I Bought A Destroyed 2018 Dodge Ram 2500 For Cheap!

19 024
Welcome back to the channel in todays video we start rebuilding my new 2018 Dodge Ram 2500!
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Marco Flores
Marco Flores - 12 minutter siden
I don't spend $20.00 on a dodge.
Максим Маслюк
Его Сисун что ли доставлял? Винтер, ю ноу?
HPT Deaf Tour In Viet Nam
HPT Deaf Tour In Viet Nam - 4 dager siden
Luo Xiankang
Luo Xiankang - 8 dager siden
ISLIPPEDONMYBEANS ! - 8 dager siden
I hope the scum that stole it was caught.... though he'll probably just get a slap on the wrist.
Хозяин Госдепа
Хозяин Госдепа - 9 dager siden
$11k ain't cheap bro
Matt Monteith
Matt Monteith - 9 dager siden
Oh ya u can't run a full tire outside the finder well. U come in Wi with tickets. Again st the law just let u k. My dule i can only run 3 inches tires. Hang outside of finder wells . i asked a cop whats the rules are yup
Matt Monteith
Matt Monteith - 9 dager siden
I worked for auto junck yard sold parts. Its better to parts it out. Most of the times there is a lean or loan most companies will not clear it i should 20 plus years expected. Becaful. Most people buy auto s like this uslly parts. Wreck truck s norlly toasted trans will go out because of the wreck
Reaber i did this work 6 days a week over 20 years experience.only thing is good is the moter small stuff i learn from the best shop been in business or 60s years.
William Leonhart
William Leonhart - 10 dager siden
$11k is cheap? WTF
Griffith Harland
Griffith Harland - 10 dager siden
"No He Didn't. The Guy Took it, and some one else got rid of an Eyesore, plus made some Cash!!"
Bob Marvin
Bob Marvin - 10 dager siden
Nice work, next time put on gloves be4 cleaning the truck 👍👍👍
Dan Currier
Dan Currier - 10 dager siden
get rid of all the rims and tires. Makes it look like crap
juan santini
juan santini - 11 dager siden
Garbage!! Time is money! Pass
nata de
nata de - 11 dager siden
Nice rebuild
Darren Boston
Darren Boston - 12 dager siden
Like Mose American cars they just don’t like going round corners!... bags of shit!
Johnny Hulsey
Johnny Hulsey - 12 dager siden
Bro, whatever u were on when u paid 11 racks for a truck that your rebuilding from the frame. That's gotta be straightened. A few times. Learn from that please
Matt Monteith
Matt Monteith - 9 dager siden
So to in my state will not let that on the road because its on reoced. Go through a inspion the vin number ha smoke ing something
drillakidt - 12 dager siden
Ho Chi Squad
Ho Chi Squad - 12 dager siden
Nice find bro.... 11k and put another 10 into it you have 100k truck for only 20k🔥🔥🔥
Neil Bannet
Neil Bannet - 13 dager siden
Did it fall from the SKY? The condition is awful! Cheers
Danilo gibelle monje
Danilo gibelle monje - 13 dager siden
Não estou entendendo nada
Roguewolfx VFX
Roguewolfx VFX - 13 dager siden
One tree and soo much damage to Ram?
Hamish Wallace
Hamish Wallace - 13 dager siden
that truck is massive compared to him
Caden Rose
Caden Rose - 13 dager siden
That is not cheap
Alex mckinney
Alex mckinney - 13 dager siden
I love that your working on that truck, RAM is the best! That truck was built to serve, and now it gets to continue to!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Jamessmack - 13 dager siden
Dude those spikes are threaded onto the lug nuts lol
Roc Chambers
Roc Chambers - 14 dager siden
Did it come from Philadelphia, PA?? Lol. If so I know what happened to it..
HyprXNation - 14 dager siden
Damn that’s a purrdddyyyy sexy truck
Licayan Pictus
Licayan Pictus - 14 dager siden
The wheels remod... classic Russian chop shop lol
JULIO ALVAREZ - 14 dager siden
Those white claws probably responsible for the truck damage
WaltIvan - 14 dager siden
Is this the truck when they hijacked it and hit the railroad signs 😂
Jackie chan_WTF
Jackie chan_WTF - 13 dager siden
No, he said this truck hit a tree.
