Rebuilding a Salvage Lamborghini Frame Using Scrap Aluminum Saved Us Over $3000

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The frame bracket for this Salvage Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 costs over $3,000 new. I rebuilt one using a piece of scrap aluminum for around $20.
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The Welder We Used:
Runtime: 14:38


Michael Gortowski
Michael Gortowski - 20 dager siden
Nice coat of etching primer so it doesn’t rust.....Did not know aluminum can rust lol
Gil Torres
Gil Torres - 20 dager siden
i've seen many trying to do what you do in my opinion you are the best at it.. keep up that passion it will pay off God bless
Paul white
Paul white - 3 måneder siden
How exactly is aluminium going to rust ?
charles evans
charles evans - 3 måneder siden
they intentionally put that crease in that bar at the factory so in case of an accident it will bend there
kamal abbady
kamal abbady - 3 måneder siden
You have no problem just more work to do
danceanddreams1 - 3 måneder siden
why is he original so expensive? because the i is a extruded profile from aluminium 3003, 6061, 6082, AZ31 , 1050 or a alloy special developed for this car. you cant exchange that with a piece of aluminium from the homecenter. now you can drive with this car 55 mph but never put it on the racetrack or annother accident. if this piece fails and someone dies they will ask who fixed it!
Jack Williams
Jack Williams - 3 måneder siden
Etching primer so it won’t rust. But Aluminum doesn’t rust.....
Purnama Jaya
Purnama Jaya - 3 måneder siden
Clean up cars before work...🙏
julia baldo
julia baldo - 3 måneder siden
alextheromanian - 4 måneder siden
The bend in the straight piece on the other side is there as a folding point. In case of an accident engineers designed it to fold at the bend rather than brake from the weld and possibly impale into the car. Almost every part of a car has crease points where they are designed to bend in case of an accident to avoid things like...a hood being pushed in through the windshield like it used to happen back in the day
Briandrum - 4 måneder siden
"GalLARDo" 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Ben Doherty
Ben Doherty - 4 måneder siden
Weird little dent things. Funniest thing ever was my 4year called them the same thing
evelin niko
evelin niko - 4 måneder siden
the dent on the other side is for in case of an accident it will buckle at that point instead of progressing the damage further on
Gary T Martin
Gary T Martin - 4 måneder siden
Those dimples are crush points
hugo w
hugo w - 4 måneder siden
Those dimples are the crumple zone . Put them back in or when you sell the car it will stand out like a sore thumb as an accident repair
Kevin Shettle
Kevin Shettle - 4 måneder siden
mate great job....wear a mask when spraying even from a can......! trust me even when cutting or grinding
DesignatedEagle F
DesignatedEagle F - 4 måneder siden
Must be that bent bar is made out of some sort of Kevlar/titanium mix of materials. Or was it just aluminum? lol. 3,000 just for that me.
jugamcool - 4 måneder siden
I remembered watching some youtube of indonesian workshop build lambo from
JOHN Q PUBLIC - 4 måneder siden
For the average owner it would have cost the same to buy that frame used as a welder would have charged to make it.
Ray Sulich
Ray Sulich - 4 måneder siden
Vtuned don't let the haters get you down. Internet warriors who couldn't fix a scuff let alone fix a frame. You seem like a down to earth young man and have some awesome skills.
Paulo Rodrigues
Paulo Rodrigues - 4 måneder siden
Incrível! Só cheap! $3000 impossible!
R. Long
R. Long - 5 måneder siden
You young guys our awesome mechanics doing a great repair job and a very sophisticated car.
Iskandar Ibrahim
Iskandar Ibrahim - 6 måneder siden
GUYS _ very amazing _ you are good; next the backside quarter panel //
Alain 2.Villou.
Alain 2.Villou. - 6 måneder siden
amazing work my hat to the the way I never see you wearing protective mask when cutting/sanding/painting! have only one set of lung Mister don't play with metal particles love your work nonetheless
Asc McLaren
Asc McLaren - 6 måneder siden
I would of spent the money on the Lambo part!
