Rebuilding my wrecked charger hellcat part 6

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Welcome back to another vtuned episode we weld up the a pillar and the roof.
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Niko G
Niko G - 4 måneder siden
VTUNED You got some damn good skillz my brotha I always wanted to learn buddy and paint from watching you and Goonzquad I'm learning a lot of does and don't and like yourself I like to do the job the right way I wished you were close to me id come over to watch you do some sweet work and learn from a PRO stay safe and blessed this hellcat going to scream like a pig lol...Niko Arizona
keith lamarre
keith lamarre - 4 måneder siden
You should make video how you learned all this stuff no other rebuilder explained how they learned this craft you really good work. You’re welcome
Hesham Chehaitli
Hesham Chehaitli - 8 måneder siden
This kid is nothing short of a professional he is truly amazing!!!!
Zoey Michael
Zoey Michael - 8 måneder siden
omg this must have been 200 man hours
Bottletree Farm
Bottletree Farm - År siden
This guy is one brave and confident man.
أحمد الناصري
Ian Ryan
Ian Ryan - År siden
Loving the channel, I would have loved to have be able to do things like this. Ringcrafts
Dave Stubbs
Dave Stubbs - År siden
Your content is informative, educational and entertaining to watch. I came here from @goonsquad and subscribed. No wonder you work with those guys... your builds are consistently A+. Keep up the excellent work.
teaches2010 - År siden
Made me a little nervous using that cutoff wheel without a vice. Nice work though!
corntigger1 - År siden
You are a very good mechanic 🥰 when i was in trainig for car mechanic i had a very good old teacher. He teached me the same things how to repair body and frame of cars. I really enjoy to see how good you are doing, very fine. My way turned to a mechanic for engines with 4000ccm per cylinder.
nice greets from germany,
andi 😊
RGC2005 - År siden
How long is your wait list?
Joe L.
Joe L. - År siden
Obviously you grew up around a body shop. You learned good habits and some good tricks (backing plate for welding).
Keep up the good work!
M C - År siden
New subby to your channel, thanks to Samcrac. Really admire your work, but if I may offer one (real life) suggestion: you NEED to wear eye protection AT ALL TIMES! I see you wear when you're welding/grinding, but when knocking welds lose after/grinding, I didn't see any eye cover. Word to the wise: My field, HVAC, I was knocking apart a vent stack joint using the same tools you used, a spike of the chisel broke off, embedded into my eye. Two surgeries and a $100k later, I'm half blind in that eye. Pls take this aa a word of advice from an "old timer". I''d hate for anyone to go through I did
Gokhanami C.J.
Gokhanami C.J. - År siden
Vtuned is a beast at metal work!
Egon1982 - År siden
Vladimir or Vasily is his father name? as I can see ukrainian flag on the back wall
TEE - År siden
Is that mig welding on the spot welds?
Greig Wilson
Greig Wilson - År siden
Love the videos but stop shouting at the camera lad your louder than my Mrs
bronco Clement
bronco Clement - År siden
Very good work , you are AWSOME
dee nation
dee nation - År siden
You are amazing my friend I’m glad you don’t talk crazy bullshit throughout the whole video people will learn a lot of stuff I appreciate you.u are Good at what you do
LightsOut_216 - År siden
Puts on the doors to make sure it fits perfectly after putting on the tire😂
R. E. Hill
R. E. Hill - År siden
So... fluid film in the voids afterwards?
Jimmy - År siden
You're an artist man
Mactastic - År siden
Hi VTuned, thanks for posting this series, it's just as much work as what you're doing on the Hellcat!
How do you know what the factory recommended method of repair is? For example, using panel bond over welding, and in your past episodes where you're able to get your hands of some of the OEM body frame pieces?
Do you subscribe to or purchase a knowledgebase with this info?
Scott bob
Scott bob - År siden
Top work
kevin q
kevin q - År siden
Too many commercials
g0dbilla_91 - År siden
your grinding skills are that of legend.
