How Much Did I Spend On My BMW M Performance 435i ? Price Reveal !

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Welcome back to the channel in today's video we complete the bmw 435i M Performance package and do the final price reveal !! ! Enjoy !

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Runtime: 16:34


Frankje01 - 3 timer siden
man, those prices. car like that would still cost you about 45K here.
DansFitness - 9 timer siden
If the previous owner of this car see this video they're gonna be pissed XD
Especially at 15:51 LOL
ReyRos Gaming
ReyRos Gaming - 23 timer siden
Where you got this car for 9k?
Missan Eido
Missan Eido - Dag siden
Nice work and a good video. Hosing down a BMW engine is never a good idea. You guys got lucky. Using the star pattern when mounting the wheels is a good practice and checking the alignment after suspension work is advisable.
Alla Dean
Alla Dean - Dag siden
Sounds great if you can do the work yourself...not gonna work for the average person. It’s the fkn garage high labour charges makes it impossible for most people.
zufa - Dag siden
just out of curiosity who tf buy bmw crash it and dont have 4k$ to repair it ??
muhammad saadullah
muhammad saadullah - 2 dager siden
Litrally i love your short video experiment . You should definitely continue . Bcz videos like ford mustang 1980's they soooo longer and make loosing interste in a video . This short video definitely boom yur channel to .
Dont mind i would like to give you example of Tiktok, why its so popular bcz of 1 min video . I know its youtube 10 min -15 video is great 2 video per car enough . That is my opinion . Don't mind if you don't like my opinion . Good luck bro
Donny Boy
Donny Boy - 2 dager siden
Overall about $15,000 for a m428
Zain - 2 dager siden
is this car for sale?
Christopher Tan
Christopher Tan - 2 dager siden
how much did you sell it after rebuilding?
or you guys keep it, that would be nice too
Christopher Tan
Christopher Tan - 2 dager siden
awesome job !!!
Christopher Tan
Christopher Tan - 2 dager siden
yes super cool, i love this videos
The Investment Corner
The Investment Corner - 2 dager siden
I like the short series. Great job
Ke Kham Pha
Ke Kham Pha - 3 dager siden
You guys make it look so easy. After you guys rebuilds the car where did you sell it? Is there any website to buy it? Thank you.
jC Romeen
jC Romeen - 3 dager siden
Might as well order the new charge pipe, my oem one blew off . Cheap plastic crap
Black Mamba
Black Mamba - 3 dager siden
Awesome video 👌
Kazi Shams
Kazi Shams - 3 dager siden
I wish I knew how to do body and paint job! lol 😆
Leon Chen
Leon Chen - 3 dager siden
U said no need go to a shop to fix it but I have a big shop
diggleboy - 5 dager siden
With my head down into my work over the past several months, it has been a while to see a VTuned build so satisfying as this one. 2 videos and done! Nice flip on this BMW M Performance 435i. Goes to show what's possible with some knowhow, elbow grease, patience and not too much money to make something truly satisfying and valuable.
Sun Shine
Sun Shine - 5 dager siden
Ok sell me for 12k then
Tywan McDaniel
Tywan McDaniel - 5 dager siden
How much to do a salvaged rebuild for me...?
Centurus Lê
Centurus Lê - 5 dager siden
will you waranty for these car after sold them?
Abuki Mar
Abuki Mar - 5 dager siden
Keep doing this type of video it motivates me I wanna start doing this from scratch 😍😍
Vincent Dermience
Vincent Dermience - 5 dager siden
I like short series too. No unnecessary talk. I'm surprised you advertise the final product at cost.
ainsle alves
ainsle alves - 5 dager siden
Nice work
Sabeer. Xiaomi
Sabeer. Xiaomi - 5 dager siden
Super cool
Ajay Saini
Ajay Saini - 5 dager siden
front bmw logo still missing
Alex S
Alex S - 5 dager siden
You literally soaked the engine bay 🤦🏻‍♂️
Veroniciany Veronica
Veroniciany Veronica - 6 dager siden
What a cool car, BMW M performance 435i . One of the best looking sedan in the world 🌎
spokomaro - 6 dager siden
Top job! Just need some spacers to finish it off. Keep it up!
