Rebuilding a wrecked 2017 mustang part 4

In todays video we finish up the mustang rebuild.
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songs used
Ehrling - You And Me (Vlog No Copyright Music)
Defqwop - Awakening [NCS Release]
Runtime: 10:10


djcroatia1111 - 26 dager siden
Great job, looks very good !!
What kind of software/tablet you use for the reading/clearing the faults. Thanks
ron watson
ron watson - Måned siden
Incredible work.I've been binge watching and it's wearing me out.It's like sex,a little too much is just enough.
markiki - 4 måneder siden
Excellent job !!
D - 6 måneder siden
Dolan Schmidt
Dolan Schmidt - 7 måneder siden
Car looks great
Eduardo Cesar de Oliveira Neto
Eduardo Cesar de Oliveira Neto - 8 måneder siden
Donald Davidson
Donald Davidson - 8 måneder siden
What about a road test would have loved to see it run
ralph mctell
ralph mctell - 10 måneder siden
Amazing quality of body and paintwork. I like watching your initial damage assessment and framework repairs best. You have a good eye. It has to be said your camera work is pretty slick also.
Justin Smith
Justin Smith - 11 måneder siden
you still own this?
Mick Purcell
Mick Purcell - År siden
Top work from start to finish car looks amazing well done
FREE2BEE - År siden
I LIKE.... YOU ARE FIXING "BASIC FRONT HIT" IN 4 (FOUR) VIDEO PARTS ...goonzshits similar damage in 15 and more (with your help :) ..sure)
Cristian Alejandro
Cristian Alejandro - År siden
Ur final video is missing something. How about the walk around, Basically a close up of the finished product.
egbert benning
egbert benning - År siden
is naais
nikond90 - År siden
Nice video, keep up the good work
J C - År siden
You buy the right offs then I will go steal a mint one and strip the parts off and fix it for next to nothing. Lol you didnt even do some burnouts for us. Unsubscribe. Ha ha
Scabootie - År siden
Buff the paint?
Bob A
Bob A - År siden
Outstanding work guys! You are really a great contribution to the industry! Keep them coming! Cheers!
VW&AUDI - År siden
What diagnostic computer is that?
Bianchi Patrick
Bianchi Patrick - År siden
verry good job
rsims7 - År siden
Im from Texas but am willing to drive to Tennessee with my Mustang build to have him work on it. Good stuff man
Thomas Kraßnitzer
Thomas Kraßnitzer - År siden
Excellent work 👍 I love to watch your channel 😍
Lewis gaofeng
Lewis gaofeng - År siden
Good job man.keep it from China.
eddie castro
eddie castro - År siden
Should of bought a GT, that cost you views and subs.
Mohammed Riyadh
Mohammed Riyadh - År siden
manu fretz
manu fretz - År siden
So many wrecked sportcars from copart... All of them kinda have the same sort of front damage. What is going on with those owners? They'd better learn how to drive before buying a +500 hp muscle car. Or maybe not drive and send texts. Not my money but still...
dizzychizzy - År siden
Sweet bra
dizzychizzy - År siden
I love how your channel doesn't do 15 montages of you washing the car... Something squad?
Isaiah Whitlow
Isaiah Whitlow - År siden
I work in paint automation @ FRAP which builds these mustangs, must commend you on your workmanship not only on this mustang but on each video I’ve seen.
Charlitn - År siden
Test drive would be awesome tho
Marcus Pugh
Marcus Pugh - År siden
So once u guys fix the car completely do you sell it to dealerships or car sales. If i wanted to buy a fixed model how would I go by doing that
Joebiz24 - År siden
Great job as always. Looks better than when Ford pushed it out of the factory. Keep bringing it to us. Thanks.
outofphaze269 - År siden
That's some nice work.
Bern M
Bern M - År siden
Awesome job! Looks great! 👍 what donyou guys do with the cars after?
ToyManFlyer1100 - År siden
Dude got Skills !!!!!!.....Dammm!!!!!!
Brian barron
Brian barron - År siden
great job man
Motheo Lebelo
Motheo Lebelo - År siden
Awesome repair.
BLVCKChief - År siden
So what’s your business you fix them and sell them ?
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
My bad yea I fix them and sell them
gangstalishis - År siden
i like how he hearted the comment but didnt actually answer with a yes or no.