Joe Fleming
Joe Fleming - År siden
Do you truly realize your talent have you sat back and really said damn you built that bitch you the truth 💯💪🏾
Josue Sanchez
Josue Sanchez - År siden
Aii keep that good work up , your doing a great job
who else looked away when he was welding 😂
Ryan Sam
Ryan Sam - År siden
Hfggvgfgggjh. ; Jnjj😉☺️😗😁🤣☺️😄😄🙃🗺🗺💔💖☸️☮️⚛️🚯⁉️🚸🔱🔱
straight develop
straight develop - År siden
hard work and hard eyes, i look u do precise work, i think i way sir,
alpine stars
alpine stars - År siden
Next time pleas shake the cans before you spray them
Robert DeMilo
Robert DeMilo - År siden
Wow man... I made a comment on the last video about safety equipment and here I see you are using it. So sorry I assumed you weren't using it. Excellent job on replacing the panels. I was curious on how the new roof skin would attached. Its looking great!
Peter - År siden
I have a question: Why didn't you clean up the roof at all before installing it... both to make sure it really was in good condition, but maybe more importantly at the edges so you knew you were working with clean surfaces?
Joes Golden Garage
Joes Golden Garage - År siden
So lit 🔥 I need eye protection! Good work Vee
Мусабег Хидиров
Jordan Myers
Jordan Myers - År siden
Where the new video?
Jordan Myers
Jordan Myers - År siden
Alright sweet thanks man!
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Uploading right now!
Emmanuel Martinez
Emmanuel Martinez - År siden
Hey man we're waiting for a new video
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
It’s coming today.
tayana long
tayana long - År siden
When the next video gone get uploaded.
hi - År siden
When he said we need to grind them all I thought of cheese😂
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Don Guillermo del Norte
Doing it the CORRECT WAY. Very glad I found ya bud
castamir - År siden
Where the new video at
احمد النجار
احمد النجار - År siden
where is the finishing???
Young Money Billionaire
Safety first that disk is not your friend 🤟
ChronicRoze - År siden
Still waiting on new vid
John - År siden
Vtuned you do awesome work next to Arthur Tussik .Now go give DIY gang a hand with his Hell Cat!
iLyas Bakouch
iLyas Bakouch - År siden
Learning so much about how cars are made from your series. Keep it up man.
William Cattr
William Cattr - År siden
It would be interesting if you could share with us some of the specific details of this project. How many total man hours do you estimate are needed to get this car back to OEM? How much did all the parts cost? Did you say that you paid $40k for this car in video 1? Just trying to figure out how much money will be saved restoring the car yourself compared to buying a Hellcat in pristine condition from the car lot (at around $70k).

You also mentioned in one of the other videos that the car was in worse shape than you initially thought it was. Did you get a reduced price on the car after pointing out the damage to the people who sold you the car, or were they firm on the price?

How long have you been restoring cars?
chris haffer
chris haffer - År siden
Wow I’m impressed with how much knowledge you have for being a young adult. Kudos bro. She’s lookin good
Nigel Yazzie
Nigel Yazzie - År siden
Im about to buy a wreck hellcat
Robert Troxell
Robert Troxell - År siden
This young man has impressive skills. But what really impressed me is his patience, attention to detail and persistence. It seems like nothing phases him. Great work!
mish4ri sama
mish4ri sama - År siden
Dude that’s soo awesome I can’t wait to see you finish it 🔥beside how old are you??
Justin Manigault
Justin Manigault - År siden
I just subscribed i think im with everyone else I wanna see the finished product! Great vids btw
Alex Degrat
Alex Degrat - År siden
Nice work, but your giving me a heart attack welding without some sort of welding blanket below. Watching those sparks jump down on and around that plastic..Yikes.... :-O
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
There’s like 3 welding blankets under there.
Dusty Roads
Dusty Roads - År siden
Мусабег Хидиров
Bl4z3 69
Bl4z3 69 - År siden
You really good at what you do man keep it up
Juan Ignacio
Juan Ignacio - År siden
I always saw the thumbnails for these videos but never considered watching them. Now I’m actually so into them that I’m excited for the final product ! Keep up the awesome work !
Wesley Alloway
Wesley Alloway - År siden
Hey vtuned why didnt you do the frame work on the viper ?
Leo_TheLion - År siden
Alright I’ve watched all hellcat episodes best get to moving bro! We need to continue watching this build!! 🍿🤘🏼
Robert Adams Metal Detecting
Here is the perfect car for you!!!