Le LOUISE - 6 måneder siden
WOUAH les pros l'outil où il faut quand il faut BRAVO!!!!HURRA
Jamessmack - 6 måneder siden
Congrats you made that into a death trap even more than it was originally
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - 6 måneder siden
Jamessmack lol go watch the next video
Jamessmack - 6 måneder siden
vTuned garage that aluminum bar you installed if hit just right could go thru firewall impaling someone. Very dangerous
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - 6 måneder siden
Thank you sir
Chuck Mcnab
Chuck Mcnab - 6 måneder siden
Did that kid get shot in the forehead? Good job
umbrella corporation
umbrella corporation - 7 måneder siden
At the time, hellcat calipers were the biggest brembo made
Carlos Zambrano
Carlos Zambrano - 7 måneder siden
Me gusta ese trabajo, felicitaciones, sabes lo que haces....!
dumbo7429 - 7 måneder siden
Ive heard of crumple zones but that Lambo is shit.
Atoool K
Atoool K - 8 måneder siden
Awesome episode! Great work!
Troy Phillips
Troy Phillips - 8 måneder siden
New York car. I know those stickers on The windshield
Juan Carlos Lozano
Juan Carlos Lozano - 8 måneder siden
Hey! frame was poorly painted!!
justin treweek
justin treweek - 8 måneder siden
Sam crack is so fkin annoying
20somthingrealestate - 9 måneder siden
At least the aluminum "won't rust" with that self etch. 😂😂
SJVChE - 9 måneder siden
I think the dents in the main frame members are for energy absorbing crumple zone, to save your ass.
Scotty Jenkins
Scotty Jenkins - 10 måneder siden
That will be one of the last ones you rebuild after the family of the person who wrecks the car next Sue's your ass off for killing the driver by trying to save chump change .You would have better odds lancing with one of king Arthur's knights of the round table!Than wrecking that literal death TRAP !!!
Haider B
Haider B - 10 måneder siden
i thought aluminum cannot be welded
B Martin
B Martin - 10 måneder siden
Great job vtuned and great idea for samcrac to use your expertise once again. You two guys are both awesome and I love both your content. Helll yeah!!!
G D - 10 måneder siden
Painting aluminium sow it does'nt rust !?!?
That's a first
G D - 10 måneder siden
@vTuned garage It's been said in the following video that i watch minutes later ;) Great job btw. Very nice skills !!!
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - 10 måneder siden
That’s an inside joke hahaha
Michael Yarmie
Michael Yarmie - 10 måneder siden
Aluminum corrodes
pbysome - År siden
Alumarust lol
K Del
K Del - År siden
if you included the bend/crumple point in the new member I don't think you would have had to jack up that fender fixture
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers - År siden
VT. Basically fabricating a Lambo from scratch. Amazing.
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers - År siden
So, first time I ever saw 'samcrac', but gotta say it's cool he's appearing on VTs channel and letting VT post the work.
Big fan of Goonzquad, but can't say I ever saw Billy or 'other brother' ever wearing a VTuned shirt in any video.
Props to Samcrac. 👍
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers - År siden
VT, tell Goonzquad the next time you work on one of their cars, you want a free sponsorship in return. Having them both wear VTuned gear for a full video and promote your channel to 1.5M subs (like they do with watches) who give you a nice bump in viewers. And it'd cost them nothing. 👍👍
Trezn - År siden
Idk why I watch videos like this I’m never gonna øwn one
Hqmpest - År siden
What I enjoy personally is that unlike Goonzsquad he doesn't flap his arms around all over the place and talk like some sort of gangster when presenting his work load, vTuned has the best presentation and format of all the shows and his work ethics (standards) are second to none. Keep the movies coming, love it.
Eugene Walker
Eugene Walker - År siden
Great job Vtune
Ben Jones
Ben Jones - År siden
I LOVE seeing someone who has fabrication skills and can make and or repair an expensive part. Just about any five year old can unbolt a part and slap on a new one that they bought but it takes brains and skill to repair the old one. Apparently there are a number of guys who comment here who like spending their hard earned $$$ on expensive replacement parts.

I just Googled rectangular aluminum tubing and there are two grades, 6060 and 6061-T6 extruded. In the 6060 there are three wall thicknesses, 2, 3 or 4 mm. In the 6061-T6 there are five thicknesses, 0.125, .25, 0.1875, .375 and 0.65. The 6061 T6 is not available in 2, 3. or 4 mm so all one would need to do is take your micrometer and measure the wall thickness and he will know which tubing to buy.
