My 1966 Coyote Swapped Mustang Finally Rolls Off The Lift !

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Welcome back to the channel in today's video we Finally Roll The Mustang off the lift ! ! Enjoy !
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Runtime: 21:31


Christopher Tan
Christopher Tan - 3 dager siden
awesome job !!!!!!
Jesse Reed
Jesse Reed - 8 dager siden
Dad taught him well great v tuned family
adhitya M
adhitya M - 9 dager siden
Good job vtune !!! Well done matey , nicely done . hardwork never been wasted ...
Kristoffer Ek
Kristoffer Ek - 10 dager siden
okay so jusst seeing the 66 fastback without it's rear quarter panels that body shape is really cool lucking and makes me wanna make one with that shape and cut rear quarters.
Ave Tata
Ave Tata - 12 dager siden
Вот это рама мощная. Молодец парень качественно делает всё 👍
jjgbmw323 - 18 dager siden
Nice job! Car looks awesome!!
M A - 18 dager siden
This Man & his team are very talented enjoy watching their detailed videos
Ammar Husin
Ammar Husin - 20 dager siden
Congratulations to cause finished Mustang back
3838383 8383838
3838383 8383838 - 22 dager siden
Excellent work guys. That seeing is believing .
lrob - 25 dager siden
Unbelievable mate, that is some quality of work. Keep up the great work.
Tom Simi
Tom Simi - 27 dager siden
Watched this first time. The RAM was wasted. Excellent finish. You covered it all. Can you do a camera walk-around when you're finished? We like to see the finished product. Drive down the street and to camera for front-end shot. thx.
Plan to run a big block in the Mustang? Good show.
Emory Holley
Emory Holley - 28 dager siden
One heck of a project to take on. New to your channel, definitely enjoying the work you folks do.
Scott Bryan
Scott Bryan - Måned siden
I was dying laughing when you said it's basically a brand new car now. Live and learn. I just hope a few parts of the old car were salvaged.
realangrythrottle - Måned siden
Try looking into 1970 rear quarter panels their a bit wider then it might be able tuck those wheels in better and make people do a double take.
realangrythrottle - Måned siden
I hope you don't put fender flares what now is called wide body kit. Thats a lazy way out. Fit the body to the new wheel base. Everyone is doing what your are doing already and putting a wide body kit . Show your awesome skills that you have. Figure out how to widen the fenders and doors to fit the new wheelbase. No one has done that yet. You will be the first. Keep going your doing kick asd work. Also it was great to see your pops if that was your pops.
EastKoma - Måned siden
in eourope we are saying
first mechanical part
second customizing interior exterior
nobody watns to see nice project that cant run and when its starts mech part and if they need to rework alot its just too mutch of effort..
Julian Bailey
Julian Bailey - Måned siden
i would some input on how to make my honda pilot look super good tires and rims ,paint lights what you thing.
ron watson
ron watson - Måned siden
You related to Chip Foose?
bluemoth - Måned siden
Niceee......🤟🏼🤟🏼👊👊😎 keep it coming....:)
rgbigdog - Måned siden
A body on frame car the body is always bolted to the frame not welded.
Phil B
Phil B - Måned siden
The only part left from the 66 stang is the grill! Rich kid in a playground! lol
Thaier Alawadh
Thaier Alawadh - Måned siden
I would like to swap a ford engine in my 69 mustang fastback.. I am looking into reliable mustang engines with stick shift.. any recomendation/suggestions?
David J. Smith
David J. Smith - Måned siden
I Missed the the 66 Coupe Body Style, It reminded of my 66 Mustang Coupe I owned while back in High
School!...Oh Well, Keep On Keeping On!...God Bless! 0:-)
Modern Muscle 180
Modern Muscle 180 - Måned siden
Whatever you do, don't call the car an "Eleanor"!!! The Nazi's in Hollywood "Pedophile Town" will confiscate the car!!
SOTE NZ - Måned siden
Doing such a great job Vtuned. Super great content
505zoom - Måned siden
If you do flares, please for the love of god weld and mold them. Don't have that tacky tacked/bolted on crap like everyone does.
Sharath P
Sharath P - Måned siden
The smile you had when you rolled down the chassis ❤️❤️ cheers bro
Craig Laing
Craig Laing - Måned siden
Love your work mate! Keep it up :D All the way from Australia
David Blair
David Blair - Måned siden
at 2:28 mark looks like a VW bug…lol
Haven Greeler
Haven Greeler - Måned siden
I think I’m in love
ARVI Fulgencio
ARVI Fulgencio - Måned siden
Don't ever called your project Mustang, "Eleonor", or else it would be taken by the company that has a COPYRIGHT of Eleonor in "Gone In 60 Seconds". This happen to the Mustang project of "B is for Build", their Mustang was taken away by the company.
robert taylor
robert taylor - Måned siden
This is like my dream build... badass!!!
David Goodnight
David Goodnight - Måned siden
Saw what you did for the Goonzquad with their Trackhawk... you are an artist!!!! I am a new fan can't wait to see some of your other content.
