Rebuilding my Destroyed Ram Part 7 Painting Both Doors

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Welcome back to the channel in today's video We Install New Seat belts and Center Console and Also Paint Both Doors and Right Fender Enjoy!
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Runtime: 22:00


vTuned garage
vTuned garage - 2 måneder siden
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Marcelo Corpucci
Marcelo Corpucci - 2 måneder siden
Hey man, glad to see how you're gaining more sponsors. Keep the good work! Cheers from Argentina.
Stephen Tracy
Stephen Tracy - 2 måneder siden
hi fellow do you do all the work yourself if so you are truly a hard working young man you are doing so good a d can't wait to see the pickup finished keep up the good work looking forward to the next video thanks bye for now steve
ikkuranus - 2 måneder siden
A VPN doesn't protect you from getting hacked or prevent your data from getting out when a site you visit is breached.
J4zz x
J4zz x - 2 måneder siden
A vpn does not protect you from getting hacked. Its just there to hide your actual location / web traffic, there databases have been hacked in the past (quick google will give you results).
Adlerwacht - 2 måneder siden
Dude, please talk slower!
Beno Ibarrola
Beno Ibarrola - 7 dager siden
Great job my friend. Hugs since México 👌👍
Caraga Today
Caraga Today - 14 dager siden
Hi vtuned,im a fun of your channel i always watch every single of your video that upload hope,you give me a cap like that one you wear... God bless greetings from Philippines...🤗
Lpkendo Lol
Lpkendo Lol - 17 dager siden
Excelente gracias
M R Creation
M R Creation - 18 dager siden
Good job bro.. keep it up ☺️☺️
Singh - 19 dager siden
Dude you're ultimate all-rounder awesome work.🙏
BigClur - 21 dag siden
Was fun to watch, honestly towards like part 6 was getting tired of it dragging along.. would of been nicer to see the progression a bit quicker then 9 videos..
Mike McFadden
Mike McFadden - 22 dager siden
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Wilfredo Ruiz Galindo
Wilfredo Ruiz Galindo - 23 dager siden
THIS IS great and you youngfellow know hows to work on any kind of situation. Congratulations that Ram pickup looks just from a show tomó. Wooow
David James
David James - 27 dager siden
NICE. your work on the truck was good too.
Jim C
Jim C - 29 dager siden
Check out paint society's youtube page. He has allot of great videos. I learned allot from him when I repainted my 94 4 runner.
Gary Bentley Sr
Gary Bentley Sr - 29 dager siden
Why didn't you jus fix the used doors since had to repair the new ones
Mr.J C
Mr.J C - Måned siden
we need more yung people like you that can do good hard work and nod in drugs or jail you kool .good work.
larry tait
larry tait - Måned siden
Very odd; those tiny dents in the new doors are likely from the giant staples in the cardboard shipping boxes. The bubble wrap/packing kept the black 1st layer paint from scratching
Indrek Jakobson
Indrek Jakobson - Måned siden
Hi! Small tip! For remove old stickers use brake cleaner!
GYM ADDICTS - Måned siden
Watched all the videos really amazing work been doing some small body repairs my self but I want to start jumping into the big stuff like what you did . Keep up the good work everything is well explained . 👍💯
Luis M Viera
Luis M Viera - Måned siden
Awesome.super empingao bro Best Regards form Miami
Anton Kaleff
Anton Kaleff - Måned siden
Man amazing work ! I been hooked on your truck restoration build !!!
gary24752 - Måned siden
How do you know you have everything on the body of the truck is where it is supposed to be without having something on the floor that is perfectly level and straight to measure from?
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - 2 måneder siden
Man why does every part this guy order come dented for this guy. Luckily no whining and he doesn’t mind fixing it. Just found this channel. You got a new sub. I’ve this stuff man. Very very talented young guy here.
don earl
don earl - 2 måneder siden
don earl
don earl - 2 måneder siden
Case 275
Case 275 - 2 måneder siden
Videos getting better and better tuned! Nice touch adding tunes while working on installing things, more along the lines of your boys! 👍👍
logan lee
logan lee - 2 måneder siden
The select few moments from couple videos of this series that i watched literally make me cringe so hard to the point i would legitimately shoot myself!
David W
David W - 2 måneder siden
slow the speech down, please. else aawesome!!!
Mikey2420101 - 2 måneder siden
Who does the better paint job? Vtuned, the goonzquad boys or Dannytv
Cali Dude
Cali Dude - 2 måneder siden
That Kondor Builds guy doing practically the same thing....these guys in competition??
Francisco Ferreira Celedonio
Francisco Ferreira Celedonio - 2 måneder siden
Não entendo nada de inglês mas adoro assistir os seus vídeos e o seu trabalho Valeu garoto
Sat Sonic
Sat Sonic - 2 måneder siden
Glad to hear your learning how to paint. 👍🤞
Andy - 2 måneder siden
I noticed those wide tires on the mustang. I really really like.
Peter Day I Am
Peter Day I Am - 2 måneder siden
Good work.
