Rebuilding My Wrecked BMW M4 Part 3

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The bmw Rebuild is coming along nicely Today we Prep it for Paint!
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Trigger Warning
Trigger Warning - Måned siden
YouTube... relax with the F'ING ads damn
Oscar b
Oscar b - Måned siden
Hair cut on part 3! Lol 😂 I need one right now!
1xraydoc - Måned siden
Samcrac did an "alright"!!
Elias Lyoubi
Elias Lyoubi - 2 måneder siden
why mix in Ford when the video is about the BMW m4
Michael Brown
Michael Brown - 6 måneder siden
Came for the Beemer not ford
Vincent V
Vincent V - 8 måneder siden
why so many dislikes? Hey man, It's a blast watching your you change the music out once in awhile? :)
Ron Johnson
Ron Johnson - 9 måneder siden
Love your videos back here in the UK.
Jeansox - 9 måneder siden
What is this Ford Focus? I came for the M4....
Lukas Thulin
Lukas Thulin - 11 måneder siden
It’s much Better if you stick with one car at the time, just the m4 on these episodes
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers - År siden
Celebrating 100k subscribers May 15th. Mid October VTs at 222k.
Adding 24k per month!
J F - År siden
ill be honest i skipped the whole ford RS part
carrier7676 - År siden
For anyone who came for just the BMW M4, after 4:18 you can skip the rest of the video.
Hiroshi13 - År siden
Uhm...looks like you just filled up those doors on the Ford with water.
Jerk Of All Trades
Jerk Of All Trades - År siden
Sam crac has a needle dick
Jerk Of All Trades
Jerk Of All Trades - År siden
You neeed to sand the blend panels more... that’s not enough mechanical adhesion
Tho mas
Tho mas - År siden
how bout a shout out to Harbor Freight and their spray gun for the primer! Orange peel is free of charge LOL
Josip Matić
Josip Matić - År siden
What a beast from man, you work everything!
ASKOverLord - År siden
came for a bmw, got that and a focus rs. im not disappointed. this is what i want.
leedstown - År siden
Why did you paint doors and all front end? To make sure all the paint matched?
Einfach nur Köpfte
Einfach nur Köpfte - År siden
Best regards from Germany 👋 👍👍👍
Batuhan ÇELİK
Batuhan ÇELİK - År siden
You need a plastic Auto Trim Panel Removal Tool. Don't use a screw driver for it!
Gilbert Franklin
Gilbert Franklin - År siden
Yep, BMW is a great car to see rebuilt - but I can't wait for the truck! Just keep on goin' on! 👍👍
Ericus Hi Beatz
Ericus Hi Beatz - År siden
Nice job Keep up the great work I love Your channel 👍🏼vTuned garage one Love 😂
Dener Aresi
Dener Aresi - År siden
New subscriber.... Brazil Here 🇧🇷
Belinda Chai
Belinda Chai - År siden
Dry your car after washing it tho🤦‍♀️
J C - År siden
Like watching this stuff but I like doing it more but I can't right now so I watch. 👍🏼🇨🇦congrats on the subs.
Anthony Hunt
Anthony Hunt - År siden
V, I love your channel and this rebuild! Big fan of the work you do with Sam of Samcrac fame lol, and your buds at Goonzquad! You guys are building a community and a new scene!
yuhang zhang
yuhang zhang - År siden
where is the part 4.waiting!
Colin Prince
Colin Prince - År siden
Again, another great program. I look forward to seeing the the BMW finished. It looks like a nice car.
Abood Al hussni
Abood Al hussni - År siden
Fancyslimshady - År siden
where is vTuned located id like to take my car there no joke.
Mauricio Meyer
Mauricio Meyer - År siden
Hey anybody knows what that seam sealer applicator ?
G W - År siden
Wtf,,,i was so looking fwd to see ing the Beemer completed,,it showed up in the background of a Goonsquad video completed ??
wshultz74 - År siden
Enjoy watching your rebuilds. You do amazing work! Keep it up. You have my interest.
forzanerazzurri - År siden
This is amateur bodywork. And the paint on both of those cars is going to peel.
MisterVillers - År siden
Came to see an M4, ended up with a every day ford? Series was going well!
MisterVillers - År siden
Sorry VTuned!
Kacper Rakowiecki
Kacper Rakowiecki - År siden
Hello, would you be able to estimate how much did it cost, or would it cost in US to rebuilt such a M4? :)
justvettn - År siden
Ready for paint! 4 weeks later still not painted?
Daniel Diaz
Daniel Diaz - År siden
This dude is like billy from goonzquad very smart and professional about rebuilding cars. keep up the good work. Vtuned
Martijn Prins
Martijn Prins - År siden
I would like to see it finished please.