1957smr - År siden
Aluminum doesn't rust
Ron Kirkland
Ron Kirkland - År siden
Love the video!!!
bryant phil
bryant phil - År siden
You dont etch prime aluminium
bryant phil
bryant phil - År siden
Those 'dents' are crush zones. Your putting car together unsafe to save a few bucks. A life is worth more than any cost savings
Amora Khorshed
Amora Khorshed - År siden
Good evening from Egypt
Great job on Samrac lembo
Jon Tomlin
Jon Tomlin - År siden
I came at the request of Goonzquad was not disappointed.
William Shelby
William Shelby - År siden
please tell me the crumple zone was added for safety.
Jagermeister - År siden
Samcrac is a dousche bag
Anton Belsham
Anton Belsham - År siden
Great work love watching these videos
Mattias Filander
Mattias Filander - År siden
" looks dented"
Well it's ment to bend there in a collission, hopefully you don't get this in your head in a crash...🙄🙈
Hoonny Hoonny
Hoonny Hoonny - År siden
I think that dent might be there to controlled bending (or buckling) upon compressive loading onto the beam (head on collision). From the video, it looks like it’s meant to hold some level of loading and once it reaches the threshold, the beam will buckle into W shape. Also, by having 3 buckling points, it looks like it’s not meant to hold a lot of loading either possibly because of safety reasons.
Hoonny Hoonny
Hoonny Hoonny - År siden
Just saw your next video! 👍🏻
Kim Mazur
Kim Mazur - År siden
Working on the floor???? Build a shop table you hack!
Vincent Montano
Vincent Montano - År siden
hey i realy dig your chanel ,but give credit to the the one who welded it not to eastwood
Rodney Jones
Rodney Jones - År siden
gezzzzz I look in the comments and see a lot about crumple zones and rust all the comments look worded the same ????? hmmmmm makes me think all these comments are from ppl who had no idea themselves but copied what other people had I guess I went viral with crumple zone comment
Jjay1979 - År siden
I thought aluminum didn’t rust!
Debbie Youngberg
Debbie Youngberg - År siden
I've unsubscribed from that weezel Samcrap and now I see him on your channel :(
Mc Earl
Mc Earl - År siden
Why’s he a weezel?
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt - År siden
You guy's have to know that VTuned knew exactly what those wierd little dents were in the original crossmember. Anyone who thinks differently got played big time by this young mechanical prodigy. Lol!
Zeeshan Ahmed
Zeeshan Ahmed - År siden
Boy you are talented
David Hall
David Hall - År siden
I can't believe no one has commented about it being the wrong size and thickness yet.
Thats definitely gonna change the way it will react in an accident, and not for the better. Specially since it's on the drivers side.
Garrett Surratt
Garrett Surratt - År siden
Any vids on the finished, painted lambo? U make it look so easy! Nice job.
Yaman Tarakji
Yaman Tarakji - År siden
12:15 vtuned i love you man, but aluminum doesn't rust xD
2480 Autos
2480 Autos - År siden
Damn and to think the hundreds of hours of training to be icar platinum certified and 1000’s of hours at actually fixing cars. I can just ratfuck aluminum from the store into the frames of supercars. Color me stupid.
Ken Smith
Ken Smith - År siden
What kind of extruded aluminum is that? 6063, 7105, or what?
ItsFriscoBaby - År siden
Always remember to etch prime your aluminium so it doesn't rust......
p Oden
p Oden - År siden
How can you get an accurate measurement off a crumpled piece of metal? Did you cross check the measurements from the passenger side?
p Oden
p Oden - År siden
I see now. Get everything set on the frame machine , then cut and weld. Good job.
Bostrovas - År siden
Wouldn’t want to drive that car what the new ali and be in a crash...
IRISH SWEDE - År siden
Nice..what’s the grade of the aluminum you used for 20 bucks?
Jeremy Lutzz
Jeremy Lutzz - År siden
Vtuned aluminum doesn't rust
Jeremy Lutzz
Jeremy Lutzz - År siden
Two commercials back to back you guys aren't that special if this keeps happening I'm going to unsubscribe
Aaron Buchholz
Aaron Buchholz - År siden
Amazing! love your work!
Kenneth Southard
Kenneth Southard - År siden
Love the classy music
Diamond Trevino
Diamond Trevino - År siden
Bro your copying goonzquads intro
Mark Overklift
Mark Overklift - År siden
This car never drove after this vid
Jake Clauson
Jake Clauson - År siden
The other side is "dented" because it was in an accident genius.. those arent dents that's called a bend... such a hack job... yea the body panels fit but you didnt show the part where you reamed out all the fender and headlight bolt holes to make up for the bent frame... HACK!
