Installing an ARMYTRIX Exhaust on my Rebuilt BMW M4

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Huge shout out to for Sending me this awesome exhaust!
Welcome back today we install an ARMYTRIX exhaust on the rebuilt BMW m4 and it sounds Amazing!
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Far Away by Declan DP
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Randy Taylor
Randy Taylor - Måned siden
You are right the dry looks the best.
Mark Yohan
Mark Yohan - 2 måneder siden
Are you going to sell this car ?
Daniel Harsh
Daniel Harsh - 2 måneder siden
I love it, I am afraid that I would not be able to drive it. Knowing all the work that was involved.
Shaun_ typicalsniper
Shaun_ typicalsniper - 2 måneder siden
Can't he make the wiring a bit more clean? Not a hater i love the channel but i just like wires being tucked away
Sabir Khan
Sabir Khan - 3 måneder siden
Hi how r u I see ur videos dear I need to work with you kindly hair me as a worker I need a.job dear I really needed plz I am.from Pakistan
Sirish Khanal
Sirish Khanal - 3 måneder siden
Your car’s filthy 🤢
Steven James
Steven James - 4 måneder siden
If Mexico looks like that ima cross the border
Manuel Castaneda
Manuel Castaneda - 5 måneder siden
Where are you guys located? I just bought myself an armytrix exhaust for my 2014 Mercedes C250 and was wondering if you guys can install it as well. Thank you!
Mario Martinez
Mario Martinez - 5 måneder siden
Dry carbon all day
ABDULLA AL MARZOOQI - 5 måneder siden
I watched all your videos about this Amazing M4 I really enjoyed watching, thank you so much you gave my great time watching you.
Adi Nasa
Adi Nasa - 6 måneder siden
You should've put a akrapovic exhaust system
La cocina de Marino
La cocina de Marino - 7 måneder siden
Looks like vtuned has a child
zartosht06 - 7 måneder siden
hey did you get any drone with resonator out?
Khloe the ace girl gang
Khloe the ace girl gang - 7 måneder siden
Matthew Corbett
Matthew Corbett - 7 måneder siden
That exhaust is sick..
Musa Musin
Musa Musin - 7 måneder siden
Большой привет вашей банде! С удовольствием смотрю твои видосы.
FN - 7 måneder siden
Dry carbon fiber full rear diffuser, side skirts, and full front lip bumper 🔥
David Thompson
David Thompson - 8 måneder siden
Your camera man deserves a medal!. He really let's us see what's going on. Its like I'm right there..
brian hume
brian hume - 8 måneder siden
How to trash your Engine gearbox prop shaft differential and tyres need to grow up
MERICA #1 - 8 måneder siden
For 2,600$ better sound good
Eduardo Cesar de Oliveira Neto
Eduardo Cesar de Oliveira Neto - 8 måneder siden
Vincent V
Vincent V - 8 måneder siden
what's your HP gain with the new pipes?
Carlos Caraballo
Carlos Caraballo - 8 måneder siden
This car sounds amazing. It’s sounds like a BMW off need for speed
PAIWAND ALMANE - 8 måneder siden
BMW😍😍😍😍😍 🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🏁 KURDSH
Lost Sol
Lost Sol - 9 måneder siden
Dry carbon better
Rude ٰ
Rude ٰ - 10 måneder siden
Armytrix is waste of money to be fair, there are way better exhausts for way less
jim baker
jim baker - 10 måneder siden
What happened to the cat converter?
James Salomon
James Salomon - 10 måneder siden
I want to give it a thumbs down because of the burn out 😩 The car is to beautiful for that
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - 10 måneder siden
It’s made for that hahaha
J Goody
J Goody - 10 måneder siden
Like the channel, but detail the vehicle inside and out 1st. Wash the old parts before you reinstall them ( not this vid)
Jay Paf
Jay Paf - 10 måneder siden
Put a wing on that bad boy
ThunderTwonk - 10 måneder siden
I cringed at 4:56 when he slightly slid the exhaust across the ground haha
J Goody
J Goody - 10 måneder siden
Me as well, even setting it on bare concrete.
