Putting My Nissan GTR Back Together!

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Welcome back to the channel in todays video we paint the roof and the side skirts and reassemble the whole car!
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Runtime: 17:10


iftikhar kamran
iftikhar kamran - 4 timer siden
0:16 I no longer need my 9-5 thanks to, *e z g o o d p a y .c o m*
John John F. Webber
John John F. Webber - 8 timer siden
Great.... You're good.
Nice info. Thanks.
Anwar Zaib
Anwar Zaib - 3 dager siden
im mechanical engineering
Akram Haidar
Akram Haidar - 4 dager siden
Great job you’re doing but may I suggest cleaning all the parts and the motor area inside out before installing ! Keep up the good work ! Peace
رضا محمودی
رضا محمودی - 4 dager siden
Very good
Zahid zahid
Zahid zahid - 4 dager siden
Congratulations really really great work 👋👋
SkiPlaysChel - 18 dager siden
I have no idea why you came up on my recommended. But I watched you restore the entire Ram and now this GTR. And I did it all in one day. You are a very enjoyable person to watch work and are very knowledgeable about what your doing.
Vlad Golovchenko
Vlad Golovchenko - 19 dager siden
Oh how I wish I had a paint booth. Great job guys!
DriveI65 - 21 dag siden
No wonder the GTR weighs so much there must be 500 lbs. of fasteners. I'm in wonder how you remember where everything goes.
Tomas Varg
Tomas Varg - 24 dager siden
How did you brake your neck?
Max V
Max V - Måned siden
Abdelouahed Ayoubi
Abdelouahed Ayoubi - Måned siden
hi good job but you didn't give us the prices?
Rico D
Rico D - Måned siden
I have watched a lot of these videos but somehow i end up coming back to vTuned Garage. You guys rock
Muhammad Amir Faiz
Muhammad Amir Faiz - 2 måneder siden
Puts some of exhaust system straight pipe..
David Edgar
David Edgar - 3 måneder siden
You need to wear a microphone rather than rely on the one that is on the camera. There are times it is real hard to hear what you are saying. You don't face the camera and you are too far away for good audio. So a remote mic that you wear is needed. Still like the channel and the work you do.
عبدالكريم الفقية
عبدالكريم الفقية - 3 måneder siden
Ali Adam
Ali Adam - 3 måneder siden
When Paul Walker tried to buy a GT-R and worked on driving it in Japan, he found it heavy to fit in the race, thanks to a light and fast Sky Lane 34 GT-R
zebulon new
zebulon new - 3 måneder siden
omg... i would love if you guys repainted my 2016 mustang v6 that would be awesome!! and of course i would pay you guys for the work lol
Franklin Field Jr.
Franklin Field Jr. - 3 måneder siden
You making the “Boys” look bad ... 🤔
Franklin Field Jr.
Franklin Field Jr. - 3 måneder siden
Squeeks713 - 4 måneder siden
Who noticed the black seatbelts taught he wanted red???
TLC CRAFTS & DIYS - 4 måneder siden
sexy car and i dont usually like that color👍
Humberto Guevara
Humberto Guevara - 5 måneder siden
Why didn’t u cut and polish the paint before assembling it?? I see a lot of orange peel
Melania Palomaria
Melania Palomaria - 5 måneder siden
The goonzquad hoodie is legit.
Pultz - 5 måneder siden
Which milwaukee impact is that ? i cant seem to find it looks kinda like a Fuel M12? but the only ones i can find got the angled head? 🤔
steven sparkz
steven sparkz - 5 måneder siden
looks better than goonzquad
Catch Gravity
Catch Gravity - 5 måneder siden
Great job on the body work bro! Your videos are like Therapy for me👌🏼
Merkava4IMI - 6 måneder siden
From someone who appreciates these cars, this is really fascinating to watch. Sent you an email!
spencer fellows
spencer fellows - 6 måneder siden
So since it's salvage how much is it worth?
Gabriel Uribe
Gabriel Uribe - 6 måneder siden
I'm a Nissan xterra pro 4X and frontier LE , But I've never heard of an NISSAN GTR
urbex trav explores
urbex trav explores - 6 måneder siden
Someone needs to stick it to youtube theres to many ads on here now 😡😠
David Kelm
David Kelm - 6 måneder siden
Omg broken neck 😲what happened ?