Bruno S
Bruno S - 6 dager siden
Torquing the lugs shouldn´t be in a cross pattern as well? 4:02
Karan Singh
Karan Singh - 7 dager siden
Yes please
Keep doing these short series.
Jim Savage
Jim Savage - 7 dager siden
macguapo - 7 dager siden
These quick rebuilds are awesome, keep them coming!
F. S.
F. S. - 7 dager siden
What did you do with the old rims? Will you have fixed the brocken one?
Joe Paul Joy
Joe Paul Joy - 7 dager siden
yes for short rebuild series
Snagged Fishing
Snagged Fishing - 7 dager siden
Love the car! Are you selling ?
igappleg3 - 8 dager siden
Yes to the quick rebuilds!
htothemk - 8 dager siden
The side curtain airbag was free?
Vimal Kumar
Vimal Kumar - 9 dager siden
It is a very cheap options for buying a car.
datoni17 - 9 dager siden
Air bag cost ?
BagelBytes - 10 dager siden
I would recommend looking into a new tire shop man... If they cant get the tire on brand new rims without using tire spoons on the machine, then they have no business replacing tires. Hell, my local Mr. Tire dooes an amazing job because I had concerns with marks on my factory rims caused by this. Looks like they turned out nice this time though, just be careful man!
Kamal Randhawa
Kamal Randhawa - 10 dager siden
Sell these cars after you rebuild them ?
titanium music awards
titanium music awards - 10 dager siden
how many miles on it when you bought it?
Try Harder
Try Harder - 11 dager siden
So, he counted 12.650$, add 1200$ for wheels and tires which "supposed to go to another car", plus "we did our own paint" which is door\fender\bumper\hood and it isn't 1k, as my Accord bumper was 250-300$ only. Let's say 1500$, plus air bag, which is 200-300$ and mostly is WORK(labor), which what makes it expensive. Basicaly 16k$(rebuild) for 20-25k$ car(I'd think clean tittle). I'd buy your car for 13-15k over my 2011 accord(which I got for 11.5), but I'd bet your price would be way higher=)
Brock - 11 dager siden
Good vid. Short or long it's good. Mix them up feel what's right
wrxsubaru02 - 12 dager siden
I thought you replaced airbags or 1 airbag? you did not mention that in your parts list
kracksmith4ejm1 - 12 dager siden
my goodness at 12k being a budget build.
Troy Tanner
Troy Tanner - 13 dager siden
Like that quick flip
P L - 13 dager siden
Good job!! Hell yeah keep doing videos like this, with cars that are really worth of fixing to make some cash bro!
Damon S
Damon S - 13 dager siden
Like the quicks!
Alex Estremera
Alex Estremera - 15 dager siden
Hell yeah quick builds are better
TOM A - 15 dager siden
Great videooooo
Denis Fister
Denis Fister - 15 dager siden
very cool video and a very nice car
PranaY Alone
PranaY Alone - 16 dager siden
Bhot Sahi bhai ❤️🍻🍻
robert meadows
robert meadows - 17 dager siden
So the new airbag was free?
Craig Nelson
Craig Nelson - 17 dager siden
It would be great to know the total hours spent on the rebuild - so you can save me from attempting a rebuild myself for 12k lol. Looks great!
edgar cardenas
edgar cardenas - 17 dager siden
How much
Coley Still
Coley Still - 19 dager siden
Yes!!!! pleas continue to do price reveal on the build.. Thanks for sharing
Sai krishna
Sai krishna - 19 dager siden
Great job bro 💐
victor tsen
victor tsen - 23 dager siden
Good job man, beautiful BMW you have there... good video too. How much are going to sell it HaHaHa
Peter and Brooke Sindone
Peter and Brooke Sindone - 23 dager siden
How much was the air bag
Mr. Knight
Mr. Knight - 24 dager siden
Yes, the quick rebuilds are cool in between long rebuilds.....
East coast shop🔧🛠
East coast shop🔧🛠 - 26 dager siden
I’ll give u 15000 for it .
RESPECT MY AUTHORITY - 26 dager siden
Do you keep it or sell it? And if you sold it, how much?
Fahad Saeed
Fahad Saeed - 26 dager siden
Bro can u show how do u buy the bidding cars n which site. Plz
Ah Lee
Ah Lee - 27 dager siden
so cheap....and great job!
