Rebuilding My Wrecked BMW M4 Part 5

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Rubenson Dagoy
Rubenson Dagoy - 4 måneder siden
Just love how he fixes framework damage...
Slim Times .L.L.C
Slim Times .L.L.C - 7 måneder siden
The goonzsqad came out in the viper
Life in Washington
Life in Washington - 7 måneder siden
What a terrible spot for the oil cooler. 1 tiny rock and your engine is toast. It's almost a stupid as Ford putting the distributor in the front of the engine where water and dirt got on it and caused many many failures. For also screwed alot of people by making the fuel filter that screwed into the carb instead of like GM that had it in line. If you were out in the middle of nowhere and your filter clogged you up shit creek without a paddle and that's exactly what happened to me in Death valley on my way to Reno. I could only go about 15mph and every damned 50 miles I had to shake the filter to get it to work again. It took me al most 24hrs to go from Lone Pine California to Reno Nevada and no there wasn't any where to buy a new one. Man PHAWK ford!
CHUAIB BAALBAKI - 8 måneder siden
Congratulations you deserve it.
Stacey Kelly
Stacey Kelly - 8 måneder siden
Guy I hope you never dale this car it is a sweet ride .you keep it as a daily driver.
mark anthony sanchez
mark anthony sanchez - 8 måneder siden
Better With Rum
Better With Rum - 10 måneder siden
Maybe I've missed it in other videos, but why doesn't vTuned have a car lift?
B Martin
B Martin - 10 måneder siden
Great job young man and love the Goonzquad visit in the VIPER TA. best stuff on ytube.
Paul Cordingley
Paul Cordingley - 10 måneder siden
Thanks for sharing this build with us really enjoyed the start I’m just waiting for the rest really good retail thank you
Yousif Mohammed
Yousif Mohammed - 11 måneder siden
Really do like your video buddy but is it me or he ordered a wrong windscreen cause on the original it’s appear to have front cam but the one he is installing now don’t have any !! :/
Gamer84211 - 11 måneder siden
The viper looks mean as hell
Dalton Martin
Dalton Martin - År siden
11:28 It looks like 2 Fast 2 Furious when you hit the Nitro
Tapster - År siden
I love ❤️ this car.
mainlymusicman - År siden
That speaker better be good, I just bought one. lol
David Ahumada G.
David Ahumada G. - År siden
Como decimos en Mexico, eres una pinche perinola compadre, me quito el sombrero 🎩 eres muy joven y muy muy bueno en lo qué haces “aplausos “
Henrik Lahn Andersen
Henrik Lahn Andersen - År siden
Oh man get some suction cups with pump-action for putting on glass man! They cost like nothing and makes that job SO much easier and less risky!
Henrik Lahn Andersen
Henrik Lahn Andersen - År siden
"... I couldn't have done it without this crappy speaker"... yes... Because who has the room for some real speakers and a stereo?? WAIT - YOU DO! LOL
Ron - År siden
That Viper...!
Way2fast4u82 - År siden
7:00 brand new bumper.... dink
DanielB - År siden
you put the wrong windscreen in ...
Fred Vinca
Fred Vinca - År siden
So you're with one of the Goonzquad?
patrick B
patrick B - År siden
you can try if ya want pa tang....
davidelcaid - År siden
why leave it that ugly color ??
m4lyc - År siden
Check this out guys lol
m4lyc - År siden
How many times dose a person have to say CHECK this out and go ahead and do that or this really annoying
Alireza Amini
Alireza Amini - År siden
Fuck you little boy
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Who me?
M Smith
M Smith - År siden
Goon squad shout out to the brothers
Matthew Swick
Matthew Swick - År siden
For sure need a mic. Audio quality has been awful. Love the videos though. And am I the only person that absolutely hates this cars color?
egbert benning
egbert benning - År siden
Michael Yarmie
Michael Yarmie - År siden
You should be more ECO FRIENDLY and use some drain pans you little fucker..
SuperCole101 - År siden
Wireless. Lavaliere. Mic.