Rahma Fixa
Rahma Fixa - 6 måneder siden
You are the best in the world of auto repair, good luck👍
JST - 6 måneder siden
Epic work as always vtuned!
westward bound
westward bound - 6 måneder siden
Mustang was too much to handle
Ali Ax
Ali Ax - 6 måneder siden
Come on man give us some mustang content
George Plascencia
George Plascencia - 6 måneder siden
Always a great job.... Nice sweater
chemxfan - 6 måneder siden
vTuned is about the only YouTuber that doesn't say "amazing" too much, imho. But then, the work that goes on in this shop is amazing. It's not just thrown together w/fingers crossed - it's buttoned down & tightened up.
Jorge - 6 måneder siden
Hey, hope you doing well, we need more mustang videos pleaseee
Tyler Hudson
Tyler Hudson - 6 måneder siden
Hey ben, any chance you could give advice on pulling out a crashed frame rail on my audi s5?
Luke Barnes
Luke Barnes - 6 måneder siden
Think someone maybe realised they were in over thier head with that Mustang build. Chris from B is for build is way ahead now despite starting afterwards (I think). Shame but I did call it ages ago. Probably wasn't the best idea cutting a classic car in half with no real plan as to putting it back together again....
Ferra FQ
Ferra FQ - 6 måneder siden
Is this 6 month project?
Coriolanus - 6 måneder siden
What's the beautiful job, you make it a pride again
God bless you my son
With all of the love and respect in the world ❤❤
From the worst place in this world 🛢☀️🌡🔥
MaddMely - 6 måneder siden
Viktor Shokur
Viktor Shokur - 6 måneder siden
nice work but come on at 7:36 everyone knows you have to wipe off the windows before you put them on. Degrease them with automotive glass cleaner. Plus that window is all dusty. Urethane is probably gonna stick but I don’t take chances.
Jincy Bijumon
Jincy Bijumon - 6 måneder siden
(2:15) Hey, Its a goonzquad merch!!
D&R Productions UNLIMITED
D&R Productions UNLIMITED - 6 måneder siden
A little better video editing and a European wax center trip and this channel will sky rocket. Keep it up!
Kamel Chehbi
Kamel Chehbi - 6 måneder siden
Cood werk brother 👍
Farhan Marsa Fairuzi
Farhan Marsa Fairuzi - 6 måneder siden
Update Mustang please
Peter Grove
Peter Grove - 6 måneder siden
eppot1 - 6 måneder siden
top qality work nice 2 see!!!!
Simply Trucking
Simply Trucking - 6 måneder siden
Is this guy taking a break? Wondering about the stang build
Dm Details
Dm Details - 6 måneder siden
Loving the content! Can’t wait to see how this thing rips
jerry smith
jerry smith - 6 måneder siden
What is that big spot on the top that shows up like a sore thumb??????????
jerry smith
jerry smith - 6 måneder siden
That spot is on the rightside next to the back glass.
DS Rai
DS Rai - 6 måneder siden
One of the best cars ever. Looks beautiful and I will get one one day, once my kids are a little older. London, uk
علي شعبي
علي شعبي - 6 måneder siden
found and restoration nissan 350z if you can
birch 4x4
birch 4x4 - 6 måneder siden
Making b is for build look rough (not hard to do)
Good work brother👍
Enmanuel Emil Gutierrez Aybar
Enmanuel Emil Gutierrez Aybar - 6 måneder siden
You are almost ready for the end you can do a price revelation that would be good
J Rez
J Rez - 6 måneder siden
Can i buy ur hellcat hood that's always on the wall lol... please? lol
Terrell Chapman
Terrell Chapman - 6 måneder siden
Could have done red sticking on the seatbelt, it’s the shuttle attention to detail which you normally knock out the park. I’m ready for the mustang build myself but I’m sure you had to knock a few other builds out fist. Lol
Tiger Eye
Tiger Eye - 6 måneder siden
Paint the front chrome grill black or wrap it carbon black.
Tiger Eye
Tiger Eye - 6 måneder siden
Axis Rims
Matti Virta
Matti Virta - 6 måneder siden
idiot carbon hood need paint all car colour red too, wery ugly stay hood carbon black.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - 6 måneder siden
“This idiot needs to paint his hood red the carbon fiber is black and ulgy” Fixed it for you:)
リバイアライアン - 6 måneder siden
“IMPUL” are back in town..another tunes by Nissan Motors.Currently on the runs for races to modern super cars like this.
