Replacing Airbags in my Cadillac CTS-V And a Builds update!

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Welcome back to the channel today we reassembly The Cadillac CTS-v And replace some airbags.
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Vaughn Soltau
Vaughn Soltau - 3 måneder siden
Did you replace the body control module after you changed all your airbags? @vtunedgarage
Vaughn Soltau
Vaughn Soltau - 3 måneder siden
Where did you purchase your bcm, I’ve tried one place and now I have a stability control light and traction control light on
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - 3 måneder siden
Joseph F
Joseph F - 4 måneder siden
Where is the finished CTS video? Thanks in advance.
keith lamarre
keith lamarre - 4 måneder siden
Rebuild a f350 6.7
keith lamarre
keith lamarre - 4 måneder siden
You should make a video on how you learned how to do this stuff make a good video nobody else does
Thailand Unboxed
Thailand Unboxed - 4 måneder siden
Airbag $160 wholesale.
Thomas Heller
Thomas Heller - 4 måneder siden
Looks like your having too much fun!
Tristen Spenst
Tristen Spenst - 4 måneder siden
Clean parts on dusty ass chassis
Atoool K
Atoool K - 7 måneder siden
Is the Cadillac Done? :D
Dan Labelle
Dan Labelle - 8 måneder siden
Awesome job guys
DeBlasis - 11 måneder siden
What all did u have to do, to do the airbags? I’m doing a wrecked caddy right now.
A.RealCutz - 11 måneder siden
update on the cts v???
Bilge Pump
Bilge Pump - År siden
Whats going on with the V???
IcanFartLOUD - År siden
I can't believe it took me six months of goonz and samcrac before I subbed to vtune's channel. .....
Lewis Kemp
Lewis Kemp - År siden
Hey guys. I hate doing air bags or dash work. How’s your backs feeling? I’m too old for this crap lol
Terrell Miller
Terrell Miller - År siden
U could fix my Cts
lowpinglag - År siden
We have that one dream car, and mine is the Cadillac CTS-V :)
scarmenl - År siden
When you can. I know none of us have bottomless pockets. Try to get a better audio setup. It can be very hard to understand what you are saying.
terry turk
terry turk - År siden
Im a goonsqaud fan and always will be but I gotta admit you know your shit brother.they take like 10 to 20 videos to make a car when you take just a few.fwi though the more videos you make on one car the more you can make off it.Keep doing your thing cause hard work pays off brother
mobilemowers - År siden
Stupid idea replace a dash just for an air bag. Not to pmoted Fords but Ford ZX2 has the bag replaceable as an example.
Colin Prince
Colin Prince - År siden
I don’t know how you keep it all in your head what needs what???? Do you research each car before you make a start or are you pretty familiar with all of them. It gives me a pain in the brain just trying to keep up with you. Best wishes Colin (Australia).
rogelio salazar
rogelio salazar - År siden
Oh and by the way rookie you supposed to put the fenders on first and then the hood
kevin reyes
kevin reyes - År siden
Ram rt
Mansoor Ahmed
Mansoor Ahmed - År siden
You are the best :) Thumbs up
greg b
greg b - År siden
Does anybody know if these headlights would work on a bass model cts.
RAH RAH - År siden
Hellyeah do some more mods to the hellcat and do some mods to the V also
Brake light Warranty
Brake light Warranty - År siden
zero shits given at 10:02 😂😂😂
Victor Deleon
Victor Deleon - År siden
johnny tran would be proud
C Gomez
C Gomez - År siden
I wish these channels would put in the description, the acquisition cost, and final cost to repair. Thx
2crazy2behere The Purger
I liked the racing strip that the old hellcat hood has still made it look way better.. also hell ya you should add so more power ups to it !!!
Simi Simion
Simi Simion - År siden
Very nice.
Devell Wilson
Devell Wilson - År siden
Very helpful video thank you
Andy Helfrich
Andy Helfrich - År siden
Sucks that it needs a new dash when the airbags blow.
Lewis Kemp
Lewis Kemp - År siden
Andy Helfrich That’s the way manufactures build cars today
Justin Bridwell
Justin Bridwell - År siden
Where are more CTSV updates? No love for the BMW, also do you plan on selling this V?
