Rebuilding My Wrecked GTR Part 4 Hellcat Wreck Update

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Welcome back to the channel in todays video we get right back to work on the Nissan GTR, And also a update on my wrecked hellcat.
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James Seaman
James Seaman - 9 dager siden
The only thing I didn’t like about the last video was, it took too long to cover the brake when you were sanding the body filler!
Shantel Brown
Shantel Brown - 4 måneder siden
Very talented 👊
William Huggett
William Huggett - 4 måneder siden
Try 1/2 inch tape around fenders makes life a lot easier. The thiner the tape the more flexable it is.
Jesse Martinez
Jesse Martinez - 4 måneder siden
Holly geez. How long did this little project take...went from broken healthy again 🤯🤕
Gazwan Nadawy
Gazwan Nadawy - 5 måneder siden
You are an excellent artist and craftsman
Ghazwan from irap
Viraj Jadeja
Viraj Jadeja - 5 måneder siden
Black stripes
Viraj Jadeja
Viraj Jadeja - 5 måneder siden
Put red with white and do stripes
Renan Nascimento
Renan Nascimento - 5 måneder siden
Poderia ter legendas em Português.
Omar Peterson
Omar Peterson - 5 måneder siden
Good job wish u guys was in Jamaica.
Dan Bierschbach
Dan Bierschbach - 5 måneder siden
you didn't prep the roof panel?
Rc York
Rc York - 6 måneder siden
When u put the 17+ front bumper on did u have to change anything else brackets headlights etc?
Vizir de freitas Joao
Vizir de freitas Joao - 6 måneder siden
Tu es très fort et tu es jeune encore 💪💪💪🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇵🇹
Dũng Phạm
Dũng Phạm - 7 måneder siden
cars like this cover money
Hster68 - 7 måneder siden
Love this kid. Badass.
Chad Ruple
Chad Ruple - 7 måneder siden
If anyone needs a good worker around the north east arkansas area and can beat 19.25 an hr hit me up! Been a diesel mechanic since 2012. Air break certified HVAC certified advanced clutch and transmission certified. Drive line certified and more. But this would be my dream job!
Koflach - 7 måneder siden
I know you're balls deep in the mustang but when do you plan on finishing this?
DMV FRAUD TEAM - 7 måneder siden
The Badge was removed wrong use a Heat Gun.
Sandy Jacques
Sandy Jacques - 8 måneder siden
By the way iam a big fan of your show I have a question for you when you buy these cars you guy working on with salvage title my questions is what is the process to get them register do you have to show before and after pictures for inspection show parts receipt what is your process around your neck of the woods
Robert Pikari
Robert Pikari - 8 måneder siden
Too much, helps me visually see the basics, just what I need 👍🏽
Crash Life
Crash Life - 8 måneder siden
I have a skil 20v impact That came in a package deal with a drill as well. Love you both for a while now and love it
Jon - 8 måneder siden
Milwaukee slaps i have almost all their stuff
juan carlos martin
juan carlos martin - 8 måneder siden
Man! please do something with your mic, your voice is almost unheard. Also I love your build,. Keep it up the great job.
Naddir Alhumari
Naddir Alhumari - 8 måneder siden
Takes off door handles then realizes how is he going to get back in the car
Marin Bujac
Marin Bujac - 9 måneder siden
Good job mate !!! Looks like you know pretty well what you doing
Waiting for part 5 well done mate !! Keep it like this
Joey Agosto
Joey Agosto - 9 måneder siden
Hey V, nice job again, I like ur vids as much as GoonZquad, planning to come over to USA , maybe we can meet? lemme know ok? Ciao JoEy
Rashim Frederick
Rashim Frederick - 9 måneder siden
Bro we didn't see u sand down the roof to be painted
GarrisonDmon - 9 måneder siden
Pretty awesome job so far on this GTR. Sorry about your Hellcat man damn deer really know how to mess up a car in a hurry. I was just wondering how much you paid for the wrecked GTR at the auction?
Tom P
Tom P - 9 måneder siden
Dental floss works great to remove adhesive backed emblems and doesn't damage the paint.
Jason Cerniglia
Jason Cerniglia - 9 måneder siden
Dang yall must have one hell of a bag n tag system id be lost with them nuts bolts and fastners
Chuck - 9 måneder siden
"What is up guys" lol Goonzquad wannabe.