Jake Clauson
Jake Clauson - År siden
@vTuned garageSam crac.... lol. Maybe you didnt, if so nice job dude. But I still have my doubts. If you think of it, show all the headlight tabs with no bolts and same for the fender in the next video if possible
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Jake Clauson I didn’t ream it I’ll show you in the next video cmon man who tf reams out holes on a Lambo?
Jake Clauson
Jake Clauson - År siden
@vTuned garage plus Its Sam's car...... i'm sure he said just make it nice for no money.. so you know what that means
Jake Clauson
Jake Clauson - År siden
@vTuned garage it is what is I'm just fkn with ya, I'm not gonna pretend iv never done the same thing but for a lambo I would have tried to go out of my way to make it "right". Just sucks to be the next guy to have to work on it
Jake Clauson
Jake Clauson - År siden
@vTuned garage I know it's not the main rail. That car would really fkd if it was. But it doesn't matter. It has front end damage, that one bar didnt take all the force of the impact. The force was spread out, that's why the right rail is kinked. Iv seen much lesser accident damage that appeared to only need a few blows of a slide hammer to get the radiator support back in place but in reality it had to be significantly pulled to fit the headlight properly. I know you had to ream it lol. It's the only way to get that car together looking nice
lpep5 - År siden
He said we’re going to fabricate lol. Sam should learn how to work on cars .
Any ways great job dude , keep it up .
Stay cold
Stay cold - År siden
Artur Tussik is laughing right now
Stay cold
Stay cold - År siden
vTuned garage For sure XDD
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
At you.......
Marc Vendetta
Marc Vendetta - År siden
That was a great fix, i love to see some peoples still build something, instead of just purchasing a replacement piece. Thumbs up for vTuned and the whole team.
Ohh just curious, u said, using etching primer so it doesn't rust ?., but its aluminum
Erik Keenan
Erik Keenan - År siden
This video needed more commercials.
bradeascu - År siden
General safety issue: why nobody is using the protection for the angle grinder?
I've seen Arthur Tussik woring without it, now I see these guys doing the same..
Good video, good repair, good car!
Thumbs up you guys!
Ladosligese - År siden
some wierd ass aluminum you guys got over there .. that can .. rust .. enough said ?
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Lol I was joking about they hahahah
Marcel x
Marcel x - År siden
is this car as safe as with original parts...?

Greeting from Germany, where you can drive as fast as you want. And maybe die fast with a lambo on the Autobahn A9 from Nürnberg to Munich.
atn925 - År siden
Did he really use "primer so it doesn't rust"? On aluminum?
Murada - År siden
This actually was my old car. The reason it ran into the guardrail is because I dropped my controller when my mom called me for dinner.
Adam Crux
Adam Crux - År siden
I think it's awesome that all you youtuber car guys work together, also how you both post a video so we get to see it from 2 or more perspectives. I've been a mechanic for almost 20 years but I don't get to work on supercars like its a hobby so I get my fix from watching you Goonzquad, and Samcarc. Keep on wrenching and I'll keep on watching.
# OldSkoolPictures
# OldSkoolPictures - År siden
If I lived near you and needed framework done on my car, I would run away! You don’t even know what crumble zones are!!
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
I know exactly what they are.
The Weeknd
The Weeknd - År siden
What if you rebuild a car (which is more rare or like an exotic/super -car) but with the partnership of Goonzsquad, Although Goonzsquad and you can make a deal of buying a salvaged car together. Buying an expensive/rarer car than regular car but also at a much lower salvaged price from its original price which means the car would be more smashed than the normal state of cars you guys rebuild. Advantage would be that both proffessionals you and Goonzsquad will be together & get the skills tight for working with Goonzsquad :) This would be an epic & incredible partnership challenge. At times Vtuned will work on the car and other times Goonzsquad, just make a decision on what way the car fix should be decided :)
Anthony DeBella
Anthony DeBella - År siden
Vtuned you once again out did are so knowledgeable and I'd like to consider you an expert.....awesome job keep up the great work......I think it's great that you and Sam are working together I do follow both of you keep it going😀I was wondering is it easier working on exotic German cars or American cars
Muppetpaster - År siden
Does this repair "genius" seriously not know what those factory dents are for?? They stop you from being impaled by the same box section in case of a head on collision!!!!
Sveinn Helgason
Sveinn Helgason - År siden
America doesn't make weird bent bits in their cars to make them safer?