Shehryar Qaiser
Shehryar Qaiser - År siden
Vtuned I want to see the price list how much does it cost you the car and fix all the issue total price list.
Shehryar Qaiser
Shehryar Qaiser - År siden
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
I’ll do one later
MrCalifornia - År siden
you doing good video, but u need do cool drive after finish work.
aaronhardin1983 - År siden
How much is it? Where are you located?
Jackson Tv
Jackson Tv - År siden
I like ur video man good work I want be like you
Vortec Garage
Vortec Garage - År siden
This guy does not deserve a car like this even if it is a v6. Look at the floor and door panel in that car, new ish 2017 with that much dirt is down right neglectful
Does anybody know if he buys these cars to fix and sell?? If so I’m interested!! Or does he just charge ppl to fix their own vehicles?
User Protected
User Protected - År siden
That’s a GOONSQUAD intro
Lucas Martínez Parra
Lucas Martínez Parra - År siden
It's a V6 version?
Shawn1 - År siden
Super clean car, like the Goonzsquad swag!
David Ekman
David Ekman - År siden
i wish you uploaded more love watching these videos
David Ekman
David Ekman - År siden
did you ever think of live streaming from time to time? would be great to get a inside scoop of your work @vTuned garage
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
I wish I could to just really busy with customers cars but don’t worry more are coming
Randy Travis
Randy Travis - År siden
Content on point and to the point! Keep em coming
Josh Heiser
Josh Heiser - År siden
@Vtuned garage,
Do airbag modules really need to be reset by someone? Or is this ONLY if the light stays on after you have installed the airbags? I am about to change the last airbag and was told by someone I need to have the module reset by one of those services. to be exact
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
No problem
Josh Heiser
Josh Heiser - År siden
@vTuned garage Thank you for your reply. It's a Chevy Sonic. I'll send it off then.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Yea ur gonna need to reset it unless it’s a Volkswagen.
Zikry Ayub
Zikry Ayub - År siden
You work, perfectly. God of Cars
Jason Courtney
Jason Courtney - År siden
was that a pink phone case lol
Alexzander P- CSC
Alexzander P- CSC - År siden
Nice bro keep up good work
Ant Man
Ant Man - År siden
Poanoofd - År siden
i have the same computer ! i like it but you cant do everything with it. and i like to do a quick test, after it you have the function clear all codes.
احمد باشي
احمد باشي - År siden
love u man 🌷❤
Shakhawat Hosen
Shakhawat Hosen - År siden
new subscriber from goonzquad
Teve Tanders
Teve Tanders - År siden
Lil' Boss
Lil' Boss - År siden
Can you continue building your project the s2000 i wanna see more about it 🤤and happy thanksgiving
Allan Wyngaard
Allan Wyngaard - År siden
Good work done V, keep them coming, Peace.
dylan messenget
dylan messenget - År siden
Your not postbto wash car for 3days after windseld install
Tanzeel Akhtar
Tanzeel Akhtar - År siden
Excellent work sir you should test drive it...
Brandon Alvarez
Brandon Alvarez - År siden
Good vídeo
Chris Hosmer
Chris Hosmer - År siden
Great work keep the videos coming
Danny Curtis
Danny Curtis - År siden
Nice job man 👍👍.what's next.
Lynn Eddy
Lynn Eddy - År siden
Great job VTuned. I love your videos.I am shopping for an Audi RS7 project sometime soon. I will be in touch if you are interested. I'm not a bs kinda guy
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Sounds good
Simeon Solarsky
Simeon Solarsky - År siden
VTune brotha download ForScan best tool for Euro and US fords! Reads everything and programming it :)
You Lie
You Lie - År siden
Enjoyed watching you do great frame work!
andrew smith
andrew smith - År siden
Nice job looking amazing now you do great work bud great content love the videos
john martin
john martin - År siden
why you are so lovely?
Juan Rodrigo Ramirez
Juan Rodrigo Ramirez - År siden
Thanks for listening to the sound advice! Looks great
Calimero 1
Calimero 1 - År siden
great job as usual .how much did it cost to the customer?
Konig Dcoy
Konig Dcoy - År siden
Even does windshields... Man.
