I Bought a Damaged BMW M Performance 435i From The Salvage Auction And FIX IT FULLY !

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Welcome back to the channel in today's video we buy a Damaged BMW M Performance 435i From the Salvage Auction and we fix it in one video !! ! Enjoy !
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Runtime: 22:42


vTuned garage
vTuned garage - Måned siden
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DANK CHRON - Måned siden
Hey vTuned garage cool channel it was recommended to me! Could you tell me the song name that starts at 15:43, Shazam gave me the wrong one =( Thanks in advance 🙏
LCD consultant
LCD consultant - Måned siden
Dan Hen you been drinking?
Dave Jay
Dave Jay - Måned siden
Plz confirm whether you ship merchandise to Qatar.. I'd love the T an Cap...
Rognvald 71
Rognvald 71 - Måned siden
Where the vTuned lanyard or was I just seen things
Dan Hen
Dan Hen - Måned siden
I love your merch like I love my mom. What does that mean you ask? I have no fukin idea
Johnny Dong
Johnny Dong - Time siden
Lovely music
Hindu 2 Khalistani support
Hindu 2 Khalistani support - 4 timer siden
Ye but will it bang dho
Ricardo O'Brien
Ricardo O'Brien - 6 timer siden
Like the content but too many ads. Fewer ads please, thanks.
Trevor Blazkwicks
Trevor Blazkwicks - 19 timer siden
if you are a smart businessman you wouldn't show the planet how you do your business, you're making competition.
Gabriel Thomas
Gabriel Thomas - Dag siden
i just don't see the financial/humane aspect.. These guys clown around with a piece of junk that will never be factory standard again. If they sell high, they fu ck people over. If they sell low, they waste their time.. whatever, "good job" if it's a hobby. peace
Ebrahim Kashif Moolakadai
The right front wheel looks very odd. You could have changed that
Redje 94
Redje 94 - Dag siden
nice video !! should have resprayed/restore the rims ass wel
Omerr - Dag siden
No engine sound? Video sucks
ganper - Dag siden
Good work
bazil matilya
bazil matilya - Dag siden
Hallow am from tanzania may i get your contact i need to buy a car bmw
Johnny Dong
Johnny Dong - Time siden
Crashed one?
G P - Dag siden
Hey man where do you buy your doors?
Umami Papi
Umami Papi - Dag siden
9k for the car + 4k (parts/paint) = 13k
Sell the car for 18k to 20k for a profit of 5k to 7k not too shabby 😉
donyea allen
donyea allen - 2 dager siden
where do you get your parts from
bryan fury
bryan fury - 2 dager siden
Why didn't you powder the rim too. The only thing that felt out of line
Mike Apila
Mike Apila - 2 dager siden
Amazing job fellas bravo 👏🏻! And this wash tho 20:46
Sir Jade
Sir Jade - 2 dager siden
new sub here
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - 2 dager siden
Great to have you !
Macmittens411 - 2 dager siden
How much did the fix up cost??
Seb B
Seb B - 3 dager siden
Good stuff and impressive work. But this would never pass the MOT in Germany and other countries. Just hammering some of the parts back straight does not mean they have their structure integrity back... But nevertheless, cool to watch man 👍👏
Martin Erskine
Martin Erskine - 3 dager siden
" We had a couple of scratches on the (new) door" Is that maybe because it was lying on a metal-topped table as you removed all the parts off it...?
Reel Fishing
Reel Fishing - 4 dager siden
How many miles?
asajj ventress
asajj ventress - 4 dager siden
where do you order your parts from ? Great video...
prince music factory sikar
prince music factory sikar - 4 dager siden
Sir bmw front logo is missing
DansFitness - 4 dager siden
This is so spectacular i love bmw so much man you dont know how happy this video makes me seeing this baby come back to life :D
DansFitness - 4 dager siden
Previous owner: 👁💧👄💧👁👈🏽
Anantha Krishnan M
Anantha Krishnan M - 5 dager siden
Great work by you and your team..
Nedews - 5 dager siden
bought it for $9000, now its worth $ 30 000
Ajay Meena
Ajay Meena - 5 dager siden
U worker harde
Matsaty - 5 dager siden
Can someone tell me, why the car has front winter tires and rear summer tires ? Just for drifting ? (we can see the result of drifting )
The Investment Corner
The Investment Corner - 5 dager siden
Was the blown airbag replaced?