Samuel Scheuers
Samuel Scheuers - År siden
You should race goonzquad with the hellcats
Redbug 3
Redbug 3 - År siden
The 911 is the fastest one there! (Awaiting hellcat arguments)
Matthew Laun
Matthew Laun - År siden
Keep at it Vtuned...subs will keep coming....nice rebuild channel...glad you are going for yours after you have helped so many others
ynfuentes1 - År siden
OK I have a request. Buy a moster of car for you little brother and put him to work with you in it but don't say anything and when is done tell him this for you my little brother. But you're gonna work in the car with love like it's going to be yours but is not. I remember that I didn't did to many things for my little brother and I regret it
David Lewis
David Lewis - År siden
Hello from Australia 🇦🇺 I first saw you on a few Goonzquad videos when you would help them fix there frame damage on the HellCat, Mustang, ZO6 and I think you did the Viper as well can’t remember but I heard you were going to do the same as them boys I started watching at ya first HellCat video you should maybe see if the guys would like to maybe do a build with you and maybe do another CTS-V and turn it in to a drag car or a ZL1. Anyway keep up the awesome content and work
Reggie Anderson
Reggie Anderson - År siden
How much for that S2000?
Mark Livarchuk
Mark Livarchuk - År siden
Redline Reggie 25k
Tito Chavez
Tito Chavez - År siden
Build a truck!
mark maupin
mark maupin - År siden
Why dont you rebiuld a F-150 with the Coyote engine and add a super charger. Like the one Auto Vog did, but had problems with. Around 700 horse power In a pickup.
Frank M
Frank M - År siden
I wanna work there...
Hilario Martinez
Hilario Martinez - År siden
It would be cool to see a truck go from plain to insane
Keep Out
Keep Out - År siden
Lol, the little red cars engine sounds like 4 angry gerbils lmao, just messing brother, cool car for his first car and he's doing the work himself, great for him, right on man 👍👍👍🇺🇸✌️
Keep Out
Keep Out - År siden
Yeah brother change the pulleys, upper and lower ,also pin the crank, it will be sweet, have you had it tuned ? The truck is bad *ss, mod the motor on that thing as well, Peace brother
Harry Farr
Harry Farr - År siden
What happened to the mustang ?
Sammy N.
Sammy N. - År siden
Hellcat logo?
Michael Bartlett
Michael Bartlett - År siden
He’s gonna go far on YouTube. Love how him and goonz is there for each other. Good job to both channels.
18 колес по США
Build a dully ram 3500
Ron Cathey
Ron Cathey - År siden
You gotta get the Lambo like the Goobzquad
Motivation For Life
Motivation For Life - År siden
Dodge Challenger price sir
Jon Strizak
Jon Strizak - År siden
Definitely rebuild a truck. Something to be an overlander. I enjoy the race car rebuilds everyone is doing. But for me not practical.
Gregg KUZILA - År siden
Are you going to drive it race it is it for sale
Automobile Universe
Automobile Universe - År siden
dude voice issue can u fixit?
Karun Varghese
Karun Varghese - År siden
We need carbon fibre parts on the hellcat. Weight reduction = More power
ELECTRO D.I.Y - År siden
poor goonzquad their s2000 headgasket is blown
ELECTRO D.I.Y - År siden
we need a truckload of mods on ur hellcat
Eric Tran
Eric Tran - År siden
let's get you to 100k subs
Pan Tan
Pan Tan - År siden
Hey and what happened with e46 m power build? :)
edward quinn
edward quinn - År siden
The goonzsquad needs your help with their s2k
Terry Baptist
Terry Baptist - År siden
Commented thumbed up subscribed?
Hell ya on the trucks
Mark Bennett
Mark Bennett - År siden
Still thinking that Hellcat needs the big black stripe back on it!
Tony Busch
Tony Busch - År siden
damn vtuned, you got the best life a young guy can have. your smart, good at what you do, and it seems that you actually like what you do unluike most people. keep up all the hard work bro and it will pay off tremendously. much love from buffalo ny
Samcrac - År siden
"My brother built a custom hood for it; it's not done yet." If you know Vtuned's brother, you know why this is hilarious.
