'll get a lot of feedback. And, if all goes well with the appendix, I'll be doing a gastric bypass on myself using #20 stainless hose clamps and zip ties I've ordered from The Pep Boys!
Yorkiepoocharlie - År siden
No need to pull a vacuum on the coolant system to ensure that there are no air bubbles. I believe Lambo has an elaborate coolant purging sequence.
Yorkiepoocharlie - År siden
Why fab something like that up? Can’t get the original Lambo part? Then you sell this to someone? Do you disclose this type of work to the buyer?
Daniel Windeyer
Daniel Windeyer - År siden
I feel like the factory parts are pressed with a larger diameter piece
Sand Pirate Treasure Hunter
Good job. We are always learning.
망아데요 - År siden
what is your mistake? please let me know.
robert bohorquez
robert bohorquez - År siden
young man has a lot of talent. can use better paint technique. in general very talented for age
The Tactical Futurist
The Tactical Futurist - År siden
That’s integrity! Doing the right thing when you don’t have to. God Bless!
Greg Holmes
Greg Holmes - År siden
I know if I had a car with frame damage I wouldn't have a problem hauling it to his shop, the guy knows what he's doing. Watch him straighten a few for goonzquad
Don M
Don M - År siden
I peed a little when you started the Lambo...
Mikael Jonsson
Mikael Jonsson - År siden
Awsome work as usual! 👍👍👍
r0kha - År siden
Dude, keep sending it. Awesome stuff.
gato - År siden
I can't believe Vtuned, a professional with so much experience and knowledge, actually listens to these idiots that have no clue about bodywork or vehicle design, but thank you Vtuned for shutting up these lame ass idiots. Just wanted to note that aluminum bents and cracks easily, that rail that you put will bend/break before it can go through and the aluminum grid structure that it attaches to is designed to crack and break thus absorbing the impact. I have seen this with many BMW's with aluminum structures, they crack and bend upon impact. I've never seen a hollow aluminum tube have the strength to be used as a piercing rod.
BRX - År siden
To be a young man vTuned seems to have the skill set of a technician with 30 years of experience. I'm impressed. With the crumple zones added to the bar it would probably even fool many trained Lambo guys. I have some pretty severe OCD and that repair didn't set it off. Well played!
Dino Guglietta
Dino Guglietta - År siden
Subscribed off the #Goonzquad..
MrZimma Frame
MrZimma Frame - År siden
4:18 RIP headphone users XD
Martin Savard
Martin Savard - År siden
Amazing JOB, respect!!!!!!
Sean Conard
Sean Conard - År siden
That rear quarter panel work though...😍
eddie castro
eddie castro - År siden
OGtubbywanker - År siden
my man has lego hair
Eugene Reece III
Eugene Reece III - År siden
Ive used that Pentosin E, just a fyi it is concentrated. Saw you add it straight. Just a fyi it needs to get cut 50/50
Reltih Floda
Reltih Floda - År siden
One word: *Perfection*
Unknown Rider
Unknown Rider - År siden
During the sanding of the final filler finish on the rear quarter panel, how did you assure you were sanding with no low/high spots? I saw no mirror and light or overspray and sand technique to reveal low areas. And are pinholes in the filler not an issue?
tarmac21 - År siden
And new videos of the Lambo when? Greetings from Chile.
Grant Dexter
Grant Dexter - År siden
Great comment around speed kills - thank you important for younger viewers to know that going fast can me you die or end up in a wheelchair. Have fun, but be safe younger drivers!
Paul T.
Paul T. - År siden
Good job man! It takes skill to do this at your age. I do same type of work and know what it takes to get something like this done. Looks great! All gaps line up like they should. Don’t let those stupid comments put you down, it’s usually kids that didn’t do anything with they’re own hands to achieve something in they’re life with those comments.
Daniel Pearce
Daniel Pearce - År siden
You haul ass VTune !! Keep the awesome content coming.
You will smash 1 million subscribers in no time. I’m hoping you will race goonsquad when that beast is done bud
J C - År siden
People are just haters and are jealous of your ride you would have to be doing 230 mph and hit a brick wall at a dead stop. Looks nice. I hope you don't get inpailed by a piece of metal. Lol just joking. 👍🏼👏🇨🇦🍺 You do nice work. I wonder how long you have been doing this kind of work.
matt o'brien
matt o'brien - År siden
VTuned is an absolute craftsman. Pleasure to watch him work.
Porsche911luv - År siden
dudes gone up in subs by 30k in the past month and deservedly so!  keep up the great content/work!