Kemarr Fisher
Kemarr Fisher - 5 dager siden
Where’s the tune?
Kopee Blackcat
Kopee Blackcat - 5 dager siden
In Thailand Sale ~ 150,000 US
MICAH - - 5 dager siden
I wanna know how much the whole project costed him.. looks sick tho
Shaun Twed
Shaun Twed - 5 dager siden
Razorspade - Last Resort 🎶🎶🎶🎶🔥
Grzegorz M
Grzegorz M - 6 dager siden
Music 3:39 ?
Bharath Kumar
Bharath Kumar - 6 dager siden
BMW is a complex machine. Simply doing some paint work and tune wont make it an efficient performance machine it was built to be. I feel sorry for some one who will actually buy it from this dude.
Pramod Vaidya
Pramod Vaidya - 6 dager siden
Logo missed why????
michael souza
michael souza - 6 dager siden
Very nice
املر تفه
املر تفه - 6 dager siden
Very nice 👍
ShowbizZ LaBouche
ShowbizZ LaBouche - 7 dager siden
Like how he explains what's going on 👌🏼
Arooj Hassan
Arooj Hassan - 7 dager siden
Excellent work enjoyed your video How much did it cost to bring it up to this mint condition
HAMAAD QURESHI - 7 dager siden
Never wash your car in direct sun light
Gilberto Domingo
Gilberto Domingo - 7 dager siden
Very lame ass job. You are missing REALLY important stuff, like the airbags. You just changed parts. That's it! Don't over glorified. That repair job won't pass inspection in my country.
AAYAZ AHMED - 7 dager siden
Where's the logo?🙄
Shezaan MALIK
Shezaan MALIK - 7 dager siden
Price for this damaged car
Kane Xue
Kane Xue - 7 dager siden
I just wonder how much man days cost ? the service fee only. around 3-5 k USD?
AQUA GAMER - 7 dager siden
Forget to set logo
Will Cameron
Will Cameron - 7 dager siden
No frame concerns?
Alonzo Gonzalez
Alonzo Gonzalez - 7 dager siden
Great job fellas!
Ray Donovan
Ray Donovan - 7 dager siden
BMW drivers in a nutshell, or in this case tow truck.
Arashprit Singh
Arashprit Singh - 8 dager siden
Great work keep it up👍🏻
Oscar Das
Oscar Das - 8 dager siden
imagine after doing all the work the second the car pulls on road and got into an accident lol
Joseph Suresh
Joseph Suresh - 8 dager siden
Can I get a job at your Garage
Andreas Ioannou
Andreas Ioannou - 8 dager siden
Wth? U told was me it was brand new man.
asim uddin
asim uddin - 8 dager siden
Good work
Kaan Orhan
Kaan Orhan - 8 dager siden
I just dont understand why they painted whole car instead of finding colour code from manufacturer and painting just New parts. Waste of sand paper, paint, time and money. But good video, i hope car have nice balance front wheels.
USMAN SHAJHAN - 8 dager siden
Front bonet badge missing
Renjith C
Renjith C - 8 dager siden
Well done bro👍keep it up
Roald Shakleton
Roald Shakleton - 8 dager siden
Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges.
qip 24rus
qip 24rus - 9 dager siden
Abdalazeez Amer
Abdalazeez Amer - 9 dager siden
How much does the fixing things cost
Max Derinskiy
Max Derinskiy - 9 dager siden
Buying crashed bmws is a classic Slavik past time 😂
Mahmoud Elbouridy
Mahmoud Elbouridy - 9 dager siden
Great video guys, great job. Please share your contact details, I need you for a job. Thanks
BOKITO A SUMI - 9 dager siden
The logo is still missing
Sourav 69
Sourav 69 - 9 dager siden
Is that a Lada?