JUGG JUAN - 15 dager siden
$11,000 !???😳😳
Baysik - 15 dager siden
Idk if I like his face
U can't fake dermal ridges
U can't fake dermal ridges - 15 dager siden
11,000 😳 I’m thinking more like 1500 for a parts truck 🤷‍♂️
Johnny Hulsey
Johnny Hulsey - 12 dager siden
It didn't even have four wheels that could be used. Drugs did that i hope. Please don't let that be someone's good idea
U can't fake dermal ridges
U can't fake dermal ridges - 14 dager siden
@TechnoAtTheDisco No doubt 👍
TechnoAtTheDisco - 14 dager siden
engine and trans are probably both good soo theres like 9000 of that price tag. still high tho
riya sharma
riya sharma - 15 dager siden
Goonzquad take 10 episodes just to replace one headlight
Darrin Rentruc
Darrin Rentruc - 15 dager siden
I fell bad for the sucker who buys that from you guys.
R P - 15 dager siden
11k isn’t really cheap. Lol I can’t wait.
Brian Phillips
Brian Phillips - 15 dager siden
$11,000 for a wrecked truck. My God, welcome to 2020.
Boby Hartanto
Boby Hartanto - 15 dager siden
Facelift to 2020
Ralph Castro
Ralph Castro - 16 dager siden
Omg bro ur fucking dope asf ur a gucking pro mech u dont need no one els to do that u know ur ishh u literally thought me how to fix my set of rims I thought I was fucked I had bout them off someone and payed so much for the set and one of the tired was horribly bent and I never knew bout it untill I was swapping worked so hard haha then that last tire just wouldnt nudge smh
Ralph Castro
Ralph Castro - 16 dager siden
Cant lie u know ur shit my boyyiiishh smart asf
Chimpkin with 1k subs
Chimpkin with 1k subs - 16 dager siden
Jeez that thing must of been in a really bad accident for a truck like that to just crumble
Chimpkin with 1k subs
Chimpkin with 1k subs - 16 dager siden
I am a chimpkin 🐵🐔
Cameron Millspaugh
Cameron Millspaugh - 16 dager siden
If it was really 11k that was absolutely not worth it
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Happy Dhillon
Happy Dhillon - 16 dager siden
Whis is your country
The_one - 16 dager siden
11k is definitely too much for that truck
Falorien - 16 dager siden
It’s wasn’t worth 2500
Kimyette Gibbs
Kimyette Gibbs - 16 dager siden
But the world 🌍 is coming to a end 😭😭😭 I want a truck now because of you a lifted one ☝️ two thank you I know my first car 🚘😁😁
Grayson&james Grayson&james
Grayson&james Grayson&james - 16 dager siden
11,000 is cheap. I Consider 800 -2,000 is cheap
Kimyette Gibbs
Kimyette Gibbs - 16 dager siden
Always keep your mask on around people
Kimyette Gibbs
Kimyette Gibbs - 16 dager siden
Love 💕 the vids btw
Kimyette Gibbs
Kimyette Gibbs - 16 dager siden
Don’t stop 🛑 stay on you grind
Kimyette Gibbs
Kimyette Gibbs - 16 dager siden
Keep up the good work dude and stay 6 get apart cause I don’t won’t you to catch the CoronaVirus
Kimyette Gibbs
Kimyette Gibbs - 16 dager siden
Get him over 1 mil subs right now he is crazy at fixing cars btw he did all that hard work and his hair stayed perfect 😍 if you don’t like like this dude something is wrong with you you probably not a human being and btw is fixing and stolen car illegal?? Who really cares tho If they don’t do anything to make them get arrested and don’t drive it in hot area’s hope he gets a mil or more before the year is over btw love your work dude😍😍 you are the best
cmatin01 - 17 dager siden
11k is cheap?
Julian Thomas
Julian Thomas - 17 dager siden
I'm looking for audi wheels or vw wheels 5x112 If u come across sum I can pay to ship
Bruno S
Bruno S - 17 dager siden
@5:00 probably there was no one seated in the passanger. The seat has a sensor for detecting if someone is there or not.
BrandonCroyforJesus 8
BrandonCroyforJesus 8 - 17 dager siden
looks like you got this from whistlendeisel lol
The Group Abides
The Group Abides - 17 dager siden
Omg 11K for a wrecked Dodge? Are you freaking stupid? Wow.... It wouldn't have been worth that in mint condition.
Larry Lopez
Larry Lopez - 17 dager siden
That's awesome
imposter 0shadow
imposter 0shadow - 17 dager siden
How tf these kids have the kind of money to buy and restore these vehicles and im still trying to figure out how i made 300 bucks, spent 20 for gas and am left with 3.47 😐
MAJORCARNAGE - 17 dager siden
They have their own business plus they most likely resell the vehicles
Jesse Martinez
Jesse Martinez - 17 dager siden
I am growing to hate youtube bc of a million jamie harrison commercials
P4F Ace
P4F Ace - 17 dager siden
MrBaeza1994 - 17 dager siden
Holy crap dude, if you think 11,000 is cheap for that thing then I must be crazy.