ZeroxOMG - År siden
Y la parte 4 aver como quedo???
Sen - År siden
kberry3065 - År siden
Cool BMW but still not sure about the color.
Camilo Medina
Camilo Medina - År siden
It would be great to see soon BMW's final result
Dr. Dickie
Dr. Dickie - År siden
Yeah, what happened? I fired up a BMW rebuild video and it morphed into something else. I want to see the final results for the BMW!
Hope4NewDay - År siden
"Rebuilding My Wrecked *BMW M4* "
*Shows 7 Minutes of Ford RS Work* 🤔
Boris2014 - År siden
Repairing Samcrac's amateur balls up.
Shoy Miah
Shoy Miah - År siden
Any news on part 4?
null - År siden
Samcrac finished the Lamborghini and said they will wrap this project up and then work on the "secret car"
Michael McLardy
Michael McLardy - År siden
@vTuned garage please can we see the last / end of this build? I really want to see how the airbags was replaced /not replaced, as well as how the car looks when it is finished. please?
Sudhakar Konathala
Sudhakar Konathala - År siden
hi bro
أبوعلي الجهني
Nice job
M Ho
M Ho - År siden
I know there are tons of video on how to scuff and prep for paint on youtube... but can u mention some tips hike you doing it please
The Hitman
The Hitman - År siden
Strange when Americans say paint when its actually spray
Heru Tjahjadi
Heru Tjahjadi - År siden
I think its far better to see the final result of your BMW M4 project first before moving into ford. IMHO
Maz _Playz
Maz _Playz - År siden
Might wanna rebuild your shoes too 😂
Enrico Grassi
Enrico Grassi - År siden
Hi, where can I find the technical manuals of the car where all the parts are shown? Serial numbers etc.?
Vince Italiano
Vince Italiano - År siden
wow thats somecar! even gives you a haircut as your washing it
Kusuma Wijaya
Kusuma Wijaya - År siden
i hope you do one car for bmw bro, cuase you title.. i hope you make one project yo finish
Nassmatic - År siden
New subscriber coming from samcrac.
clinicalfish - År siden
so much bmw in this one guys watch out
Elias Kandelin
Elias Kandelin - År siden
You shoud rebuild wrecked car with goonzquad like partnered video series
C F - År siden
Elias, he actually did a few cars with them.Repairing frames and bodies, putting in new panels. Very nice work.
Wiseman Ngwenya
Wiseman Ngwenya - År siden
Where is part 4 broe, grt work
Ray Amoranto
Ray Amoranto - År siden
Nice solid content. Not long after, you'll just hit your 500,000 milestone. You do good work.
RuddyUddy l FilmMaking Tutorials
Can’t wait for the next video and to see the bmw finished
thomas harttley
thomas harttley - År siden
Truck builds
Tahir Usman
Tahir Usman - År siden
Hello there!Just wanted to say that you are very very talented and capable young man.People like you are the reason your nation is leading the world today.Been seeing you on Goonzquad and am most impressed with your skills and mannerism.Keep it up!!Salute from Karachi Pk.(one o the bad guys wink wink)
Harry Lidhar
Harry Lidhar - År siden
Want to see Beamer finish first
Ad 3yk
Ad 3yk - År siden
did the bmw really need a full paint?:s
Müller Volker
Müller Volker - År siden
BMW is rubbish car. Try an exotic European car. Or a Mercedes.
orhan11e - År siden
I clicked on this video because i wanted to see you do work on a wrecked bmw M4 but yet you only did 4 minutes on that and went to another car spent the remaining 7 mins on a ford at one point I thought ok his going to go back to the M4 but no! U said thats a wrap on todays video. Like wot the heck!? If you don’t have enough time on a video then wait for ur paint shop to become available then add that into the 7 mins not another car. If i wanted to watch u do work on that ford i would have clicked that video. I came here for the M4! Lazy in my opinion u just wanted to upload this as soon as you could!
Alex Wright
Alex Wright - År siden
Best car channel on YouTube. Don’t change a thing man. The music, the step by step explanations, the fact that you actually show what you’re doing not just explain and then cut to the finished outcome...that’s what makes your videos different and far better than the others. We would watch your videos if they were 3 hours long! Love it. Looking forward to the truck build and hope to see some bike rebuilds someday!!
Lubomir Fotev
Lubomir Fotev - År siden
Serious paint and metal work skills bro, nice!
Dsc off
Dsc off - År siden
Why didn’t you take off the clear plastic protective film by the rear wheels?? You just going to paint over it??