Rob - År siden
Dig the goonzquad merch!
goog le
goog le - År siden
sound check! We love you, Brother. Love your work with Goonzquad. Keep going and improving. Looking forward to the 1M Subscribers!!
Leo_TheLion - År siden
Yo VTune!! Def get a mic brotha! Invest a little on your contents video/audio quality. Congrats on your 100k!!
Jacob Torres
Jacob Torres - År siden
Whenever the Goonzquad features on your videos, I get all pumped up
ALI Suroor
ALI Suroor - År siden
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Andrew Howarth
Andrew Howarth - År siden
Shame you've fitted the wrong windscreen. And you didn't fit the rubber spacers or the foam along the bottom inside of the screen. Didn't appear to use primer on it either.
S Robinson
S Robinson - År siden
Shout out to Goonzquad for making it happen
HAYCH - År siden
Ale V8
Ale V8 - År siden
nice old shcool fixes man..not in this particular video, but on the others... working on aluminun, cutting the frames and putting them together using the old one as a template... been watching your channel for a while is good to see a bodyshop that doesnt only replace parts, but can actually fix them. where did you learn it all man ?
vincent Carter
vincent Carter - År siden
Finish the dayum car, phuck that speak...🤬
A FAIL - År siden
Receptionist: Samcracc just called, he wants a quote on fixing a $25 patch job on the undercarriage of a Ferrari 360.
PROJECT ONE - År siden
Congrats bro , big step on YouTube. 🤘🤘🤘
Oh Teck Xuan
Oh Teck Xuan - År siden
subbed at 40k+ subs
SheerMS - År siden
next viper in for body work
Simi Simion
Simi Simion - År siden
Ray Ray
Ray Ray - År siden
Always look forward to your videos. Love how you bring life back to these vehicles!!! At 4.54 what music is this and where did you get it from. I definitely need this 😎👍🏽
Joseph Sierra
Joseph Sierra - År siden
Congrats! Keep up the good work!
Karan Dalal
Karan Dalal - År siden
Bibba doesn't know how to spell windshield (thumbnail)
Neiral - År siden
You and your channel are amazing, straight into the proffesional video, awesome work too bro! keep it up! btw Black Sapphire Metallic or just any black color would look really good on the M4 .
Mohamed Abdirahman
Mohamed Abdirahman - År siden
If I buy a 2017 m4 creaked is it worth to fix it
Congrats brotha 👊🏼
Johannes G.
Johannes G. - År siden
Hey, I'm from Munich, Germany and I'm working for BMW. I'm programming the head unit (Car display). I want to know if you're planning to resell the M4? Maybe we can get together. Please write me so we can talk about the selling of possible. All the best, Johannes. Email:
Joshua Countess
Joshua Countess - År siden
Does anyone know where these guys are located?
D Hall
D Hall - År siden
New WINDSHIELD, not “windsheild.”
Allergic To Liberalism
Wow you got a huge boost in subscribers!
Congrats on your 100k YouTube plaque.
simon Smith
simon Smith - År siden
You certainly go above and beyond with the details,excellent work dude
simon Smith
simon Smith - År siden
You certainly go above and beyond with the details,excellent work dude
RS2002 - År siden
That Viper in Orange is just glorious
Hector Salguero
Hector Salguero - År siden
Goonzquad would be on their 30tg video lmao
James Thunder
James Thunder - År siden
Jfigueroa Figueroa
Jfigueroa Figueroa - År siden
Why you always jumping from Build to build never stay consistent with one car
Joshua Araya
Joshua Araya - År siden
man please contact Samcrac and fix the shittery of a job he did on the undercarriage of that poor Ferrari 360.
WrongwayUp - År siden
thats son and i are working on our own new channel rebuilding a 2017 mustang gt
WrongwayUp - År siden
@vTuned garage your awesome ..maybe someday we can meet you.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
That’s awesome man!
Anthony Lau
Anthony Lau - År siden
That was fun to include the Goonzsquad crossover. I think it helps both channels.
KB MOTORS - År siden
Good work!!! Hey giveaway started yesterday!! Stop over subscribe and win!!!!