Mak 6
Mak 6 - 9 måneder siden
Nice rebuild but damn that’s an ugly color.
Simon Blunden
Simon Blunden - 9 måneder siden
V - 2 requests. Give that engine bay a good detail and please change the rims. Thank you!
Eric Albertson
Eric Albertson - 9 måneder siden
That stubby Milwaukee impact is the best! I can do a entire brake job with one gun on most cars including taking lug nuts off.
Gary W
Gary W - 9 måneder siden
Love watching the precise and carefull use of your hands on the easy to break plastics and wiring connectors. I seem to break many of those when I touch them.
Krischan - 9 måneder siden
Veeeery nice work - well done! Love to watch it! Greetings from Germany!
TheNtecc - 9 måneder siden
We are using Makita and Dewalt at work. Milwaukee is too expensive in my country (Czech Republic)
GW - 9 måneder siden
What happened to the deer,,,?
Marco Buscema
Marco Buscema - 9 måneder siden
Please, fix the audio and keep going :D
Howard Rice
Howard Rice - 9 måneder siden
Missed you dude. The man that knows frame work. It was nice to see you on Goonsquad you know your sh#$.
Clive Rudman
Clive Rudman - 9 måneder siden
They sure do get alot done in just 48min! Cant wait to see the final product...
Mike Robbins
Mike Robbins - 9 måneder siden
GTR is gonna be sweet.... Sorry about you run in with the deer...
Leo's Landscaping
Leo's Landscaping - 9 måneder siden
VT gonna help goonzquad to fix the red jeep truck
Sure has some talent. Keep at it VT.
Julie Blackwell
Julie Blackwell - 9 måneder siden
Fantastic you are back
Joshua Vaughn
Joshua Vaughn - 9 måneder siden
Those deer tear cars up now
School of Stock.
School of Stock. - 9 måneder siden
Rumble, young man rumble...
adam - 9 måneder siden
I got the same impact
It’s the best
I only buy milwaukee tools from now on
Jesse Lopez
Jesse Lopez - 8 måneder siden
adem salan is that the stubby one? I don’t think that’s the 1/4 hex one right?
J man
J man - 9 måneder siden
Hi Vtuned, great video, I love Nissans. Really small editing tip, if your doing a montage with music and you need to stop it to make a comment or product, try to make the music fade out a bit and not stop so abruptly. Or better yet, avoid cutting it altogether and make your comments and product shout outs in one big go, so you can get more out of the whole song, rather than smaller chopped bits.
Wan Ridzwan
Wan Ridzwan - 9 måneder siden
This is awesome
Rob Cas
Rob Cas - 9 måneder siden
Need to narrate the video more
Jay Smith
Jay Smith - 9 måneder siden
Keep the videos coming Vtuned !! The people want more 🤘 I can't wait to see the Charger again it's been a while and hope to see you repair the Goonzquad Jeep Gladiator as well . What ever happened to the Mustang build ??
avxspyrit - 9 måneder siden
vTuned & Goonzquad, my two favorites youtube channels! you guys really rock!!!
Shane Black Lord
Shane Black Lord - 9 måneder siden
Hey Vtuned! Great to you back on the GTR. ITS GONNA BE SICK! You should sell some of your other cars, how many do you need? Keep up the great work.
Viorel Luchak
Viorel Luchak - 9 måneder siden
Awesome job 👍👍👍
Viorel Luchak
Viorel Luchak - 9 måneder siden
Welcome back brother🤝, I saw you in goonzquad garage 😉
ianwynneuk - 9 måneder siden
Where you been V!? Welcome back, we missed ‘ya
valley farming
valley farming - 9 måneder siden
Don’t steal goonzsquads intro bro
valley farming
valley farming - 9 måneder siden
You the man bro
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - 9 måneder siden
They stole mine
Jamie Hancock
Jamie Hancock - 9 måneder siden
Great work! How's your neck been?
bentgodtnok - 9 måneder siden
Thx for the update - another cool video. Btw, did you sell the M4? Best regards from Denmark
Stephen Gordon
Stephen Gordon - 9 måneder siden
Keep the videos coming , I love it !
bootska - 9 måneder siden
Glad to have you back!
AL BUNDY - 9 måneder siden
Vtuned. Master of all right measurements and good framework.