Paul Gallagher
Paul Gallagher - 27 dager siden
He never mentioned how much the side airbag cost.
Lewis Beshers
Lewis Beshers - 27 dager siden
Ba ha ha ha. That Blue Rhino cost 32 five. V definitely got the better deal here.
Lewis Beshers
Lewis Beshers - 27 dager siden
Definitely. Do a shorty when you're wating on parts or just taking a break from a longer build.
Peculiar Citizen
Peculiar Citizen - 27 dager siden
Is Vtuned garage & Backyard boys the same guy??
Ian Dyson
Ian Dyson - 27 dager siden
new to channel am loving the quick rebuilds guys
Shane Halona
Shane Halona - 28 dager siden
Would this be okay to use on the headlights. I want to try it on the front bumper tho...
greenfash - 28 dager siden
Hasan Amir
Hasan Amir - 28 dager siden
Speaking of ur hellcat how times did you crash it ??😁😏 So much for a car guy
LetsPlay Gaming
LetsPlay Gaming - 28 dager siden
hey v tuned i have a 2015 m4 fully loaded without the carbon roof it has a sunroof. 21k miles rebuilt title i got a offer for 29k should i sell it?
i just dont want to regret it later its a sick car but im kinda wanting a supra or a zl1 camaro or something else not sure.
amine boulaabi
amine boulaabi - 28 dager siden
nice work dude
NEROJAN Ravichandran
NEROJAN Ravichandran - 29 dager siden
Definitely carry on doing these short builds with the price breakdown!
Mad Mechanix
Mad Mechanix - 29 dager siden
I like the quick and dirty!! Wish I had your editing!!!!
robert mckenzie
robert mckenzie - 29 dager siden
Paint it Blue Black that is what my 1947 dodge PU was looks black at night and dark blue in day.....
Timothy Herweynen
Timothy Herweynen - Måned siden
Excellent professional video! Yes definitely love the short videos in between the major builds. Your videos are getting better and better!
Howard Rice
Howard Rice - Måned siden
Aldrin Joseph
Aldrin Joseph - Måned siden
❤ the short rebuilds, keep em coming. Vturned your work is awesome!!
hackatak - Måned siden
Love these types of builds, most people can really relate. Not hugely expensive, no frame damage. Most can do these rebuilds in their garages themselves! You just make them look super easy! Keep em coming!
Lars Ekelund
Lars Ekelund - Måned siden
Yes keep up with those quick rebuild, it is fun to watch on.
Kevin Schutz
Kevin Schutz - Måned siden
This BMW turned out great. The ceramic coat is good looking. Question V-tunes, what ever happened to your Hellcat?? Haven’t seen it for a long time since the deer hit. Thank you. Love the work y’all so.
Jon Gib
Jon Gib - Måned siden
Very nice. Good work ... I guess I’ll agree to the deal & give you $13k 👍🏼😂
Iain Sutherland
Iain Sutherland - Måned siden
Now you can go full on Wheeler Dealers and do the sale part of the build
CGC - Måned siden
Keep it up
Richard Harris
Richard Harris - Måned siden
We're not going to add the paint or not going to add the tires and wheels because if we did it would be closer to $18,000 be real dude you're not the average guy and the average guy would spend more on that project then it would be worth.
Georgi Kukov
Georgi Kukov - Måned siden
I remember when the channel had just over 1k subscribers and i knew its gonna blow up big times :) I like the mini series, you should throw a few per year, they are fun and educational :)
korra vlogs
korra vlogs - Måned siden
Keep em coming bro 😍
Ozzie Reyes
Ozzie Reyes - Måned siden
Nice job on the BMW
Eugene hofmann
Eugene hofmann - Måned siden
Why didn't that guy fix the car?
Marinel Luca GerBugs
Marinel Luca GerBugs - Måned siden
Gavino Ramirez
Gavino Ramirez - Måned siden
Love the quick rebuilds!
Maj Khan
Maj Khan - Måned siden
Why you got new video on private
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - Måned siden
its back
Gerhard janse van rensburg
Cant wach your new video sed its private
Andries Cornelius Nienaber
Yeah short series is great. Just don't be like everybody else and do a 15min built thing, that is old
javarithms - Måned siden
Umm...did you get the airbag for free? Didn't see a cost for that.