Rebuilding my wrecked charger hellcat part 3

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Welcome back to another vtuned video in todays episode we cut off the roof.
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Samcrac - År siden
V Tuned, feat. DJ Khaled: I took the roof of the Hellcat
MsCoccie - 4 måneder siden
kickit59 'lhggfgfr
kickit59 - År siden
@Stay Gold Dude he uncracced the Audi R8! Didn't see no chicken crap on the R8!
pelvicthrust119 - År siden
I like Sam crack he knows all the hip-hop and he sell crack!!!!!!!!
Stay Gold
Stay Gold - År siden
Samcrac whats the deal with your Ford Focus RS? This guy, unlike you, can actually get a project and get some progress accomplished within a reasonable time frame, & he doesn’t split every task into as many videos as possible, with the rest being filler and videos of chickens (though the chickens are often the highlight of your content) Step your game up Crac-head
mohit kaushik
mohit kaushik - År siden
A vtuned video, with samcracs comment, mind blown 💥💥!!!
Local vibes
Local vibes - 4 timer siden
Greetings from Egypt 🇪🇬, I’ve learned a lot from your channel, you guys keep up the great work 👏🏼👏🏼👍🏻
Justice Ghoston
Justice Ghoston - 2 dager siden
Bro got me wanting to go get me a red tail cat he made that shit seem so easy
Redemption Face
Redemption Face - 22 dager siden
Yo they were probably thinking nobody will need to replace the roof how foolish of them
Jon-Claude Kandol
Jon-Claude Kandol - Måned siden
Hi this is jon i just wanted to know what city in Atlanta copart would be best to buy a fix upper truck for a project sir let me know ?
Joe Sibert
Joe Sibert - Måned siden
Great to see him using the safety equipment
Carbon Fiber Creations Arizona
Carbon Fiber Creations Arizona - 4 måneder siden
Vtuned - I believe one of those autobody eraser wheels will remove windshield glue.
filo martinez
filo martinez - År siden
young man you sure got talent, i would have never guessed how to do that....impressive great video.
Dejavu Wilson 84
Dejavu Wilson 84 - År siden
Like your determination and true anal attention too keeping it real in your Shop I'm a big fan of your art
OLD SCHOOL - År siden
Don't use your body hammer with the chisel, and don't use a hard face hammer against a chisel- it can shatter a chip directly into your unprotected eye.
Patrick Carr
Patrick Carr - År siden
why remove the roof? Was it beyond repair?
Mark Andrews
Mark Andrews - År siden
Great work, but please wear safety glasses, especially when your chiseling metal seams.
Tennis is cool Terekhin
VTuned it’s so cool, I just saw a Ukrainian flag 🇺🇦 on your wall 👍
Ronnie Casey
Ronnie Casey - År siden
5:48 you called the car a Chrysler lol
Saif Ali
Saif Ali - År siden
V tuned U deserve more subs!!
saeid roshani
saeid roshani - År siden
nice work
Jon Murray
Jon Murray - År siden
Eye protection? Gotta keep them.
amabelle morales
amabelle morales - År siden
v tune is better than goons squad.. v tune and DIY gang is the real deal.
sonvarooo sanzi
sonvarooo sanzi - År siden
Youdidnt have to change the roof
Whoa Weezy
Whoa Weezy - År siden
Is the black radiator piece is that the engine oil cooler?
Kellys Peppers
Kellys Peppers - År siden
That roof seam was lead filled in the old cars.
reddyfreddy - År siden
2 words "Blind Bodyman". dude. get some safety glasses and a guard for your wire wheel. Love the channel but you need to think longevity. protect your eyes and your lungs better.
Mansib Hayat
Mansib Hayat - År siden
Convertible hellcat😂😂
Asymmetry0 - År siden
Need to wear hearing production while grinding and cutting!
Dont want tinnitus and hearing loss when you get older like me.
Great work love your channel!
neutron614 - År siden
What type of drill bit you using for the spot welds
Justin - År siden
Flip that wire wheel so it isn't throwing crud in your face
Matthew Lenz
Matthew Lenz - År siden
"I've never replaced a roof before but this is going to be a pretty awesome experience." God I wish I had this guys ambition. I paid a dude to hang a mirror in my house :/
daniel mendoza
daniel mendoza - År siden
His commitment is inspiring for real
daniel mendoza
daniel mendoza - År siden
Dude your fuckin awesome great shit cant waot to watch u finish this project
Ryan Mattiacci
Ryan Mattiacci - År siden
I will never forget asking my boss how he wanted this done. His response was take a sawsall to the F*#ker, n be done with that stubborn b*#ch!