Peter Day I Am
Peter Day I Am - 2 måneder siden
7:15 Shop dog.
Philippe Je Suis From The Future
The real Bumblebee limo is in Australia
Brian Weir
Brian Weir - 2 måneder siden
Ronald Finger is restoring a 1985 Pontiac Fiero and is working on his external body panels. He's learning the ropes on body panel painting as well. Perhaps you two could team up. Just an idea...
g b
g b - 2 måneder siden
At least you didn’t send it and polish it three times like good squad
Cnoevo Auto Adventures
Cnoevo Auto Adventures - 2 måneder siden
man this thing is gonna be a beast
roni saarinen
roni saarinen - 2 måneder siden
When is mustang build vid gonna drop?
John Webber
John Webber - 2 måneder siden
Hey vTuned, You're doing a great job with the making of your videos. Keep up the good work and keep these episodes coming faster and faster. We'd like to see you get to 1 million subscribers soon.
Rob J
Rob J - 2 måneder siden
Your channel has boomed over the past year.
nivroC - 2 måneder siden
Got the 2 vTuned shirts I ordered a couple days ago they are so sweet! Big fan of you man keep up the amazing work and content
Gazooo29 - 2 måneder siden
What’s the plan with the truck, what will you asking after it’s finished.
Thomas Schlemmer
Thomas Schlemmer - 2 måneder siden
Slow that paint gun down a bit and you’ll definitely get less peel, you pull this stuff off like a pro!!
riderxstream414 - 2 måneder siden
Looks awesome for the first time painting a larger panel! I bet if I painted a large panel like that I wouldn’t get it to look that good!
Jonathan Musick
Jonathan Musick - 2 måneder siden
Why don’t you and goonzquad do a video together on the mustang To help you get it done quicker it’s only fair you have Helped their YouTube channel grow
Fabiano Costa Diniz Fabiano
Fabiano Costa Diniz Fabiano - 2 måneder siden
Bob Craighead
Bob Craighead - 2 måneder siden
Looks perdy chiny
Lamster66 - 2 måneder siden
Paint looks good for a 1st try my 105th try don't look that good.
What with the Red BMWin the background
Lamster66 - 2 måneder siden
@Nick Cheers will check it out!
Nick - 2 måneder siden
One of his brothers started a NOburn channel And it's his project The channel is called motorhead
moondog - 2 måneder siden
I love it this dude uses that Milwaukee impact for everything lolol, does it have a torque setting so it dont overtighten with that impact??
james agee
james agee - Måned siden
Yep "goodntight" is the torque spec 💪
Jonathan Box
Jonathan Box - 2 måneder siden
I'm just curious ... that "final clean" wouldn't happen to be Sprayway window cleaner would it?
Island Honda
Island Honda - 2 måneder siden
I can never understand how would one dislike such vids, I mean if by now you dont like what this guy does what are you watching his vids for . anyways keep up the good work son !
mark duncan
mark duncan - 2 måneder siden
House Music!
P R - 2 måneder siden
This site is like watching "Russian Dash Cam" in destroys cars, the other fixes them! The music is the same!
Broken Silvia
Broken Silvia - 2 måneder siden
Awesome work bro!
Mike T
Mike T - 2 måneder siden
What is that spray can primer???? I needs that lol
trainmanbob - 2 måneder siden
Great, great entertainment. God only knows how good you will be at 40 😁
onemanandhisdog9 - 2 måneder siden
Just need to wet sand and and polish. Straight out of the Goonzquad school of paint spraying! Looks good in the end though.
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas - 2 måneder siden
There he is the machine is back another great viddie boyo London watching
Julian Yale
Julian Yale - 2 måneder siden
Getting good at that paint.
legendary 4379
legendary 4379 - 2 måneder siden
Great job vtuned boys 😍😍
James Graves
James Graves - 2 måneder siden
Love it love it keep up the madness vtuned from the uk 🇬🇧
wayne christopher Dodd
wayne christopher Dodd - 2 måneder siden
love your work You’ve got mad skills for a young guy enjoy watching your video’s the best on you tube better than all the others
Never mind goon squad Vtuned is the best keep up the good work 👍
Vasil Hristov
Vasil Hristov - 2 måneder siden
A lil bit of advise. Try spraying the inside of panels first, so you don't have overspray on the outter side of panels.
p.s. Keep it up with the good work :)
4wd RoRo
4wd RoRo - 2 måneder siden
Merch looking better 👍
edgar serrano
edgar serrano - 2 måneder siden
Bro you are a inspiration keep up the great work and if you get a minute let your camera dude know he's doing a great job as well 👍
Drummer gdaff
Drummer gdaff - 2 måneder siden
Really enjoy your content! Keep up the great work!!
Antonio Vaga
Antonio Vaga - 2 måneder siden
Tu programa bueno pero lo malo q nunca terminas los proyesto como el Mustang nunca lo terminadtes termina un proyecto y agarra otro
Bill & Stacie Walker
Bill & Stacie Walker - 2 måneder siden
Hey man if you ever have a raffle for that truck I'd lime to be the first to by a ticket. Your father should be very proud of you.