Firstname Lastname is allowed
That color of the BMW is awesome! Match the brake calipers to it that would look killer AF!! it would be a lot of extra work but that gold as a base with House of Kolor's kandy brandy wine kandy on top would look amazing!! The body lines and shape of the M4 is just screaming for something like a kandy paint job. I'm just talking out my neck right now, not trying to be that D-bag guy that is saying you need to do this to your car, or get that part instead of this one. Hopefully didnt come across like that at all. Since I'm being that guy right now, lol that scuff paste you use, not sure if u have ever heard of it or not but I have used comet cleanser the powder stuff in place of the paste with a scuff pad and it works amazingly!! Scuffs from the grit innit and the panel is spotless after u rinse it off. It's a way cool trick an old timer showed me back in the day. Cheap to witch is always nice!! I'm going to shut up now, ok bye!!!
john Fck wet
john Fck wet - År siden
So confuse, why you change to ford focus in the same clip? make me don't understand what you want to tell us. BMW or Ford?
CashKC - År siden
You make it look so easy !!! I want one now. I’ll take the M4 and the focus RS. How much would you actually save by doing this if I had you do the work. Does it really save substantial amounts after fixing all this ? Can you give me an example please.
JohnState4Real '
JohnState4Real ' - År siden
Last time I checked the title of the video, it said BMW Prt3 not Ford what what. Please respect Bimmer fans.
Thunder Bolt
Thunder Bolt - År siden
How do u open the car when you remove the door handles ?
Abed Laroui
Abed Laroui - År siden
I want to see the M4 finished. Its a good job.
BIG ZEE - År siden
great job
Min Zhang
Min Zhang - År siden
where's the m4 been?
Rooney Tunes
Rooney Tunes - År siden
The 3500 👌
Pietro Enciu
Pietro Enciu - År siden
You don't need to remove the door panel to remove the handle on the ford!!! The green connector is made that once you pull the cable it locks in place and with a small screwdriver disconnect the cable. Once you want to put the handle back you just plug in the connector and pull up then push inside the cable..
Otto Estrada
Otto Estrada - År siden
Can you try to do a video on a 2017 330i BMW
johnnyshd - År siden
Not a big BMW fan. Nice shop, good video with real actual body shop procedures, not painting with rattle cans, stuff like that.
Evangelos Georgakis
Evangelos Georgakis - År siden
Great work. Where is your shop located?
hani zaiter
hani zaiter - År siden
keep your work on bmw only in one video , its a lot better becuase many people want to see only the bmw and not any other car... good luck and you have such an amazing talet with a perfect channel...keep it up
Kelly Davis
Kelly Davis - År siden
Kelly davis in Macon GA
EizelioSkies - År siden
I'm waiting for M4 full rebuild
Mohammad Noufil Siddiqui
... waiting for part 4 ...
Nikola Scekic
Nikola Scekic - År siden
why the fuck would you film a ford work on? we r here for bmw...
De Pee
De Pee - År siden
Well done lad 👍 progress is a brilliant thing that not many people like to do 😂 was half expecting you to quit mid project
Just a random person
Just a random person - År siden
I hope there is a video of you painting the bmw coming very soon... I just watched all the BMW videos and was looking forward to seeing the job done... then you just switched to a different car???? That’s a bit odd to be honest.
racer6583 - År siden
I'm so stoked that I saw everything my pap taught me binging done by the next era of body men, but I'm so jealous didn't have a frame machine just a bunch of anchor points in the floor and up right steel beams where myself and pap would use chains and different types of porta power rams to get the cars back in shape.
great job will be watching regularly.
do as you like to fill out the content after all its your show. would like a little more instruct on how you mix your primer and paints, but that's just me.
Oh by the way Sam Crac lead me to your channel.
Matt - År siden
Truck builds!!
Josh Lubeck
Josh Lubeck - År siden
Totally agree, I want to see start to finish
Stef Kms
Stef Kms - År siden
Between the beginning of the video and the moment you washed the car you had the time to go to the barbershop,man you're fast😂🔥🔥
Todd Hammer
Todd Hammer - År siden
New subscriber. I enjoy your video but the music makes me want to punch myself in the ears until I can no longer hear. Maybe look at some Casey Neistat videos for music ideas.
Arthur Galleno
Arthur Galleno - År siden
Perdeu o foco do vídeo, era pra falar da BMW E não de outros carros, faz um vídeo pra cada carro
CAmille Williams
CAmille Williams - År siden
great job so far guys im loving it now after youre done send it to me in jamaica
C R - År siden
No messing around they get stuck in.. Please finish the BMW, I’m so excited to see the end product! I’ve subscribed also!
Siaa Namakho
Siaa Namakho - År siden
What happened to the BMW m4