Sachin Dedha
Sachin Dedha - 9 dager siden
BMW logo nhi there I thing you forget dear
But nice work
Zadvinder Singh
Zadvinder Singh - 9 dager siden
👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍
CA 주택사기꾼
CA 주택사기꾼 - 9 dager siden
Good job 😀😀
Asarikhan Ahmadkhan
Asarikhan Ahmadkhan - 10 dager siden
Nice haircut paul
Asarikhan Ahmadkhan
Asarikhan Ahmadkhan - 10 dager siden
Nice cars
Miro Pribanić
Miro Pribanić - 10 dager siden
please enlighten a passionate but ignorant watcher of car videos: Seeing that immense impact caused by the accident I would have expected substantial damage to the steering, to track-width (toe-angle) and camber. Yet, you did not seem to have tested these issues, or maybe you are still going to?
Miro Pribanić
Miro Pribanić - 5 dager siden
@ian trofimov well, to my scarce knowledge that kind of speed would be enough to cause severe harm to the "vital parts" of a car
ian trofimov
ian trofimov - 5 dager siden
Where do you see immense impact? Looks like a light accident maybe 25k/hr impact into a stationary object
Andy Phung
Andy Phung - 11 dager siden
I'm interested in buying. Are you selling it?
Chemar Wright
Chemar Wright - 12 dager siden
How much did you pay for it from copart for?
Mohammed Unais N
Mohammed Unais N - 12 dager siden
I would rather recommend for full black colour.❤️
trinibad free fire trinibad
trinibad free fire trinibad - 12 dager siden
I think u should wide body this car
Nilu Gajjar
Nilu Gajjar - 13 dager siden
Good job
Odifer clave
Odifer clave - 14 dager siden
How i wish.. i can get a bmw for just 9k dollars only in Philippines.. but its not.. its mpossible to get a bmw with only 9k dollars..so cheap😍
Dakota Rosga
Dakota Rosga - 15 dager siden
Where did you get the bmw from
D P - 15 dager siden
Hope a new owner don’t see this video, so not knowing what his shinly new car had been through after crash...
Nuly Nafisah
Nuly Nafisah - 16 dager siden
Amazing dude...
Northern Love
Northern Love - 18 dager siden
What happened to the Mustang?
pavel1809 - 18 dager siden
So how much will be the profit?
LukAon240 - 19 dager siden
Are you selling this vehicle after you rebuild? If yes, where you usually do the listing?
Rennie Rocket RC
Rennie Rocket RC - 20 dager siden
That was an amazing vid. Could I ask about a few details on how to spray and what products you used. Also where do you buy your parts from for the car? Great vid again and I shall look forward to the next one. Cheers.
Redemption Face
Redemption Face - 22 dager siden
I wonder why they dont paint the roof with the rest of the car
vitaly drevenchuk
vitaly drevenchuk - 24 dager siden
Let me buy it.
Danny Mistry
Danny Mistry - 24 dager siden
This is the best car repair channel on YouTube 👍🇬🇧👊
Tommy Wooten
Tommy Wooten - 24 dager siden
Awesome job guys...
djcroatia1111 - 26 dager siden
How much money did you give in total for the parts? Are they original parts (front?)
What all of technichs were be damaged? Sideairbags?
The result are great.
Thanks and best regards
Phat Vo
Phat Vo - 27 dager siden
Will you sell the BMW 435 . I'm interested
David James
David James - 28 dager siden
@22:16 you already told us in the beginning of this video that you paid $9,000 for this car. you would make a terrible host on Price is Right!! you will tell everyone the prices before they bid
barlowbrian521 - Måned siden
How about the air bags? Those cost a lot
B Real
B Real - Måned siden
Well done bro, I wish you were based in London.. very well done video🤝
Yaseen Carim
Yaseen Carim - Måned siden
It takes me that long to build an ikea chair
Chris Barney
Chris Barney - Måned siden
Could've badged it and put new Wheels on it
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - Måned siden
Check out the other video
Donald Duarte
Donald Duarte - Måned siden
Congrats on ur 20,000 salvage bmw 4 series
Timothy Herweynen
Timothy Herweynen - Måned siden
What a legend! Nothing is too much for VTuned!👍🏻
Maybe Someday
Maybe Someday - Måned siden
Fastest car rebuild in modern youtube history
1408 EagleEYE
1408 EagleEYE - Måned siden
whats with the same youtuber music playing in the background??? no new talent??? is thats what is wrong with your generations? good video tho... not main stream music background though
Gangga Suwana
Gangga Suwana - Måned siden
Glad that you stick on rebuilding cars, and cinematography is dope!