Replacing frame rails on a ford focus RS

Welcome back to the Vtuned Today we repair Samcracs ford focus frame rails.
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Jarico - Island (Vlog No Copyright Music)
NIVIRO - Flashes [NCS Release]
Runtime: 12:50


Vasily Builds
Vasily Builds - År siden
The notification squad is looking fresh🔥 Looks like Vtuned can fix anything!
Gregory Megatron
Gregory Megatron - År siden
@ADIY PILIKHACH I think Vasily introduced a lot of Vasily followers to VTuned
Franklin Field Jr.
Franklin Field Jr. - 4 måneder siden
Hey ... you left the tags on the vise grips you used ... going to bring them back when you are finished using them for this job??? 👀😎😳🤔 .... great work 👍👍👍
Jim - 7 måneder siden
Hey man, I have a question. So I had a mishap using drift mode and kinda fucked up my bumper. I slid into a little grass hillside and it made my bumper pull back on the passenger side. Tore a bunch of plastic. I have all the new parts installed but I had a tough time getting everything to line up again. It’s all together now. But there’s a decent sized gap by where the headlight and hood meet. And I have tried moving the headlight to get the gaps the meet. Any suggestions? Do you think I could have bent the frame? Help me out man please because I’m looking at trucks now. 😂
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - 7 måneder siden
Quite possibly dm me on instagram
Alex adamovitch
Alex adamovitch - 7 måneder siden
What kind of radiator support did you use? The one that’s specified exactly for the rs or from a regular focus? Parts number shows that the one on the rs is different from regular focus. But they look the same, only difference is a hefty price tag for the rs one.
Bilge Pump
Bilge Pump - År siden
Hey it looks like a Mustang. I guess Ford is getting lazy.
nicolesfunworld - År siden
Nice work but double the work.
Lee Hall
Lee Hall - År siden
Awesome work
Mansoor Ahmed
Mansoor Ahmed - År siden
Man you made it look so easy, you are a special talent indeed
Mohammed Riyadh
Mohammed Riyadh - År siden
John Car
John Car - År siden
Really cool how all you guys are working together. Vtune, Goonsquad, and Samcracs.
Martin Simmons
Martin Simmons - År siden
bought me here, you are legit a wizard of your trade! A+ work!!!!
G. Del Toro
G. Del Toro - År siden
Just a proof that working immigrants are the best that has happened to the U.S. no offense tho. I'm a Mexican myself
shaun fo
shaun fo - År siden
Just saw Sam's second video with you on his rs and I have to say you have some talent when it comes to welding
Roger McElfresh
Roger McElfresh - År siden
Came here from the SamCracc channel. Subbed because Sam scares me. My friends and I played Bloody Focus during a sleepover, we went in the bathroom with a flashlight and said Sam Cracc three times. He came to us that night in a Pizza Car. Scared us to death!
Brian E
Brian E - År siden
You're skills amaze me young grass hopper...
Frank Contreras
Frank Contreras - År siden
Vtuned, have some mad skills. Hat's off to you. Keep up the great videos and work. Peace
Jurij Silo
Jurij Silo - År siden
Красавчик! 👍🏻
Gregg Kiest
Gregg Kiest - År siden
Always a thumbs up for a V-Tuned video.
fearLESS - År siden
new shop?
bigpoohbear2272 - År siden
You are in Chattanooga?
Ken Michigwan
Ken Michigwan - År siden
Who painted that too😂😂😂😂 that paint was sh*tty though
Automobile Universe
Automobile Universe - År siden
nice ncs
tip MART
tip MART - År siden
ur loction to fix my cars
White Thunder
White Thunder - År siden
Should have given the craccchead a harder time! Lolol. Go vtuned!
Silentt D
Silentt D - År siden
vitaly drevenchuk
vitaly drevenchuk - År siden
Nice like a pro
NC Vman
NC Vman - År siden
Nice job. Was wondering is this the proper repair technique. Can you resell the car like this? Is this safe? Do body shops that go through insurance do this?