Rob Hartman
Rob Hartman - År siden
I’m assuming y’all don’t use alldata lol
Don HSpivey
Don HSpivey - År siden
Never had injuries from a wire wheel the way you explained, I mean I hit my had with it, but never had the wires broke off and gone through my hand, been using them since I was 13 and I'm 23 now, so 10 years, but still nice to see you tell people they aren't safe, wear safety glasses yall
Splatman HooHa
Splatman HooHa - År siden
Looks like Chrysler decided to build a lot of strength into the frame. That moulding to the metal of the pillars and roof supports is almost like a roll-cage sand obviously gives the whole shell a great deal of stiffness, then the sides and roof become more decorative than strengthening. Interesting, great work though and hello from the UK, where we don't seem to have anybody doing this and putting it on YouTube, sadly, as it would be nice to see our cars getting better, still, that Hellcat is a gorgeous car.
Victor Deleon
Victor Deleon - År siden
Zac Efron?
M MMM - År siden
Shout out to the Harbor Freight angle grinder.
Samiullah Khan
Samiullah Khan - År siden
amazing job well done bro ..
Jazen - År siden
I'd strongly recommend hearing protection as part of your PPE regimen. Tinnitus is annoying.
Kevin Shay
Kevin Shay - År siden
You do fine work, very enjoyable viewing, please when you get a million subscribers don't become arrogant and cocky like some others like you, aka TJ Hunt
Mohammed Riyadh
Mohammed Riyadh - År siden
Sudheer M.S
Sudheer M.S - År siden
What is your dog name? Same as thomas ?
Sudheer M.S
Sudheer M.S - År siden
Sound at 1.12..😍😍😍😍
Slava Zagreychuk
Slava Zagreychuk - År siden
Really young guy I like the motivation a lot of his age kids just want to smoke dope and lay in bed dreaming to own this car one day but this guy actually does the work and he gets what he wants bravo
Mike Holley
Mike Holley - År siden
This guy is a true 'Automotive Artist'. What a future.......
Ivor the engine
Ivor the engine - År siden
Please stop shouting!!!
Rick Rasterdly
Rick Rasterdly - År siden
How can you use a used roof, surely to take it off will damage it?
Cruzman06 - År siden
Man I wish I had a garage and know how to do something similar to this.
straight develop
straight develop - År siden
u so cute, i like ur action and everything, i support sir !
dizzychizzy - År siden
Don't copy gzquads bullshit.... Do your own thing bro....
Shigaraki Tomura
Shigaraki Tomura - År siden
Why you dont buy a brandnew?
Jeff Collins
Jeff Collins - År siden
Great series
Sierra Palomaki
Sierra Palomaki - År siden
3:10 sleep tight lil kitty 💤💕
Jonathan Hamilton
Jonathan Hamilton - År siden
Nice truck in the background
Мусабег Хидиров
Go Karts or Gone Fishin
Man I got stuff to do many parts are
K J - År siden
Who else caught “Chrysler” at 5:47 ?💀
K J - År siden
blitzer true 😂
blitzer - År siden
@vTuned garage Chrysler, Daimler, Jeep, Benz, Dodge, many more.. It's from the same pot of stew.. 😂
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Keep Out
Keep Out - År siden
you rock brother
Ding Chavez
Ding Chavez - År siden
this kids dads garage has everything except a pair of fucking goggles!
Tony R
Tony R - År siden
It would have been a lot faster to use and air drill with a spot weld cutter and an air hammer, could have been don e in half the time
its the real thing
its the real thing - År siden
Thats a sweet megacab cummins in the background!
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Thanks that’s my dads truck!
Joebiz24 - År siden
Another fascinating step in the Hellcat resurrection. Thanks!
ilovebeer69me - År siden
never underestimate the wire wheel on a grinder, I cut my knuckle off with that same setup when I caught the edge of a fender. I had gloves like those on but now I use welding gloves. Love this build too!
The_ Sword
The_ Sword - År siden
Can't believe you didn't break that windshield !
mindseeker - År siden
Nice guard on your angle grinder 😂😂😂
InsideOfMyOwnMind - År siden
You should see the chisel for removing panels that Wierd Beard (Mike) made for himself out of a lawn mower blade. It looks a bit Klingon but on his videos it looked like it worked a lot better than yours.
Logan Holt
Logan Holt - År siden
That roof removal kicked your ass lol turned out good though
Voche68 - År siden
Vtuned I'm very impressed with your quality and attention to detail. I'm from the baby boom GENERATION that's all I'll say lol. But nice to see real craftsmen coming up n doing awesome work. Hope you are very successful
Bench Virgin
Bench Virgin - År siden
Air chisel a lot faster.
ralston hislop
ralston hislop - År siden
hey who is responsable when that piece of shit runs off the road and kills some body would you want to drive it at 140mph going down the hwy way or dragstrip them cars are writen off bye insurance companys for a reason the frame and chasis been compramised yeah you put it in a frame straightner and pull it back but it dosent have to be that much off to run off the road at highspeed even if you put it on a beeline frame laser straighter and realine it dont mean its good back in the day them dodges and hemis put a lot of good people in the ground i remember the name they called em back in the 70s also known as widowmakers tree climers because them cars were so fast they was freaky none you all remember the dodge curse these mother fuckers would leave the ground and try and fly lots of guys were scared so bad took em home and locked em up for 50 60years and you goner put a piece of shit back on the road to make money some poor kid buys that mother fucker and ends up in a tree cut em up dont put em back on the road , you drive that widowmaker
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Motheo Lebelo
Motheo Lebelo - År siden
Learning so much on these videos, did not know that the skin we see there is another one underneath.