Grant 7 Paints & Coatings
Grant 7 Paints & Coatings - 9 måneder siden
Good video...
Tony Mojica
Tony Mojica - 9 måneder siden
D F - 9 måneder siden
Mate been waiting ages for this video!!! Hope your doing well 👍👍
MrAJWorks - 9 måneder siden
Keessie32 - 9 måneder siden
V-Tune got golden hands and eyes!!!
Body Master
mav rick
mav rick - 9 måneder siden
Hey when are you going to give us an update on that CLS 550? Part 2?
Lamster66 - 9 måneder siden
Is that how you damaged your neck?
White Thunder
White Thunder - 9 måneder siden
The master is back!
jesper Ekholm
jesper Ekholm - 9 måneder siden
Alf Gjelsvik
Alf Gjelsvik - 9 måneder siden
Hi vTuned
Fore how many year hawe you been working whit stratening up cars on the beanch,and would you like working in the new goongaradge??
ps how many will love him work in the new goongaradge??put a like
Stephan Esterhuizen
Stephan Esterhuizen - 9 måneder siden
You should cut the solid pieces out of those fake vents leaving the diamond pattern.
Zon - 9 måneder siden
You are the man! You are Lionel Messi in the car industry!
Loick L
Loick L - 9 måneder siden
Vtuned is buying everycars to rebuild them and makes sure he is the one breaking them :D
Bobby Bannerman
Bobby Bannerman - 9 måneder siden
Arian Alshiqi
Arian Alshiqi - 9 måneder siden
The intro is same with the goonzquad❤️❤️😅
Jules Mechanics
Jules Mechanics - 9 måneder siden
Bout time ..thought y’all gave up 👍🏽
Nick Rendell
Nick Rendell - 9 måneder siden
Gona look amazing again once it’s painted, carbon bonnet will be a wicked change to the front. Looking forward to a goonzquad collaboration when they bring in the jeep gladiator.👍😀🤘
David LEGER - 9 måneder siden
Great video, but buy you a microphone please!!!!!
PS PERFORMANCE - 9 måneder siden
Super keeps going so more videos sends greetings from Germany
Jonny Be good
Jonny Be good - 9 måneder siden
i like the peacock quill on the back of your head lol, good video
Jimf - 9 måneder siden
Keep up the good work and please post more often.
Moath Dalaeen
Moath Dalaeen - 9 måneder siden
Man we all miss your videos. so please, dont hang a lot of time period for next video
Halogie - 9 måneder siden
Hope to see more weekly video's! best (underrated) youtube channel about cars.
Doug's Welding & Fabrication
Doug's Welding & Fabrication - 9 måneder siden
Mohammed Riyadh
Mohammed Riyadh - 9 måneder siden
Nate Gee
Nate Gee - 9 måneder siden
Mark ??
Eric Stang
Eric Stang - 9 måneder siden
Tu es doué et tu connais le métier, un plaisir de te voir bricoler! Continue!
Jon England
Jon England - 9 måneder siden
Hes been taking notes from goonzquad on content making. Well done bro. MORE CONTENT 😀
Autobahn Hobby
Autobahn Hobby - 9 måneder siden
Nice video like always. It looks so easy when you fix body or frame damage
nicoo__m - 9 måneder siden
good to see you back
Don Andrei Benitez
Don Andrei Benitez - 9 måneder siden
Vtuned, you have the skills, i was thinking you need a partner, adds more context. i.e. goonzquad since you guys already know each other.
Willem P
Willem P - 9 måneder siden
So young and so mutch know how.....
Alexandro Hernandez
Alexandro Hernandez - 9 måneder siden
You wouldn’t paint it orange 🍊? It’d look nice 👍
Stephen Cadman
Stephen Cadman - 9 måneder siden
yes his back, was wondering where you were, best videos on youtube
Aven Garfield
Aven Garfield - 9 måneder siden
Not going to lie I don’t usually watch your videos, but I highly respect your skills bro keep it up
Charl-John du Plessis
Charl-John du Plessis - 9 måneder siden
These videos are like watching the old Jeep goonzquad videos all over again... ALOT more knowhow in the repairs but you can see you are still a bit uptight with your presentation
Roberto - 9 måneder siden
Nice to see you again. Welcome back!
RB-AUTOWORKS - 9 måneder siden
So you can fit the new style front bumper to the older year GTR'S without other mods?