Every day life with me
Every day life with me - Måned siden
I missed this one some how... PETERSON RESTORATION..
memsybabe - Måned siden
Whatever you do, don't decide to call it an Eleanor build... 😉
kevin thouvenell
kevin thouvenell - 2 måneder siden
I think you need some more side supports for your rocker to your frame when you build your cross members for your transmission tunnel and other supports for your body and then when you build your roll cage you should all build it inside your shell and then take the shell back off andsandblasted and powder coated and then reassembled and then put your body on and do what you got to do
mike abresch
mike abresch - 2 måneder siden
Hi Dad your son is doing a great job sir
Chuck H
Chuck H - 2 måneder siden
So cool to see everything from start to a roller great work
Ray - 2 måneder siden
Good job man!! 👏
For those out there saying, he should of done this or that. Purely, just shut your mouth. How many people out there can build their own unique car? Not a lot and a lot of people don’t know how to but learn as they go. It’s part of life. Nobody learned how to talk and walk when y’all where born. That’s exactly how this is going. Baby steps and learning from the mistakes.
Wile E. Coyote
Wile E. Coyote - 2 måneder siden
Love how your pops shakes his head like my pops does to me thinking we are crazy and wasting time, but when we finish they are impressed!
LD Bodyworks Luthando
LD Bodyworks Luthando - 2 måneder siden
This car will require frame work when it's in a side collision when you do it this way in fact you will have to redo the whole chasis. Not a good idea
Mak 6
Mak 6 - 2 måneder siden
Wow awesome! Just excellent and entertaining! VTunned you remind me of my younger self. I’d tackle projects like this when I was in college like it was nothing! I wish I still had enough time to do stuff like this!
P.S: there are so many keyboard engineers here pointing out all the mistakes! Relax people, he’s building, making some mistakes, learning, that’s part of the process! He’s having a great time and entertaining us! Just sit back and enjoy!
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - 2 måneder siden
Tom Lund
Tom Lund - 2 måneder siden
What camera are you using to film?
DAD eDAWG - 2 måneder siden
But I do cringe, you need safety glasses, it used to be not cool. It is now. Be smart
DAD eDAWG - 2 måneder siden
Please, stay true to your roots. You are great. I’m very impressed.
The Goonz have lost me
Drive150 - 2 måneder siden
I’m amazed at the knowledge and skills you have at your age, very impressive!
Rinus Brand
Rinus Brand - 2 måneder siden
I noticed You on doing frame work for Goonzquad.
Your skills are mazing. This will be a special "Pony".
House T
House T - 2 måneder siden
I’m pretty sure those shock strut towers are pitched for proper Ackerman and bump steer freaking love the build the whole UNIT is so properly designed and built
sachin shankar
sachin shankar - 2 måneder siden
We are waiting for your next video. Goozuad already put couple of videos.
Ian Murchie
Ian Murchie - 2 måneder siden
I'm dissapointed your original vision went totally sideways because you had me intrigued with rebuilding that car 😔 however, this new vision is looking good but this isn't a classic car now, it's a new custom build with a classic look to it. Still looking good though and it's nice to finally see a rolling chassis 😊🖒. Keep up the good work 👊.
richard porter
richard porter - 2 måneder siden
Incredible outstanding workmanship
Tal Rude
Tal Rude - 2 måneder siden
Keep on going!
Dougs Kustoms
Dougs Kustoms - 2 måneder siden
that is a unit.
Ahmed Taher
Ahmed Taher - 2 måneder siden
Finally 😍
Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson - 2 måneder siden
First ones always the hardest, now you can pop off more of these things. Good Job on sticking with it and showing the world the learning curve, and listening to all the "experts".
Joel Yaceyko18
Joel Yaceyko18 - 2 måneder siden
What auction site do you use
Kevin Meyer
Kevin Meyer - 2 måneder siden
How many brothers do you have lol
Cnoevo Auto Adventures
Cnoevo Auto Adventures - 2 måneder siden
she is coming together just great wow
Terrell Chapman
Terrell Chapman - 2 måneder siden
Forget the wide body, let the poke liveee!!
Dylan Hall
Dylan Hall - 2 måneder siden
I thought Vtuned knew a lot. Seems like his viewers know more.. 🤡
ALEXANDR MIZIN - 2 måneder siden
Ты, просто Красава!!!👍👍👍
Jose L. Lopez
Jose L. Lopez - 2 måneder siden
Amazing moment. Great episode. Waiting for first start up !
Craig Wilson
Craig Wilson - 2 måneder siden
thats gonna be one heavy ass car with all that sized steel in it
Stephen Davis
Stephen Davis - 2 måneder siden
With your frame like that, where are your floor pans going? The inner frame is level with the door sills.
123nlusky - 2 måneder siden
Has anyone done this without the wide body look and added to the panels and custom glass to fit?
Joe Tucker
Joe Tucker - 2 måneder siden
Great, the keyboard fabricators and the safety squad have decided to camp out in your videos. Ignore the nonsense and keep doing your thing your way. Was that a goonzquad bike in the shop?