Outstanding work.
chico suave
chico suave - År siden
vTuned Garage you can take a picture of where stuff goes on your phone then you can put stuff back where it’s supposed to be but I’m sure you probably already know that 👍
David Andersen
David Andersen - År siden
I notice you guys hardly wear eye protection....
Zack Mckenzie
Zack Mckenzie - År siden
I'm sorry to say this cir but you don't belong anywhere near a vehicle if you have to do that there's an issue drop a f****** rivets and pop the freaking panel off it's not that hard II off the wire will come off the wire wheel are you mental
jeremie manninen
jeremie manninen - År siden
as I'm not a body guy and am watching this video at 4 am I clearly missed something why did the roof need to be taken off? It looked fine to me but as I said it's late at night and I'm not a body man so I clearly missed something
jeremie manninen
jeremie manninen - År siden
@Dan 57 thanks for clarifying as I somehow didn't see that (probably just to tired lol)
Dan 57
Dan 57 - År siden
Roof was definitely damaged. Not crushed in, but heavily rippled. Looks like it went under a fence or guide wire.
Redbug 3
Redbug 3 - År siden
Awesome vid series!
Cam Mims
Cam Mims - År siden
5:15 Stop Tryna Having Sex with the Car!
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Eugene Provencio
Eugene Provencio - År siden
Yeeeeeeessss please do it
Stanley Banks
Stanley Banks - År siden
Are you russian?
Stanley Banks
Stanley Banks - År siden
The majority of the problems with this car are cosmetics. Worth it, good filp, and it's good to meet you. Subscribed-Stanislav..
Stanley Banks
Stanley Banks - År siden
That's crazy I knew it. I could tell by your style.b You have no accent like me. Russians have the talent and skill to replace and fix the things that get "totaled" in this country. The reason I rebuild and repair cars is because unecessary totaled or crushed when they get fixed with a little time and money.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Char Builds
Char Builds - År siden
That 12:13 mark... lol good vid tho great progress
Miguel Gomez
Miguel Gomez - År siden
When you posting a new video ?
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Trying to upload one right now
Wadley225 - År siden
Can't get a roof for three months?  That's a load of shit.  Tell him you're taking your money elsewhere!!!
Tiger Eye
Tiger Eye - År siden
You need a spot weld chisel and a real bigger hammer lol.
Tiger Eye
Tiger Eye - År siden
Wow new haircut. Looking fly
Ever After Entertainment
What are you guys using for microphones?
Kenny Ortiz
Kenny Ortiz - År siden
Sweet build. I’m curious on what you got the car for ? And how long are you guys expecting to be working on it until it’s back at normal condition?
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Like 2500 so far and only need 1k more
White Hammeer
White Hammeer - År siden
How much do you have in all the parts?
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Another 2 weeks and she should be doing fat burnouts!24k
Mike Moore
Mike Moore - År siden
How the heck do these 20yr olds afford this stuff?
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Work hard and save!
TheDman7605 - År siden
Dud your car looks amazing even though it’s wrecked but it’s sick 🔥🔥🔥
Nameless One
Nameless One - År siden
Great video!! How could anyone give this a thumbs down..Keep doing your thing brother its gonna be a beast when your done..👍👍
EABOY2600 - År siden
Safety Glasses 💥👓👀⛑
Bobby A
Bobby A - År siden
WOW vTuned!!!
Oleg Kovalev
Oleg Kovalev - År siden
Bro u need to get air chisel help alot sometimes
coolrn43 - År siden weld eraser. Way faster. Nice work!
Fancy - År siden
Where tf is part 4? 😂
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Tomorrow morning
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Tomorrow morning!
Should just make it a convertable
Almighty So
Almighty So - År siden
By the Next video the car better be a coupe man!
Steve g
Steve g - År siden
new subscriber here, im looking forward hpw it turns out, ya doing a great job so for, ya seem like a nice lad,
Derp Loud
Derp Loud - År siden
Hey man, what kind of pants is that? look durable to me.
christian johnson
christian johnson - År siden
cool keep the vid coming bro
Chessie System Railfanman
Pretty cool how you converted an old combination wrench into a hand chisel.
LV Fish Keeping
LV Fish Keeping - År siden
Bet that hurt your hand smacking the roof lol
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
A little lol
Reina Renee
Reina Renee - År siden
My back hurts just watching this lol .. but it’s bad ass!!