Maxwell WTPM
Maxwell WTPM - År siden
How much did it cost? Mustang And repairing? 😉
John F
John F - År siden
Nice job on the paint blend. Car looks great. Kudos to your painter. Just great seeing you young guys so accomplished at your chosen crafts!!!
ryan kirk
ryan kirk - År siden
Love the repair looks oem like the 4 part as well
Lil' Boss
Lil' Boss - År siden
Lil' Boss
Lil' Boss - År siden
Keep up buddy
Alex Carter
Alex Carter - År siden
Nice My Friend, it s vidéo & great job. Vtuned it s m'y Channel Number Two👌🤘. GoonzQuad & Vtuned it s great and more. Peace my Friend. ✌️✌️👍👍
Tim webb
Tim webb - År siden
Great video
Josh Heiser
Josh Heiser - År siden
I just hire a professional to replace the windshield. He does it in ten minutes
The Hooded Claw
The Hooded Claw - År siden
Nice job 👍🏻
Let your imagination grow wild
Sweet ride good job as normal well done buddy
Johnny JP
Johnny JP - År siden
Very nice work keep up
White Thunder
White Thunder - År siden
John Car
John Car - År siden
All that work done on a V6 Mustang? I hope you made out on your labor. Obviously, the insurance company wrote this car off because the cost to repair exceeded value. You must have given the client a hell of a deal to rebuild this car. Don't let anyone take advantage of you. You do great work.
Ahmed - År siden
I believe they purchase it themselves from salvage auctions, and by having the bodyshop, they save on outsourcing, and so get the 'wholesale' labour cost.
Tommy Alan Raines
Tommy Alan Raines - År siden
Mr.2Percent - År siden
Ok man I just want to say I like your video's, I think they have the real potential to have a lot of success that Goonzquad is having because people love seeing stuff go from bad to good again they just do..I guess its a human thing idk but just a cpl pointer I think would help get you more people. I think personally you need to and interact more with the camera/Us, it makes a connection with people because they get to see your personality, I'm sure you have a good one and seem quiet but you are gonna want to change that to have more success I think, explain things deeper and maybe joke around, just talk like you would be with a good friend. Another thing is try to make more/longer/detailed videos, people like a good 15-20 min video and interacting with us is a good way to do that as well. More or less just try your hardest to talk to the camera more and be your normal self, I know it must feel very weird doing it especially when someone else is close by lol But its something you should do because it makes the video probably a good 25-50% more entertaining which helps you get more views and more people to the channel, just watch some of Goonzquads video's and do it exactly like them but put your own personality and touches on it because like it is now it just seems boring when it goes from cut scene to cut scene without you talking except for explaining what you are doing very bluntly. Not trying to put you down, you are doing good but it has to be Exceptionally Great for you to blow up on here if that's what you really want to do, that's the whole point of youtube right? If you don't want to entertain and just want to show/educate people then fine that's up to you but if you want to reach a lot of people then I would work on those two things Ben, look forward to watching much more video's, I have to say you are getting better each video so keep it up. I live up the interstate from you guys in Murfreesboro, TN, would love to come down there one day to meet you guys. Wishing you all the success and work you can get, I know its hard doing these video's and also having to work your job full time so I'll cut you some slack if it takes awhile to upload!
Roger Cusack
Roger Cusack - År siden
Sweet job.
hugoausbayern1234 - År siden
Really good Job, both car and video.
Dawid Zasada
Dawid Zasada - År siden
Good work! I lkie this!!!
go bit
go bit - År siden
More content man. Hire video editor and goonzsquad 2.0 is on
SourBogBubble - År siden
MonsterSound - År siden
Great Job! Keep it up. It would be great if you detailed the interior t👀! It would really finish off the video if we could see a clean interior. Peace.
To help build your subscribers count you should go help the goonsquad repair their viper at their house. like help them with the fiber glass repair or/and help them blend paint so they don't need a full paint job. Make videos on it as well and post. with them having over 600k subs now that would help your channel grow.
shawn sihabouj
shawn sihabouj - År siden
We’re did he get the iPad scanner thingy?
lazreg anis
lazreg anis - År siden
Better than OEM ♡♡ good job
S . L . R . Z . R . 1
S . L . R . Z . R . 1 - År siden
Nice like oem -- best music Defqwop
Kelly Davis
Kelly Davis - År siden
Kelly Davis in Macon GA 🍂🌵☘️
Walter Rivera
Walter Rivera - År siden
Looking clean man keep it up 👌🏼
Jesse Nagy
Jesse Nagy - År siden
Looks sick! Cool to see the glass replacement!!
D V - År siden
Great work as always! keep the content coming!!!