Tony Anderson
Tony Anderson - År siden
Now the babies can stop whining
Coro - År siden
I would not say that it was a huge mistake...
Darryl austin
Darryl austin - År siden
Impressive work on that rear quarter
Daza007 Ferns
Daza007 Ferns - År siden
Waiting to see Bmw m4 fixed cant wait 👍
MatheiusS - År siden
GOOD JOB! I am very pleased to say you took the criticism like a man and made the best of it.
Michael Heiser
Michael Heiser - År siden
sam cracks idea to make the bar without crumple zones ,cause hes cheap
Chubb85 Cars and Life
Chubb85 Cars and Life - År siden
I didn’t even know you made a mistake. All I know is you are the man
Cubanizer - År siden
Why don't you EVER blink?
Busy H
Busy H - År siden
The m4 the only reason I subscribed these “super cars” are boring 😴
Abram Vargas
Abram Vargas - År siden
We are all human and make mistakes. Glad to see that you owned up to the mistake and fixed it.
Nigel W
Nigel W - År siden
Gday vTuned,
Love your work. Liked and subscribed,
Cheers 👍🍻
Marlito Rain
Marlito Rain - År siden
Are v tuned and Alex rebuilds related
Chris Bannister
Chris Bannister - År siden
@5:49 looks like that crumble zone bend has a nasty crack in it
DanielRichards644 - År siden
vTuned Lambo, Sponsored by Samcrac
stickytarmacs - År siden
🇺🇸 American muscle gone wild!!💨💨
Bald Eagles flying!!
THOMMGB - År siden
I have a lot of respect for someone who owns up to a mistake, without an attitude and makes it right.
mtms42000 - År siden
My favorite car guy on YouTube. More content!
consciouscool - År siden
Caves to internet engineers who probably know less than he does, but better be safe than sorry. Good work.
Nobody - År siden
Is that Samcrac behind the camera?
Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter - År siden
Thank you for owning and fixing the mistake. This guy has gained much respect and trust, keep it up.
Hoonny Hoonny
Hoonny Hoonny - År siden
chevy - År siden
You do good body work. Very nice
Sometime Is Now
Sometime Is Now - År siden
V-Tune !!! How's the Rotty Pup doing???
Ian Smith
Ian Smith - År siden
Vtuned is a straight up automotive gangsta! Dude is the Steven Hawking of bodywork. RESPECT!
Tom P
Tom P - År siden
Better... but without destructive testing, it's still a guess.
There's a reason that the new Acura NSX's are sent back to the factory for proper crash repairs.
MK500 - År siden
Just watched the samcrack lambo update. Your body molding skill is amazing. You are seriously a sculptor. You put the art in artisan.
1Kurgan1 - År siden
I don't see why everyone's calling this a mistake. Not everyone knows everything about every car, he works on a lot of different things. He was uniformed, not mistaken.
Either way, I still don't get it. When you got people driving around cars with tube chassis that replace the entire front end. Those have no crumple zones. There's a guy driving a Lambo around with a full external roll cage. So I think that piece of aluminum not having some crumple zones is still safer for impact than that.
yereverluvinuncleber - År siden
When you turn the sound right down it is very watchable.
JundaComputersGmbH - År siden
Damn he's so good looking, he should play a young Paul Walker in a Fast and Furious Prequel! He can have a hollywood career making millions!
mich ael
mich ael - År siden
I love to watch this! Amazing👌
Zach Meyer
Zach Meyer - År siden
It’s amazing how people can be so critical of a man out doing work while they chill on their keyboard. One thing that should be understood about crumple zones is they are not there to keep the occupant of the car from being impelled. Crumple zones absorb the impact of a crash so that impact doesn’t kill the occupant. Imagine old 1970’s car and the way they were built. When they were in head on collisions the impact is what killed the people inside the car. Keep up the good work V Tuned.
Marty Beaudry
Marty Beaudry - År siden
20 year old running a frame repair shop? fuck you
Joseph Oberlander
Joseph Oberlander - År siden
The car is designed to crash at over 100mph, unlike a typical Honda. So every bit of safety is critical.
Props to fixing the issue. Many body shops would simply hide it and forget about it.
Sarthak - År siden
amazing channel
Jim M 75
Jim M 75 - År siden
Respect for taking the criticism in the comments on board and fixing the mistake, takes some balls to do that in front of the world. Subbed, keep up the great work.
Free Ops
Free Ops - År siden
Hardly a mistake...more like just an small oversight ...its soft aluminum and would still buckle anyways but just differently...the crumble zone just helps a bit how.