Shakir Provitt
Shakir Provitt - År siden
Do you work on customers cars as well if so where are you located at
ssantos010287 - År siden
It's amazing that you can just dismantle an entire car and put it back together. I would forget some shit lol
kickit59 - År siden
Nice job on the dash Vtune you made it look easy! You'll have it back on the streets in no time! Thanks for all the cool content & video!
jacksonvile12345678 - År siden
Could you finish Sam's car? Maybe some more performance mods on his car as well and force him to give it away.
joe heaton
joe heaton - År siden
Build a Truck
Ukrainian Kid
Ukrainian Kid - År siden
Ya do a rebuild truck
Josh Heiser
Josh Heiser - År siden
You said airbags are not expensive. Yes that is true for used ones. But insurance companies can’t pay to have used airbags installed. So therefore they must pay for brand new.
Josh Heiser
Josh Heiser - År siden
Why can’t car makers make the airbag not break the dashboard?
Joey Sawyer
Joey Sawyer - År siden
Yeah man do a truck. A 3.5 EcoBoost f150 and then crank up the boost
chris siano
chris siano - År siden
Get rid of the hellcat, they are old news.. Buy a lambo or Mclaren and rebuild those next.
Patrick W
Patrick W - År siden
Rebuild a truck that would be great
Victor Victor
Victor Victor - År siden
Nice prelude
Quintin Grillenberger
Quintin Grillenberger - År siden
see a V-tuned vs Goonsquad S2000 -RACE TRACK RUN coming up soon
Danny Curtis
Danny Curtis - År siden
Looking good, nice job👍. The focus are very big in the UK. Got a concours Sierra Cosworth myself. Now building a Escort Mk2 👍
TheDragonDelasangre - År siden
Thumbs up for the Porsche, I do want to see that
BigRob81 - År siden If you go e85 just need smaller pulley and bigger injectors
Ricards Līsmanis
Ricards Līsmanis - År siden
Ford RAPTOR rebuild
emperor penguin
emperor penguin - År siden
Hey I'm not insulting you you do good work but you should build a real car my Dodge Charger in a real car because charges them had four doors I'm not talkin to Camaro and I'm not talkin another Dodge I think you should build a bustang you deserve it you do good work though don't please don't take that as an insult just know that I think you should build a real car
Nate Lee
Nate Lee - År siden
Bustangs are sick
MonkeyMonk2000 - År siden
It's great that steering wheel didn't need to be removed!
Shek1lla - År siden
Where’s YUGO? Do something with YUGO please
Danny Oliveira
Danny Oliveira - År siden
Man your good, keep it up .
Vag T
Vag T - År siden
Vtuned you make wonders with hands.A true technician not salesman.Keep up the good job!
Rob J
Rob J - År siden
You've picked up quite a following the last couple months. Congratulations. Maybe you can get some mods money.
Robert McKnight
Robert McKnight - År siden
Samcrac will sell you a parts Porsche Cayenne.
mierpub8lam - År siden
You are AWESOME young man! I can't imagine the levels you will reach in 5 to 10 years and beyond.
they see me rollin they hatin
Happy to see your channel growing man. Keep it up 🤙
CLMDADE - År siden
Build whatever, as long as it's not a Lamborghini...Everybody and there momma is building one!
trygg eriksen
trygg eriksen - År siden
you have to mod the hellcat. i loved that rebuild series
Mohammed Riyadh
Mohammed Riyadh - År siden
eaknath os
eaknath os - År siden
Ian Milo
Ian Milo - År siden
Vtuned for President :)
jeremie manninen
jeremie manninen - År siden
lol for the Hellcat you should team up with Cleetus McFarland and Fasterproms to make that thing fast as hell. For those rice burners have Boostedboiz come help as they seem to love Honda's an Subaru's lol. As for the next vehicle to rebuild if you really want a challenge try restoring that parts Lambo your buddies over at Goonzsquad has
jeremie manninen
jeremie manninen - År siden
@Tactical Nite the Lambo I'm referring to would be a challenge as it was in a fire and then the Goonzsquad also took quite a few of the good parts off of it for their own build
Tactical Nite
Tactical Nite - År siden
Lambo is not a challneg just expensive
KeiNovak - År siden
Rebuild and modernize an old-school hummer. They're selling a ton of those on the government auction sites.
RODZILLA - År siden
Nice work on the V... Appreciate the project update as well.
White Thunder
White Thunder - År siden
Do like flex fuel on the charger...