Richard Chavez
Richard Chavez - 6 måneder siden
wrap the chrome on the front with carbon fiber to match the hood
Glenn B
Glenn B - 6 måneder siden
Check out Koya rims, I have Koya SF11 rims and love them, but they have many different types.
Bienvenido Villanueva
Bienvenido Villanueva - 6 måneder siden
Put some Volks Te37 on this car 🤤
T Rantz
T Rantz - 6 måneder siden
Many congratulations! It is looking sharp indeed! I agree color matching the front bumper chrome to split it up or carbon fiber wrap? Just an idea 💡 ? Best wishes to everyone there and stay safe!
TheTruthBeTold - 6 måneder siden
Get some Niche Vosso rims, they look sick on those cars.
Stoke Burner
Stoke Burner - 6 måneder siden
Good stuff you guys.
ice man
ice man - 6 måneder siden
work on the fucking mustang
Rahimi Hidayat
Rahimi Hidayat - 6 måneder siden
This Also Video Accident NISSAN JUKE
Rahimi Hidayat
Rahimi Hidayat - 6 måneder siden
Rahimi Hidayat
Rahimi Hidayat - 6 måneder siden
Courtney Ricks
Courtney Ricks - 6 måneder siden
Such a gorgeous car. Great Vid.
Ryan O'Connell
Ryan O'Connell - 6 måneder siden
Is installing auto glass really that easy? Do I just need a caulking gun and a new panel?
sinnexz - 6 måneder siden
first reaction was like,, whoa, vTuned changed a lot...
then i realized its not him
Joshua Alec
Joshua Alec - 6 måneder siden
Fitment Industry for all your wheel tire and suspension needs.
FoundationFarmhouse - 6 måneder siden
Bro stick the camera in the top corner of the paint booth and get a timelapse
Joash M
Joash M - 6 måneder siden
Great job
Check out BBS CH-R wheels in black
rgonzalez4209 - 6 måneder siden
Time to finish the mustang !!!
Nico Ruffolo
Nico Ruffolo - 6 måneder siden
Get Advan gt wheels in black
Plumrscrack - 6 måneder siden
Yeah, I'd definitely lose that chrome on the front, otherwise ..........MINT!
shortyboy2562 - 6 måneder siden
Get blacked out side markers for the car, trust me, looks way better that way.
kino zonicle
kino zonicle - 6 måneder siden
How much does it cost to get the airbag module reset?
Zahid Arifi
Zahid Arifi - 6 måneder siden
Are you going to twin turbo this car
Suhaib Khan
Suhaib Khan - 6 måneder siden
Awesome to see V back at it, full force.
Suhaib Khan
Suhaib Khan - 6 måneder siden
Awesome to see V back at it, full force.
That GUY
That GUY - 6 måneder siden
Yeah that color is amazing considering all you mostly see is white black gray.
Micko Aniel Nañez
Micko Aniel Nañez - 6 måneder siden
I recognize the hoodie. Its from Goonzquad😍😍
TheHilander - 6 måneder siden
Nice work, i would color match the calipers to the body.
willmatic 84
willmatic 84 - 6 måneder siden
Looking nice and top quality 🤓👍🏼
GEORGE RODRIGUEZ - 6 måneder siden
get rid of the chrome!
Mark Scott
Mark Scott - 6 måneder siden
good to see you have got this finished,i think the front bar would look good with the chrome piece just to break up the colour at the front.
B For Bodybuilding
B For Bodybuilding - 6 måneder siden
Why VTUNED is not active channel as GOONZSQUAD is? Your positing video almost in a week only one video
Rob - 6 måneder siden
Jesus! talk!
Deo Persad
Deo Persad - 6 måneder siden
Awesome 👍🏾🤙
Stelios Theofanou
Stelios Theofanou - 6 måneder siden
Grate job my friend I really enjoy it.I wnat to hear it when it finish
FuriousFati - 6 måneder siden
Definitely colormatch the grill. Also doothandles, or black them out.
The Black
The Black - 6 måneder siden
do the mustang? really? why not tune into any of the other 648 repair channels already doing the exact same thing!! #bored