Dont ask
Dont ask - 17 dager siden
So you paid 11k for a vin and a salvage title? 🤔
M M - 17 dager siden
Form What auction did you purchase that one?
Anna Hinly
Anna Hinly - 17 dager siden
Spends 11 grand, "yeah it wasn't that much" dude, my car was brand new at 11 grand, why is this one worth that when its wrecked
Alan Megli
Alan Megli - 17 dager siden
Just that diesel motor is with 1/2 the price
David Sanchez
David Sanchez - 18 dager siden
You're BADASS YOUNGSTER, keep up the good work!
Old timer hot shot
Old timer hot shot - 18 dager siden
My 2006 big horn has 580 k on it and its a good one.
dezmo 125
dezmo 125 - 18 dager siden
This 2 streets down from my house I never knew they had a channel
Bobby Bowers
Bobby Bowers - 18 dager siden
U think 11k is cheap lol
Sherman Mathieu
Sherman Mathieu - 18 dager siden
Nothing better than finding money and free snacks in a project!
Mario Curry
Mario Curry - 18 dager siden
Love the video
NotaCop - 18 dager siden
man you knocked this out of the park.
Willam L
Willam L - 18 dager siden
I'm impressed and jealous of the work you are doing at your age. Great work.
Margot Downing
Margot Downing - 18 dager siden
crew socks dog... keep'n it old school
Auto Gamer
Auto Gamer - 18 dager siden
are you crazy that things not even worth 1000 dollars
BigTymin - 18 dager siden
These boys work hard
Oua H8ter
Oua H8ter - 18 dager siden
Cool man I like what you guys are doing.. thanks for sharing 👍
rubert134 - 18 dager siden
The only way a destroyed Dodge Ram would be a cheap acquisition is if you were paid to take it.
Jerry Herrador
Jerry Herrador - 18 dager siden
Bro how the fuck have I not seen your channel before!!!???... damm you have a badass channel !!!
Ctrl1u - 18 dager siden
Can’t fix the fact that’s it’s a dodge.
Corey Carrick
Corey Carrick - 18 dager siden
Crashed car and back seat full of white claws...
Rick T
Rick T - 18 dager siden
I think 11g's is too much, I get it that it's a Cummings and fully loaded but its jacked up
TheFastfreddie54 - 18 dager siden
james mccrorey
james mccrorey - 19 dager siden
To each his own but $11k...... f that
Chris Barron pixlepeople llc
Chris Barron pixlepeople llc - 19 dager siden
Great job, one suggestion. Using the word "Tard" makes you look like an asshole.
FURY - 19 dager siden
Gaptized one of those in my mkz last night his face at the next light was priceless nice trucks tho
simp police
simp police - 19 dager siden
So ur saying 11k is so fucking cheap, for that amount i can get myself a r34 in my country
Grant Z Price
Grant Z Price - 19 dager siden
19:43 white claws.... of course
Choc-Ice - 19 dager siden
$11,000. You're crazy!! More like $150
Hasancan Kirac
Hasancan Kirac - 19 dager siden
2500 for junk is not cheap.
Matthew Cassar
Matthew Cassar - 19 dager siden
That’s a forged rim. You can bend that back into shape. Bring it to a professional
Adrian Iglesias
Adrian Iglesias - 16 dager siden
James Gray
James Gray - 19 dager siden
Total cost to recoup your money?
MA ZIN - 19 dager siden
👌 awesome job . Where you got your training 🤔
Hasan Amir
Hasan Amir - 19 dager siden
What I'm sad about is your lack of taste you ruined that Mustang pretty good such a pretty color
mamus4 - 19 dager siden
lets put 15 grand into a truck thats worth 20, hey goofy how is that frame not bent?
mamus4 - 19 dager siden
How is a bent frame never to be restored correctly , Dodge poor quality pile of junk a good deal, You Tube has turned idiots into morons
Paul walker
Paul walker - 19 dager siden
You look i like bro
MrBadBoyD - 19 dager siden
Are you sure this truck wasn't from that buffoon, whistlindiesel?
Eliu Loarte
Eliu Loarte - 17 dager siden
That bafooom is getting breaded up he’s gets more and more expensive shit tu fucks up so y’all hating him need to stop watching it señorita happy girl
Harry Jude
Harry Jude - 19 dager siden
For 11000 we can get a used Ram in good condition.