Avinsly Vector
Avinsly Vector - År siden
bruh, this guy deserve more ! come on hit that subscribe button. show some love
dirtysanchez2k - År siden
Congratulations on your play button. I'm sure it won't be your last. I know your channel will keep growing. Good job man.
Andrew Wilkes
Andrew Wilkes - År siden
Seems like your channel is exploding with subscribers. Well done bro! Your great content and kind collaboration with others is paying off.
Michel Adochim
Michel Adochim - År siden
Pls you take too long to upload 😪
Charles Ford
Charles Ford - År siden
Shyt forgot you fuck with the blue line flag boyz. And here thinking ive found a new mechanic. New subscriber turn Unsubscriber good luck on viewers though
Joseph 209
Joseph 209 - År siden
Instantly subscribed #goonzquad #vtuned
Ingress Wizard
Ingress Wizard - År siden
That smile when he hit the throttle. He was like “Holy Shit”
TheHoolabalooga - År siden
Whuhooooo. Congratulations
Mark Parker
Mark Parker - År siden
I like your work,it’s nice to see a young man with a craft.
GAVIN BRAND - År siden
When the headline is about a BMW please focus on a BMW. Don't add other brands in the same video. Just make a separate video then upload it.. That's More content for us.. Anyways. I can wait to see the final project.
Valerka Kirushok
Valerka Kirushok - År siden
Oh wow) I know these guys from goonzquad channel! I’m subscribed on they) They very cool guys!
jeremie manninen
jeremie manninen - År siden
huh I'm slightly surprised you did the windshield yourself rather than having someone like autoglass specialists do it but I suppose with being a body shop you gotta be able to do that kind of stuff yourself
Vladboss D
Vladboss D - År siden
Congrats man build a truck next
Reginald Cullen
Reginald Cullen - År siden
congrats on the award.
MrZimma Frame
MrZimma Frame - År siden
Goonzsquad rolling up like fat pimps 😂
Diego Souza
Diego Souza - År siden
Dude, you are my personal hero! congrats!
Berto Lazer
Berto Lazer - År siden
Good work! You are one of my new favs now lol can not wait til that bmw is done
carl fxi
carl fxi - År siden
Vtuned you got to relax and find your own presenting style. Good job so far, love watching you pulling cars back straight.
Kyle - År siden
Vtuned bro it would be nice if u could paint it matte black and add some M-Performance parts to the m4 if it’s not too late
Dave Buck
Dave Buck - År siden
The original color is beautiful. Flat black is ugly.
Joseph Baltzly
Joseph Baltzly - År siden
Bro i was wanting to see the paint in part 5 🥴
Eliud Gerardo
Eliud Gerardo - År siden
You need a new mic bro
martin brynda
martin brynda - År siden
Bro, your windshield will come loose, you have to primer it before using pur!!
Jason Obert
Jason Obert - 5 måneder siden
I was going to say the same also invest in some suction cups. Can’t have you hands touching where the urethane goes.
Club Simtopia
Club Simtopia - År siden
Keep up the great work! Can't wait to see the M4 finished!
ky4enceTV - År siden
8:20 It would be a good idea to blur the license plate of the Viper, so that the goonzquad guys have their privacy.
mierpub8lam - År siden
Congratulations man, you are so AWESOME!
Neo M
Neo M - År siden
You guys a living it up, much respect to you and goonzquad and am wishing you reach million subscribers too cos you more than deserve it man.
mohamad makki
mohamad makki - År siden
In your should speak about BMW only..and don't spend our time..👨‍🔧👨‍🔧👎👎
bluecollartrader - År siden
Paul Echols
Paul Echols - År siden
Congratulations on 100K
Janel Badicut
Janel Badicut - År siden
Nice guy, good content, but it's doing everything with a poker face :)
Turbopickle - År siden
More m4!!
Dimas - År siden
that viper is sick !
Achmad Yani
Achmad Yani - År siden
You deserved gold play button for your awesome artwork👍👍👍
Bryan Klapproth
Bryan Klapproth - År siden
Way to go congratulations keep up the good work
Henry Recinos
Henry Recinos - År siden
Congratulations vtune