Rebuilding my wrecked charger hellcat part 8

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Welcome back to another vtuned episode today we start on the body work.
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Ahmed Taher
Ahmed Taher - 4 måneder siden
Bro, thank you for the amazing videos. You can make some extra cash by adding amazon links for the tools and primers you use from amazon in the description. If someone click and buys, you get a commission.
Chris Gould
Chris Gould - 5 måneder siden
I prefer v tuned over goonsquad more straight to the point work over Dang son dude son of dude dang son.......
Omar Lewis
Omar Lewis - 5 måneder siden
Yo you did a great job on that car. For you to be so young and put that together, Nice!!!
filo martinez
filo martinez - År siden
goodness gracious young kids, outstanding job, if i wasnt seeing it i wouldnt believe it, great job keep itup
R Smitdog
R Smitdog - År siden
Dude you look like your 19 or 20 , you know your shit, I am totally impressed, your work is precision at it's finest, top quality craftsmanship !!!!!!!
Matthew Twinam
Matthew Twinam - År siden
You should put down a epoxy before body filler on raw metal.
soundD:sine - År siden
What body filler products do you use? You seem to have no problems with bubbles?!!! 👍
malc elwell
malc elwell - År siden
It’s like watching an artist at work love it a big thumbs up 👌👍
Nelson Farrar
Nelson Farrar - År siden
Part 8 and 9 are not on the playlist you made of this car. GREAT JOB SO FAR!
Ryan Mattiacci
Ryan Mattiacci - År siden
I think it would look cool for the charger wall hood to be branded vTuned!
VW&AUDI - År siden
Fantastic repair, do you guys ever use lead though for filling over after welding?
Maureen Whalen
Maureen Whalen - År siden
Terrific job very interesting
Samiullah Khan
Samiullah Khan - År siden
very nice work .. ❤❤ from pakistan
Jesse Martinez
Jesse Martinez - År siden
what do you spray it down with before primer? was that water? just curious.
Boosted Cutlass
Boosted Cutlass - År siden
Damn amazing skills for a young man!
One of my friends was like that do it all and make it look easy! Awesome channel!
rudy H
rudy H - År siden
Love your work guys ✌️
Mohammed Riyadh
Mohammed Riyadh - År siden
Joseph Czelusniak
Joseph Czelusniak - År siden
You guys do awesome work. No shortcuts. Make sure job done correct.
Tilek Malikov
Tilek Malikov - År siden
Whoever disliked this vid u is a bitch
straight develop
straight develop - År siden
i see ur thought. i like u say in working, thx share ur knowledge. i respect.
rally - År siden
Dont worry about overspray on the other cars in shop?
Dominic Persuitte
Dominic Persuitte - År siden
the one zmillz
the one zmillz - År siden
How long till it's done smh
Allstar - År siden
The buys are working hard!!!!
Good one!
geogogo1 - År siden
Great Job on your Hellcat!
Tiger Eye
Tiger Eye - År siden
Someone must have taught you all of this!!?? Who was your journeyman while you were an apprentice.
Jens Koerts
Jens Koerts - År siden
*slaps roof* did the bodywork myself tho.
Andre Guerrieri
Andre Guerrieri - År siden
Little late to the party on this video but once again, another great video. Your body work is like a work of art. Can't wait until the next vid which I'm guessing is soon since this one is 5 days old already.
Edwin - År siden
Great job . Cant wait to see the finished product
Anthony Maniz
Anthony Maniz - År siden
Just kidding you do excellent work
Anthony Maniz
Anthony Maniz - År siden
I see alot of runs son
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Menace - År siden
How much money did u spend on this car?
buying and rebuilding it?
brittany topper
brittany topper - År siden
Music makes it relaxing to watch while learn
Gingy martinez
Gingy martinez - År siden
Why a glazing putty? Does it give it a better finish for painting?
Isaiah Whitlow
Isaiah Whitlow - År siden
What great work I’ve seen you perform
Louis Maldonado
Louis Maldonado - År siden
I can watch your videos all day man! You got such great content
shane nicholson
shane nicholson - År siden
Hi Vtuned I'm from New Zealand and I'm thinking of purchasing a 2013 dodge
charger superbee but I'm curious will a front from a 2015 dodge charger
onward like the one your rebuilding fit onto a 2012 /14 dodge charger.
Nate Fonner
Nate Fonner - År siden
Are you not concerned with body flex and all that body filler???
LJ - År siden
No part 9 yet sad
Gcal1956 - År siden
U have accomplished more in a few weeks with this build then most do in a few years.