sam 01
sam 01 - 10 måneder siden
I too prefer the dry or matte carbon look
Mike G20
Mike G20 - 10 måneder siden
Love your content & that BMW. Following you guys from goonzsquad. So interested in that GTR
Paul Cordingley
Paul Cordingley - 10 måneder siden
The car looks absolutely amazing thanks for sharing it with us
Mr Lee
Mr Lee - 10 måneder siden
So how much did you sell the car for
robert pimentel
robert pimentel - 10 måneder siden
Sell me tha exhaust
Qamar Mushtaq
Qamar Mushtaq - 10 måneder siden
Need a tune to make the exhaust smoother tone with pops n bangs
ads2211 - 10 måneder siden
Love your builds and bodywork videos mate, just a shame to put such a cheap aftermarket exhaust on an M4 .. too many jubilee clips! Definitely much better more suited systems for the M4 but I’m assuming this was a freebie haha are you going to get the car properly mapped to suit the cat and res deletes ?
Laz01 Gr
Laz01 Gr - 11 måneder siden
Bro its not my car and I respect the work you put on it but i think the stock sounds better. Or at least you shout put the M performance exhaust.
Performance Rebuilds
Performance Rebuilds - 11 måneder siden
Dam this exhaust sounds good, might get one for my M4 once I’ve finished building it.
Daniele T
Daniele T - 11 måneder siden
Awesome work 👌🏻 wishing you a speedy recovery after your accident.
Александр 86
Александр 86 - 11 måneder siden
на продажу делал?
Titan Ian
Titan Ian - 11 måneder siden
Man ..I just like the way you do your work ...actually I like your energy as a whole.
Loving the car.. keep doin what u guys do
Drewism - År siden
Those downshifts tho... *nuts*
David Zachalski
David Zachalski - År siden
Is this build for sale ?
steve green
steve green - År siden
cost more to fix than it could ever be resold for...whats the point just but one thats not crashed for
Claude Martelly
Claude Martelly - År siden
Dry carbon for sure
Dario Mikulek
Dario Mikulek - År siden
What's up with you, everything is "easy to take of" smh...
bluej511 - År siden
Whatever happened to the airbag light? I've worked on a lot of damaged cars in the past 20 years or so and every time an airbag has deployed on any car, the majority of the time the airbag module had to be replaced as well.
fadi k
fadi k - År siden
Great job man good luy
Man Man
Man Man - År siden
so what was the total cost then?
Jud Harry
Jud Harry - År siden
From what I've seen you guys are quite the people that people need to see in doing a car up quality job on this guys well done
tytok tytok
tytok tytok - År siden
in europe big problem for filter if cancel . in america no 🤔 . end america it com to europe end heiiiii clima change !!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬
Alexander Matera
Alexander Matera - År siden
The M4 Sounds Not Amazing with these Tuning Exhaust Sound. Its sounds like to flatulate into a Cola tin can.
Look to this Link at the End of my Text, its Sounds 100% Professional & better and more like a Race Car and not like something is broken. You can Not take Armytrix Exhaust to all Cars to produce Best Sounds the M4 is a good example it not to take the Armytrix.
A Wong
A Wong - År siden
I was just wondering where’s the pops sound at🧐🧐
Herio - År siden
Poor bm
Jona Peters
Jona Peters - År siden
Akrapovic is the best...
Alex Carr
Alex Carr - År siden
Can you help me upgrade my BMW x3?
R. MAGESHI - År siden
Damn, all your cars are dirty!!!
You Cant HandleTruth
You Cant HandleTruth - År siden
Watched this whole episode series
I don't remember you ever putting
any airbags back in their places dude !
Digital generation
Digital generation - År siden
Airbags comes in the dashboard 😂 why do you think he replaced it !
xNoxee x
xNoxee x - År siden
Part 4. U blind fucks
Carlos romero
Carlos romero - År siden
You Cant HandleTruth lol bro i know !! He probably said fuck the air bags i dont need them lol
Claman Postany
Claman Postany - År siden
So you exchanged a BMW cat-converter muffled valved exhaust system with a really nice, low but unobtrusive sound with some primitive chromed tubes which you need to control with some handicarfted wires and a cheap plastic keyring remote?

I consider that a "downgrade" - to be frank.
Völl Däpp
Völl Däpp - År siden
Wait .... you omitted the catalytic converter? Really?