Buggerlugz - 2 måneder siden
This car really needs a name.................... ;)
czeczun - 2 måneder siden
that's a lot of good work, i really like watching the build. Did You think about the floor and how You gonna install the seats? The frame You've built is quite "high", aspecially in the driver and passanger compartment.
This Guy
This Guy - 2 måneder siden
So the previous mustang was purchased to be restored then scrapped? Either way I like watching this build
larannar123 - 2 måneder siden
Dude she's already looking like a beast!!! I'm so thrilled with your progress !!!👍👍👍💯
jackie hunt
jackie hunt - 2 måneder siden
Anyone else kinda get that Tokyo drift car when it was together ..?
Trevor McCormick
Trevor McCormick - 2 måneder siden
How the heck do you go about registering this car? Is it a 1966? Is it a 2015? Is it a brand new one off? I mean, now its just the engine from an existing car everything else is new. Amazing work, but I wonder what it would be like at the DMV.
Garage It Yourself
Garage It Yourself - 2 måneder siden
Awesome progress dude 😊 It's always a great feeling when they are able to roll. Very happy for you 👍
Ismail Shaikh
Ismail Shaikh - 2 måneder siden
Vtuned is an absolute genius, excellent work bud!
Tony Burt
Tony Burt - 2 måneder siden
But... what about a floor pan? Is it going to fit with the rocker panel sitting directly on the frame? Normally the floor pan sits below the door opening. Where are your feet going to go?
Juan Chavez
Juan Chavez - 2 måneder siden
1 million thumps up to this perfection. Its a beast🔥
William Whitman
William Whitman - 2 måneder siden
This true reality video. Screw those fake shows like GasMonkey, Orange County Choppers, and other shows with fake deadlines and competition. We learn as you learn. Congratulations on an excellent channel. You are my new favorite (next to Scotty Kilmer). Gotta thank the Goonzquad for the cross contamination -- those guys need to get back to the builds and off mowing grass. VTuned is number Uno.
Nathan Hansford
Nathan Hansford - 2 måneder siden
I can still see that no one over 4’6” will be able to drive it, the seats will be mounted far too high.
Arthur Smith
Arthur Smith - 2 måneder siden
Great, the first drive to school will be an epic feeling! It's looking great.
Brian Barry
Brian Barry - 2 måneder siden
So dope V-Tuned!!!! Glad you're making progress!!! Keep it up!!!
Mike Power
Mike Power - 2 måneder siden
Like the video
RandomGuy - 2 måneder siden
Next V-Tuned t-shirt...
Nice and Cut
q2l VIP
q2l VIP - 2 måneder siden
SmolWavingSnail - 2 måneder siden
A huge milestone achieved getting it rolled of that lift. well done man you've put a lot of work and effort into this build and seeing that smile at the end of the video show's how far you've come and that progression is getting made
Chris Stevens
Chris Stevens - 2 måneder siden
I'm actually glad he decided to go with fastback kit regardless of whether it's a kit car or not the fun factor is going to be the same if not better.
Dave Doyle
Dave Doyle - 2 måneder siden
Ordered a Mustang TShirt yesterday and it was refunded today with no other communication from you guys? Paid international shipping to Ireland also? What gives?
Dave Doyle
Dave Doyle - 2 måneder siden
@vTuned garage these things happen, keep up the good work
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - 2 måneder siden
Sorry ! We Ran out of stock ! We have Other Shirts on the Website ! 🙏🏽
Ⓜ️🅰️✝️✝️ℹ️ - 2 måneder siden
How you determined the caster? You can’t adjust it anymore.
bentgodtnok - 2 måneder siden
Wish i had your skills - such a great build. Best regards from Denmark 🇩🇰
Jon Hill
Jon Hill - 2 måneder siden
Top job
Bryan Crews
Bryan Crews - 2 måneder siden
Saw a goonzquad DRZ bike at the end of the video. New cameraman? Heard all you guys are related?
LA6UOA - 2 måneder siden
Good work! Say are you building a bit to heavy??
wrx Wright
wrx Wright - 2 måneder siden
I’m super excited!
The Roofer
The Roofer - 2 måneder siden
Spray paint or powder coat the frame, bets anyone? I'm going with powder coating.
Chicago Vasko
Chicago Vasko - 2 måneder siden
I know vtuned can't wait to smash the gas and slide sideways in that car.
rich miller
rich miller - 2 måneder siden
I like the way you use power tools while holding the part.....I used to work with a guy, Lenny in our garage, who did the same. He was always in a hurry, we call him Stumpy now.....
RJ Hawk
RJ Hawk - 2 måneder siden
Instead of the Shelby Mustang..... It"s now the custom vTuned Mustang!
Ken Bell
Ken Bell - 2 måneder siden
I am truly impressed with your abilities as a young man can't wait to see the finished car watching every clip you put out
Jimf - 2 måneder siden
Very well done...really making progress now. Why not use C channel for the outside rails instead of full square tubing...could save a lot of weight. Will you tub the rear in order to more easily get wider tires in the back?
Ce Jay
Ce Jay - 2 måneder siden
cool shirt
Cody Byrd
Cody Byrd - 2 måneder siden
Nice edit vtuned ,Hardest worker in the game and stoked to see you got her rolling