Eduard Tsipan
Eduard Tsipan - 2 måneder siden
My cousins husband put a s2000 motor into an e30 a while ago. They are called CA Tuned out of the Sacramento area.
Pumpkingilmour - 2 måneder siden
V-Tuned - please do one more of your patented 'jump up onto the wheel' moves before the fenders go on.
Simon Blunden
Simon Blunden - 2 måneder siden
I thought there was trash in that paint job, then I realized my laptop screen needs a clean. Good job on the paint job!
Frode Stillingen
Frode Stillingen - 2 måneder siden
Paint is still better than samoncrack ;)
Semper Fi
Semper Fi - 2 måneder siden
Sweet! That thing looks bad ass. Nice job 👍🤙🤘🇺🇸😊
Darren Matthews
Darren Matthews - 2 måneder siden
Absolutely luv your channel and have been following you since i first saw you in a goonzquad episode. If i had to criticise one thing it would be that you speak really quickly? As an Australian listener it sometimes hard to understand. However keep up the amazing work and look forward to your next episode. 👍🏻
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - 2 måneder siden
I’ll try to work on that !
belizeguy - 2 måneder siden
Super! Thanks!!
Dwight Alexander
Dwight Alexander - 2 måneder siden
Went on seat belt website, chat went to idiot in India! Sorry
Justin Hall
Justin Hall - 2 måneder siden
nice work, remember the paint looks perfect at 60mph. shes a 10 footer. lol. love the channel keep up the good work.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - 2 måneder siden
josS S
josS S - 2 måneder siden
love it, but im waiting for the stang 😎😎😎
Johnny Wang
Johnny Wang - 2 måneder siden
I use PIA. Highly recommend. Comcast has left me alone ever since I started using it.
Grzegorz Kołecki
Grzegorz Kołecki - 2 måneder siden
I have a question, is it possible to drive in the USA with wheels so protruding beyond the outline, do you need any overlays widening the fenders? In Poland, it is immediately taking the car registration certificate by the Police and a ban on driving such a car.
Dennis W
Dennis W - 2 måneder siden
Looks good. I guess the paint you use holds up over time? I really had a rough time with some paint work back in the 80s. It didn't match, it didn't hold up. So when my cars got beat up in a hail storm in 2011 I was really worried but the paint has held up very well 9 years later. I guess paint is better today than it used to be
Richard Partin
Richard Partin - 2 måneder siden
I had to tolerate a guy by the nickname Lying Larry to learn to paint. He was very talented but, nobody could trust him. They knew going in that he would do everything possible to soak them. Keep your business honest and the sky is the limit.
mndeni nkosingiphile
mndeni nkosingiphile - 2 måneder siden
Like if you wish you had vTuned in your life
Phil Tucker
Phil Tucker - 2 måneder siden
Man you are really looking overworked! Try dialling in some fun adventures now and again to give yourself a mental break. Remember the old saying “all work and no play made Jack a dull boy” long and prosper young man...
robin thomas
robin thomas - 2 måneder siden
Nice painting, good job. 2000 wet and dry and a quick buff . 100%.
Mike Enstrom
Mike Enstrom - 2 måneder siden
Skip to @1:45
Joseph Crowder
Joseph Crowder - 2 måneder siden
Thanks Ben!
Bill Evans
Bill Evans - 2 måneder siden
I ordered a hat vtuned. I like what you do and enjoy your videos.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - 2 måneder siden
Sweet ! 🙏🏽
yamaha ttr600
yamaha ttr600 - 2 måneder siden
Nice job
John LoGiudice
John LoGiudice - 2 måneder siden
Looks as good as factory! Great job VTuned!!
Chespi Morales
Chespi Morales - 2 måneder siden
Keep up the great work 💪💯
Wade Palmer
Wade Palmer - 2 måneder siden
Is that your shop dog I saw?
Jerold Allan Joaquin
Jerold Allan Joaquin - 2 måneder siden
Your too fast and too near.. try to slow down on your passes. And maintain atleast 8inches away to avoid orange peel
samridha roy
samridha roy - 2 måneder siden
1:43 ad ends.
norm magee
norm magee - 2 måneder siden
you need to stop using bare hands when your cleaning the parts before paint as you were touching the surfaces with your bare hand when you were cleaning them
Albert Timmer
Albert Timmer - 2 måneder siden
Paintjob was great !! Nice video as always !
The HAZET Garage
The HAZET Garage - 2 måneder siden
As it seems, it´s time to clean up the Shop...
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - 2 måneder siden
Indeed !
Mizi Rahim
Mizi Rahim - 2 måneder siden
Michael Reaume
Michael Reaume - 2 måneder siden
Another great video vTuned and shout out to your cameraman too - excellent shots of your work.
RJ Hawk
RJ Hawk - 2 måneder siden
Just ordered my Vtuned hat! Keep up the great work!
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - 2 måneder siden
You’re gonna love it ! 🔥
Naveed Nazer 007
Naveed Nazer 007 - 2 måneder siden
First time paint is good manh 🔥