Painting My Nissan GTR And A Mustang UPDATE

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Welcome Back to the channel in todays video we finally paint my 2015 Nissan GTR
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Truston Davis
Truston Davis - 6 dager siden
Love your work, but the music has to go!!!! I’d rather listen to a grinder.
aXBlackDeathXa - 3 måneder siden
I'm curious do you use any adhesion (or other) promoters for re-painting plastic?
J4zz x
J4zz x - 3 måneder siden
How is your camera not covered in spray off after filming that close
Matt Curtis
Matt Curtis - 3 måneder siden
Always great to watch your videos you're the best. I wonder, how long have you been repairing crashed vehicles for?? Keep up the good work you are amazing vtuned! 👍
Howard Swing
Howard Swing - 4 måneder siden
Check him out spraying the car without a respirator which is hanging from his neck.
mark vietti
mark vietti - 4 måneder siden
cant believe how well that red base coat covers
Jesse Martinez
Jesse Martinez - 4 måneder siden
How much did this entire paint job cost 🤯
SG Garage
SG Garage - 4 måneder siden
Great job👍 do you got any recommendation for sealer brand ? 🚗
Nick Buchan
Nick Buchan - 4 måneder siden
Your painter certainly seems to know what he’s doing. Looks fantastic 👌
blahblah - 4 måneder siden
When you are priming, sealing, and base-coating repaired areas, mask off panels that will only need slight color applied. So, mask off car like seen here but then mask off the doors since they are already color coated. That way you wont get sealer and other over spray where it is not wanted. Go and color coat the primed, sealed panels until you get desired coverage. Remove the masking from the panels and tack off entire car before finishing off the remaining overall coats needed to achieve full color saturation. Clear as you normally would. This is a great way to do blends also. Keeps you focused on only those panels that need several coats and then a final blend on adjacent panels.
Peter Day I Am
Peter Day I Am - 5 måneder siden
Nice work. Thanks for the video.
Alain Larras
Alain Larras - 5 måneder siden
Perfect job,real pleasure to see it , congratulations
lucas constantino
lucas constantino - 5 måneder siden
Drue Dunivan
Drue Dunivan - 6 måneder siden
Sickkens base and clear is no joke. Quality products 👍. Clear goes for 1000$ per gallon here in Cali
Jeffrey Cervania
Jeffrey Cervania - 6 måneder siden
Hi Vtuned! Just want to ask what is your spray paint equipment used in your Nissan GTR? Hoping for your response.. Thanks
Jeffrey Cervania
Jeffrey Cervania - 6 måneder siden
Thanks for your quick response bro..
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - 6 måneder siden
I’ll have to take a look
Ray Plant
Ray Plant - 6 måneder siden
Awesome paint job mate. Can I ask what gun, tip /cup size and pressures you ran?
Keith Doran
Keith Doran - 6 måneder siden
I love that colour
Dan N
Dan N - 6 måneder siden
Magnifique 👍
Dr. Julia
Dr. Julia - 6 måneder siden
Sikkens is very good, great video
The color is sick
Dm Details
Dm Details - 6 måneder siden
Lookin like glass
Enmanuel Emil Gutierrez Aybar
Enmanuel Emil Gutierrez Aybar - 6 måneder siden
you are almost ready for the end you can do a price revelation that would be good
Domokos Lajos
Domokos Lajos - 6 måneder siden
Pls music name ?
THEBUFUMAN - 6 måneder siden
Mike Laidman Chevyboy#67
Mike Laidman Chevyboy#67 - 6 måneder siden
Love the paint on the GTR!! 😆 so with the tri coat paint job, how many coats for each did your painter do for coverage (base, paint,& clear)??? My Dad taught me to paint as well as doing body work! Wow this car turned out amazing! !!!
Mark Mikheyev
Mark Mikheyev - 6 måneder siden
Thanks for using good paint lol
prince Wilkie
prince Wilkie - 6 måneder siden
Luv the color real nice
1kmodified - 6 måneder siden
8:52. Say pearl one more time. I dare ya. Lol
Jason Swift
Jason Swift - 6 måneder siden
What is the red colour officially called?