Good job and you earned all the respect!
jesus_ rios191
jesus_ rios191 - År siden
Wow brother I love your work 💪🏼👍🏼. I can’t wait when it’s done
Brian Felts
Brian Felts - År siden
Excellent work Vtuned.I enjoy the way you stick to the task at hand and dont put a bunch of useless fluff in your videos.Makes watching much easier and more informative.
Nameless One
Nameless One - År siden
Thats some clean looking body work you are doing...awesome job!
Gabe Baker
Gabe Baker - År siden
Are you set up as a dealer to buy from Copart or do you use a Broker?
Adrian Carreon
Adrian Carreon - År siden
I rarely comment but maaaaan you do amazing work, it shows you’re really dedicated in the work you do 👌🏼💯 keep up the good work man👌🏼
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Thanks man!
ejcsds - År siden
Love your work and videos! Unlike some of the others that cut away, your the real deal!
david mack
david mack - År siden
You need to do a video on selling one of these salvage cars. Don't get me wrong I like your videos, but there are a few BIG issues with selling a salvage vehicle.
1. Most people run away, and hide as soon as they hear the word "salvage", or "rebuilt" title when looking at a car
2. Also, most salvage cars sell for only around 30 to 50% of Kelley Blue Book suggested retail price. [so your going to take a big hit on selling a salvage car vs the same car with a clean title]

3. Who is going to loan money on a salvage car? Most banks, and credit unions just won't take the risk on a car the insurance company has written off as "UN-repairable".
 4.You never know what you're getting when you buy a salvage car [as in trying to repair it for a profit]. With the cost of parts, unplanned costs, then the hit to the price, which is adjusted for the salvage title,[again less than 35-50% of the going price vs the same car with clear title] you can quickly end up way in the hole. Hell, you can end up in a hole buying a non salvage car to sell for profit.
 5. Last I would worry about selling a salvage car, no matter how well it was rebuilt, even if the car was rebuilt to higher standards than it was when new from the factory. Here is why. Lets say Suzi soccer mom buys your repaired salvage car. The next week the car is in a wreck, and one of the kids in the car is badly hurt, even if the accident had NOTHING TO DO WITH what was done to rebuild the car. Wouldn't you be worried that Suzi soccer mom is going to hire a lawyer, and try to take everything you own? I hope this never happens, but you know how people are these days.
 Now, I can see doing this for YT money {ie making video's}, but I just can't see how someone can make decent money trying to flip these cars. If you're buying to cars to keep, or modify, then I can understand, but selling for profit? If I'm wrong please tell me where I'm wrong. Thanks, good job, and good luck.
REPZ06 - År siden
It's coming along, good job 🤙🏻
Dan Mickelson
Dan Mickelson - År siden
Seriously, I just watched all 8 Hellcat episodes in one sitting when I should have been working. You young guys are killing it, I love to see young guys working hard and reaping the benefits! The Hellcat is going to turn out amazing!!
gabriel ruiz
gabriel ruiz - År siden
again very nice and clean job !!! really will b a joy see the final result .
fallon55 - År siden
Great work. Curious - why did you prime all of the parts that had been silver, but didn't do the whole roof or the seam on the driver's side of the roof?
Street Wise
Street Wise - År siden
It's your sheer hard work and skill that is a pleasure to watch. So many young people could learn a lot from watching your vids, my friend. Greetings from Cornwall :)
Martin Bruisten
Martin Bruisten - År siden
Dude, it´s time for a decent mic, sound is horrible
SyncMan172 - År siden
I love the ingenious putty to hardner calculation 😂😂😂. This is a great channel and very real. Thumbs up from the UK 👍👍👍👍
nikita plotnikov
nikita plotnikov - År siden
What is the Blue Stuff you put into the body filler
Igor Gudnyy
Igor Gudnyy - År siden
Great work bro, crazy skill👌
SubUrban Cowboy
SubUrban Cowboy - År siden
Looking good dude. She is coming along nicely. You have an awesome set of skills!
Geronimo Tudor
Geronimo Tudor - År siden
I like watching you videos. Good camera work. Cheesy music but better than grinding noise. HOWEVER, as a welder I have to comment on your spot welds and butt seams. There is a significant amount of porosity (pinholes) in these, (seen in this video)which means weld contamination due to oxygen in the weld puddle or paint /dirt.I suspect the weld trhough primer may be the culprit here- see previous posters comments about primer. These welds in my shop (not autobody) would be considered defective and must be ground out. I am looking at the side rail piece you welded and It appears to be nonstructural but in a structural situation I would be hesitant to call those welds sound. Interested to know your thoughts...