I mean … louder exhausts are a actually already a thing of the past, but okay, we all had our "phases". But no catalytic converters? And that is what those ARMYTRIX guys call "supreme"? Not very responsible.

On the other hand I guess I get the "mexico" comments now. :-(
Alfred Amps Trades
Alfred Amps Trades - År siden
how to did you get raid of the airbags deploy or how did you fix the airbags deploy
Blaž Bohinc
Blaž Bohinc - År siden
Bleh you ruined it. Yuck! Silent power FTW
Héctor Vladimir Amador López
Mahdi Ali
Mahdi Ali - År siden
Put the dark 666M wheels on and the carbon wing mirrors
anibal payan
anibal payan - År siden
came out super cool👍👍
Aiden Robertson
Aiden Robertson - År siden
Don’t like the colour would look good in Matt black ?
ushook - År siden
Break My Window
Ocelot 22
Ocelot 22 - År siden
Just one guy enjoying his sweet BMW👍🏻👌🏻
FET Engineer
FET Engineer - År siden
Bro you must get yourself a 6-speed manual transmission M4... trust me there is NOTHING like it.
Qbleezy24 - År siden
what is the read out for your short and long fuel trim on your obd scanner
M5esho The M5 Man
M5esho The M5 Man - År siden
Hi mate do you need to reprogram the car,because of the down pipe or it’s matter of putting back the oxygen sensor and that’s it no engine light on
Johnny Cham
Johnny Cham - År siden
does this car have a salvage title?
BMW X3 - År siden
Out of Toronto Canada you guys sick 👍👍👍
Jeremy Guerrero
Jeremy Guerrero - År siden
This m4 series is the type of life I’m trying to live, time to save up for a garage
dim_ sop
dim_ sop - År siden
Καλη δουλεια!Απλα να πλενεται καλα το αμαξι μετα (μεσα,εξω) και να γιαλιζεται!καινουργια λάστιχα και ένα service ολοκληρωμενο!
Akimo Baptiste
Akimo Baptiste - År siden
What is the total cost of rebuilding ?
David Kunutsor
David Kunutsor - År siden
Wonderful journey, you guys did a great job on the M4. Absolutely impressed!
John Quinn
John Quinn - År siden
You have a really interesting channel guys, you surely are in the same league as the "Goonzquad" but technically more advanced. Love that M4 BMW. and all your cars. Good luck...*John the Jag* in La Nucía, Spain.
AP - År siden
I mean I like cars, and you are very crafted at what you do, its a nice video...but why should I worry what you do with it?? Or if the airbag does not work? Its kind a sad if some people actually worry about your car.
davidelcaid - År siden
superb end result i hope to see more subscribed right there
loved this hole series. good job
prettyASeyes - År siden
The dry carbon by far!!
Jin Kazama
Jin Kazama - År siden
You guys are awesome. Good job
Marc Sayegh
Marc Sayegh - År siden
This is my dream car especially this color
Ivan Tolj
Ivan Tolj - År siden
I just finished watching all the vids in this build... 1st great editing and great background music 2nd you have a great shop and you have great skills god bless 3rd hopefully the car by now got fully detailed 4rd how much did it cost you ? How much did you spend on parts ? For how much it could be sell ? Btw I’m amaze on how easy was to work on A BMW kudos to the German designers and engineers
Kyle Galvin
Kyle Galvin - År siden
Car is filthy
Pentiumboots - År siden
There was paper in the exhaust outlet.
Simon Leon
Simon Leon - År siden
Its OK no rumble though
Simon Leon
Simon Leon - År siden
You didn't tap out the bolts you broke wtf
Sherah Stevens
Sherah Stevens - År siden
So wat happens to that car.... or Sell to me perhaps. 😊
Frederik Nørby
Frederik Nørby - År siden
What was the price for fixing the car?
Boyan Tringov
Boyan Tringov - År siden
I love to open boxess like christmas present :) :)
Nazariy Pavljuk
Nazariy Pavljuk - År siden
Hi, please let me know price for a export to Ukraine. Thanks.
Youssef A
Youssef A - År siden
Amazing work man, I really like it
dylanxb1 - År siden
The engine is screaming for help and upgrades
Zon - År siden
great job!