The Hawaiian
The Hawaiian - År siden
Great content 👍👍👍👍 thanks for quality
Thomas Whittaker
Thomas Whittaker - År siden
You better continue until we get to see the final product bro.
Nobori Auto
Nobori Auto - År siden
Next video: Rebuilding my wrecked Charger Hellcat with my eyes closed part 7. Dude your workmanship amazes me, just seems so easy for you. Keep at it!
grizz432 - År siden
Hey man I’m a new part of the family and I gotta say man this is some cool Shit bro I love what your doing man you’ve earned my respect 🤘🏼🤙🏼
Erron White
Erron White - År siden
Just burn that car down to the ground
GH0ST - År siden
part 7?
Sami Alsubhi
Sami Alsubhi - År siden
that's great rebuild
mark spies
mark spies - År siden
Excellent Job. This guy needs some serious sponsors ( 3M ) .Keep up the good work
GloJay - År siden
You make it look so easy. This is like a art piece for you 🙏 keep it up
oveberthling - År siden
Any risk you get strange vibrations after such a huge job?
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
No there was no structural damage just cosmetic
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson - År siden
Vtune -B. Amazing buddy. U make it look flawless. It all comes thru experience keep up the amazing job bro🤗😊👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
london man
london man - År siden
greta videos .. very clear explanation and demonstration of great skills
iTheMaster - År siden
Amazing job you need so much more subcribers!
IraqiSniper107 - År siden
Excellent Work!
leon blijenberg
leon blijenberg - År siden
And.... Great Skills
leon blijenberg
leon blijenberg - År siden
Great Job👍🏻
Niko Brothers
Niko Brothers - År siden
great video... u making it look easy
Mr Milner
Mr Milner - År siden
Nice work my man
Cosmin MC
Cosmin MC - År siden
Awesome work!
Max Jones
Max Jones - År siden
Also where is his/your shop located? And does he/you just fix to flip, or do/es you/he do customer work?
Max Jones
Max Jones - År siden
I love the precision and safety measures he implemented while using the grinder! Lol
Back 2 Life
Back 2 Life - År siden
Need you to join me in Hawaii lol I changed some rotors and brakes on a Jeep and that was difficult as crap 😂 I’ll be dropping that Vlog soon!!
j g
j g - År siden
GOLDFORDAYS6033 - År siden
Wish I could do it
GOLDFORDAYS6033 - År siden
How much does this cost you
Q Jilezz
Q Jilezz - År siden
No idea how i got here but ive been binge watching all 6 vids since last night 😂😂 that will be one bad puddy tat when finished!!
VSM AutoLife
VSM AutoLife - År siden
Loving all these dodge rebuilds going around! Can’t wait to get my second one started 😍 great body work btw man
kevdone w
kevdone w - År siden
well I just binged watch your videos and cant wait till I see the end result this pig is coming to the dance lol good job sir !!
Chirantan S
Chirantan S - År siden
some professional body work there!!
mahmoud khoshnoudi
mahmoud khoshnoudi - År siden
everyone should love their job if don't you would be a looser for rest of your life no matter what you do! be a pilot or even a garbage man just love it!!
Shaun Holbrook
Shaun Holbrook - År siden
You have lots of great talent man, awesome work. Next video please 😉
Dhillon - År siden
You're very hard working with great attention to detail and have a lot of patience. Nice work. Keep going. UK.
Bradley Bridges
Bradley Bridges - År siden
You're cars looking fire I love Dodge chargers
Bradley Bridges
Bradley Bridges - År siden
Was up
davit sigua
davit sigua - År siden
Looking great ,well done,great job,keep it up👊👍🛠
SauciiDlow™ - År siden
My fav part is when he say "We're gonna weld it in"
C is for Chris
C is for Chris - År siden
Anyone get the Ad at the beginning that is 300:50 seconds long. I almost want to watch 300 minutes just to see what happens.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Lmao I seen that ad
C is for Chris
C is for Chris - År siden
So after 3 minutes the song lyrics are “this song is gonna get stuck inside your head” and it keeps replaying.
BakerOne - År siden
Great video and nice camera work. I am up to Part 6, need more . . . .
Minato - År siden
Goonzquad🤘is better
M N - År siden
amazing skills, and your presenting is getting better. you should start selling vtuned clothing!