Rawdyrider - 6 måneder siden
Great paint job kid!
kickit59 - 6 måneder siden
Vtune there is nothing like the smell of fresh paint in the morning! Amazing job on the GTR! I am really looking forward to the video with this beast all back together and on the road!
Simon Blunden
Simon Blunden - 6 måneder siden
Brother V does some sick paint jobs. Looks epic. Stay safe. We need you guys alive for more content
Rob Cas
Rob Cas - 6 måneder siden
This channel started off good, then it went to hell!!!!!!
AMLagonda - 6 måneder siden
er what does that mean?
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - 6 måneder siden
How do bud
FRANCISCO RIVAS - 6 måneder siden
que le pones antes de pintarlo
Dlf Idgaf
Dlf Idgaf - 6 måneder siden
Gyross Gyross
Gyross Gyross - 6 måneder siden
Very nice paint job .. pretty cool clear coat this sikkens
78jroll - 6 måneder siden
Come on with the uploads man.
Joey Agosto
Joey Agosto - 6 måneder siden
Hey Mr V, I lost my login and passwoord of my Instagram, maybe You can help me out to get know again my name on it, I was following You and posted a couple of messages trought it on U're Instagram, do You wanna Pls, try? Ciao JoEy
Kishan Kish
Kishan Kish - 7 måneder siden
6:33 Can I get the color code?
barry aitchison
barry aitchison - 7 måneder siden
i hope you and guys are all staying safe too m8 cars looking amazing will be great to watch it come together
frederic rike
frederic rike - 7 måneder siden
VTuned- introduce your helper from the paint mixing booth. Some here think it is an older brother? We new you had a younger brother- who looks to be picking up the trade really well. All of you are awesome- the story off where you all got started and learned some of the professional tricks would definitely be worth some of my pop corn! The best and be safe to you too!
FoundationFarmhouse - 7 måneder siden
6:42 respirators were donated to covid 19. nothing to see here.
Jimmy Andreas Jonsson
Jimmy Andreas Jonsson - 7 måneder siden
Great paint job man. I read some where that the Koeningsegg Jesko has 34 layers of paint. I think they try to overkill it :) they have 20 base coat layers
1 Pearl coat
1 Champagne coat
3 coats of Gray/Blue/Green layer
9 coats of clear coat.
Alittle overkill i think
RODNEY BLACKLEY - 7 måneder siden
The wrist flip while spraying is killing me. Lock that wrist straight.
Reggie Anderson
Reggie Anderson - 7 måneder siden
Car quest? I will used them
David Beyea
David Beyea - 7 måneder siden
You should have introduced your painter
iqcarlospinzon - 7 måneder siden
This kind of work is wayyyyyyy better than the shitti work Goonzquad do in their "shop"
GoldFish Ninja
GoldFish Ninja - 7 måneder siden
Wish I was that good at painting.
Roger Thaine Sr.
Roger Thaine Sr. - 7 måneder siden
This guy can do it all!Truly Amazing the skills he has. Can't wait for the Mustang updates.
pavel1809 - 7 måneder siden
My favorite color look amazing. Question how much paint do you people used?
Lawrence Hayden
Lawrence Hayden - 7 måneder siden
What color paint is on the GTR
RobBrumby - 7 måneder siden
Great videos guy. Are you able to get data sheets for collision repairs?
jerry henderson
jerry henderson - 7 måneder siden
Very nice
Noah Lugo Baseball & Boxing techniques
What a beautiful color
Dafster9999 - 7 måneder siden
Nice! Spraying a clear coat in your shorts! Sticky arms and legs!😂😂 why not an spray overall?
William Rodrigues
William Rodrigues - 7 måneder siden
William Oliver
William Oliver - 7 måneder siden
Nice bro definitely can lay some paint. Sikkens is so non forgiving and to have no issues im surprized.
Darren Mckeee
Darren Mckeee - 7 måneder siden
Freaking awesome paint job!
Yaroslav tretyak
Yaroslav tretyak - 7 måneder siden
Great Job you guys!!
Don Trend
Don Trend - 7 måneder siden
Amazing. It's amazing. It came out amazing. All these car channels over use that word. maybe you could expand your vocabulary.