Hemi Challenger
Hemi Challenger - År siden
Very nice! Enjoying watching the build.
Boodah Bless
Boodah Bless - År siden
How much did you buy the car for? how much was put into it? and how much would the labor cost be on a job like this?
Ahmed Hussain
Ahmed Hussain - År siden
Wonderful work my friend did well
Joebiz24 - År siden
And I waited till this a.m. to watch. I should have forsaken the shitty Super Bowl and watched this last night. I need to get my priorities in order. Don't ban me. I will get it Great work and quality!
White Thunder
White Thunder - År siden
Keep it up mate!
KillaBityGoat - År siden
Need more videos bro of this specific project 🙏🏾
ehenson99 - År siden
Can you explain next time in more detail what grits of sandpaper your using and which kind of primer (epoxy, high build...) you use and why?
asafa ibrahim
asafa ibrahim - År siden
I sent you a mail.. I've got no response from you.
Michael Andrews
Michael Andrews - År siden
How do I qualify for the giveaway?
Superkuppe Scnuooe
Superkuppe Scnuooe - År siden
Happy to see a young man with such monster skills! Great job!!
Jason Dolores
Jason Dolores - År siden
Looking real good
mwint1982 - År siden
Don't mix bondo on cardboard. Use something non porous.
mwint1982 - År siden
You gonna wet sand that primer?
George Lotiff
George Lotiff - År siden
Whats the name of that sheet you throw over the car? Im rebuilding a mustang and ill be painting it soon
Paint GuN Express
Paint GuN Express - År siden
V Tunned Garage.🏁🏆👍🏁🏆👍🏁🏆👍🏁🏆👍.."Nothing But The BEST". 100%. Good.Work 100%Good Channel.. Keep those Videos Coming..😎✌
ABDULLAH alamri - År siden
When you finish adjusting this car؟
Gregg Kiest
Gregg Kiest - År siden
Another Awesome video. So enjoy when you post no nonsense quality work and at such a young age. Good blend of music volume also. I didn’t have to turn it up and down throughout. 👍👍👍
Paul Smart
Paul Smart - År siden
Keep up the great content and the Hellcat is coming along nicely 👍👍🇦🇺
Brian Villanueva
Brian Villanueva - År siden
I like this but I think DIY gang is better.
Randolph Watson
Randolph Watson - År siden
good job vtuned amazing charger looking good cuz
oneeye will
oneeye will - År siden
Im digging the lo-fi btw
oneeye will
oneeye will - År siden
Looking good, great work guys.
Staredown Games
Staredown Games - År siden
Awesome work. That music when you were sanding lol talk about 'car porn'!
Jason X
Jason X - År siden
Good job dude, greetings from Spain. :)
Michel Acosta
Michel Acosta - År siden
Buen trabajo
Donovan Miniotas
Donovan Miniotas - År siden
@vTuned do you own the shop or is that where you work? Love the great videos and keep up the good work!
Double R Restorations
Double R Restorations - År siden
Nice work Vtuned!
bigcoutree1986 - År siden
I can't wait to see this all done
freeshareyar - År siden
i love dis series
Tez Da trucker
Tez Da trucker - År siden
Y’all should keep the roof black. 🤔🤔
Tez Da trucker
Tez Da trucker - År siden
vTuned garage Awesome. Love the build. It’s making me want to get a hellcat. #chevyguy
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Will be
kickit59 - År siden
Dang Vtune that Hellcat is gonna be better than OEM when you get it done! Already looking forward to the next video! Thanks for all the amazing build footage!
Ant Man
Ant Man - År siden
Heck yea brother coming along nice!
SeaDooEric - År siden
Is that a 2k primer?
Midnight Garage
Midnight Garage - År siden
Longer vídeos please
1901SNOWLOC - År siden
I like what you do and love how you do it keep up the great work. You're great!
J P - År siden
Love it. Awesome to watch experience at work.
Shawn Angel
Shawn Angel - År siden
You doing a great job. Keep up the great work cant wait till next video.
loner_ mari
loner_ mari - År siden
He is the best with cars
Ali Aljboree
Ali Aljboree - År siden
Amazing I love ❤️ it 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Omar Maldonado
Omar Maldonado - År siden
Lucky Goose
Lucky Goose - År siden
So skilled. Awesome.
Shaya Lemmer
Shaya Lemmer - År siden
Love your work! Keep it up bro!