David Kelm
David Kelm - 7 måneder siden
GREAT PAINT JOB ! wash your hands !
aaron kent
aaron kent - 7 måneder siden
What is the paint gun your using
vernon james
vernon james - 7 måneder siden
I love that color
MotionAutoTv - 7 måneder siden
Looks great man!
Courtney Ricks
Courtney Ricks - 7 måneder siden
Love the color
Christian B
Christian B - 7 måneder siden
Great Painter! Thanks for video
Zach kruger
Zach kruger - 7 måneder siden
how much would a paint job like this cost estimated?
Chris Keane
Chris Keane - 7 måneder siden
It came out amazing, your car building skills are unmatched.
Adnan Yelmer
Adnan Yelmer - 7 måneder siden
Sonunda boyadın arabayı çürüyecekti GT.R
Thejana Vindula Dharmappriya
Thejana Vindula Dharmappriya - 7 måneder siden
Please do a Camaro Zl1 Bumblebee Edition car 👀❤👀❤
RANDALL Foster - 7 måneder siden
You are a magician with a spray gun a true artist i love to see your videos
John Vargas
John Vargas - 7 måneder siden
What type of red is the paint?
JUSKENZ - 7 måneder siden
Paint job 🔥
Marciaus007 - 7 måneder siden
You could make lessons how to spay:) Outstanding!
Raymond Starr
Raymond Starr - 7 måneder siden
Omg it looks amazing The paint work is just amazing absolutely lovely colour
CSL - 7 måneder siden
Back to the Mustang - What front and rear glass are you going to use??????
laceylouloulou - 7 måneder siden
This makes me want to get my car painted wow that color is AWESOME
Jaco - 7 måneder siden
Jasper Vanderveen
Jasper Vanderveen - 7 måneder siden
How much bar or psi do you use to paint?
Rob Bob
Rob Bob - 7 måneder siden
That guy has painted a car or two!!
Roger Hayes
Roger Hayes - 7 måneder siden
Looks like a flexzilla hose.... awesome hose....
Roger Hayes
Roger Hayes - 7 måneder siden
You should always final wash in a paint suit and start at the highest point and works your way down.. other then that paint job looks awesome.... How much trash and polish work had to be done....?
JordanGibson - 7 måneder siden
Fasterproms wrecked uncle sam and are tossing choppy solutions you should hit them up and do a collab and fix him!
Wan Ridzwan
Wan Ridzwan - 7 måneder siden
This is awesome
NonSense4u - 7 måneder siden
I’m very curious as to why you removes the wheels. Never seen anyone do that vefiee
Tom M
Tom M - 7 måneder siden
Killer color. Great video. I watched the entire clip.
dlp2600 - 7 måneder siden
Looks good man!
Xavier Don’t Sweat
Xavier Don’t Sweat - 7 måneder siden
Finally a v-tune video 🐌
Kevin Anderson
Kevin Anderson - 7 måneder siden
6:40 to 7:00 painting with respirator off, explains alot!!!
Gilbert Franklin
Gilbert Franklin - 7 måneder siden
I hope you don't mind me saying this, but that paint job came out ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I realize that I could have been a little more original, but for some reason those words were just echoing around in my mind... 😏👍
Iceman - 7 måneder siden
I don't think I have ever seen anybody spray that close to a car lol
Reuben K
Reuben K - 7 måneder siden
Some quality stuff right here 🔥
1962 impaula
1962 impaula - 7 måneder siden
Finally puts the respirator on LOL
Lyfan Deth
Lyfan Deth - 7 måneder siden
Nice spray! What equipment, pressure, nozzles did you use?
Rick Allen
Rick Allen - 7 måneder siden
Was that guy spraying the car at times without a respirator?
Jose M
Jose M - 7 måneder siden
Why is watching you paint so satisfying. I want to paint my van now!
Demons Amongst Men
Demons Amongst Men - 7 måneder siden
Nooooooooo don't turbo the coyote, build it na
Paul Forsythe
Paul Forsythe - 7 måneder siden
Absolutely beautiful paint work.
ThatsMyRc - 7 måneder siden
great work as always
bit flip
bit flip - 7 måneder siden
Love your work. Please consider wearing more protection when painting, preferably full body condom. Stay safe, stay healthy.
REPZ06 - 7 måneder siden
Looks 🔥 always great work 🇺🇸