ALEX RIVERA - År siden
Hey Vtuned where the hell you been ??? you slacking on videos upload
Luigi palma
Luigi palma - År siden
Tim Miller
Tim Miller - År siden
Im here because of Sam........going to check out all your builds
Dean Wharepapa
Dean Wharepapa - År siden
Awesome work guys
CSGTech - År siden
That dude can even fix your life with those skills. I'm impressed
CSGTech - År siden
You repaired Samcrac's crack
as lamb
as lamb - År siden
Samcrac you ought to know that V TUNED is going to do a great job on your FOCUS he always does great work on everything I've seen him do he is very very good at what he does I would let him do some work on my car were I closer to him I'm up here just outside Little Rock Arkansas though he looks to be a pretty good ways from me anyway I like to watch V TUNED & YOU or anybody that does this kind of work on these Rebuild Cars it is joy for me to sit back & watch great job SAM & V TUNED here's A BIG THUMBS & KUDOS to you both
4244john - År siden
Anybody notice vTuned is kind of camera shy? Nevertheless, his bodywork skills do the talking!!!!
Lonnie Davis
Lonnie Davis - År siden
That weld job looks awesome and the to top it off you work on Samcrac’s car sweet deal
RODZILLA - År siden
Nice work vTuned, and nice collaboration with Samcrac!
Anom Amos
Anom Amos - År siden
Better hope the owner of that yard doesn’t see how you hacked everything off destroying bits they could sell and others might need.
Anom Amos
Anom Amos - År siden
@vTuned garage The washer bottle or what ever it was that was held on by one bolt that was cut off instead of undone. I've seen people being real a-holes destroying bits deliberately including urinating on the seats among other things, I'm sure it pisses everyone off when they go to get a part and the only one that would have been perfect has been destroyed either through carelessness or vandalism. If you're going to have a NOburn channel proper salvage yard etiquette is a must.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Lol what did I destroy???
kickit59 - År siden
Vtune is the man! Samcrac picked the right guy to unscrewup a bad screwup!
Matthew Sorensen
Matthew Sorensen - År siden
Nice job
Let your imagination grow wild
I commented on Sam,s upload of this but you can really tell he's from the Sunshine state he has no long trousers was he wearing flip flops too? Well done great video super talented.
Danny Curtis
Danny Curtis - År siden
Beautiful job,you make that look easy 👍👍
Rather Be Restoring
Rather Be Restoring - År siden
These collabs are gonna make you blow up so quickly! Very wise!
Ali Aljboree
Ali Aljboree - År siden
Fantastic job broo it's a very nice and cool🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️☑️☑️👌🏻
Мусабег Хидиров
Carl Cooper
Carl Cooper - År siden
Awesome seeing the collaboration of 2 great guys.
bernardthefourth - År siden
All the other youtubers need vtuned to do all the hard core work.
Petar Vučina
Petar Vučina - År siden
Who's Lambo is that in the background ☺
Jan Duarte
Jan Duarte - År siden
Came from Samcrac. So you got my sub.
lazreg anis
lazreg anis - År siden
I like how Vtuned cracks jokes when driving and working 😂
mk1eski - År siden
Great job
Coolissim0 Unl1mited
Coolissim0 Unl1mited - År siden
how a 20 years old dude be as good as you ??? Great stuff
Robert Bailey
Robert Bailey - År siden
One of the best frame rail fixes I have seen. I like the inside backer plate approach you use.
Robert Bailey
Robert Bailey - År siden
@10:54 What is up with the tires being turned at two different angles? Or is it just a bad camera angel?
Piazzawoodworks - År siden
Easy peasy for the v tuned garage ,good work
Gold Coast Rob
Gold Coast Rob - År siden
Wow great to see how you help other YouTubers just shows how talented you are
Love your work 👍👍👍👍
bobspurloc - År siden
Odd a few months back samcrac said a car he looked at couldn't be fixed because of front frame damage, and I said vtuned could have fixed it now. now this...
polskifacet - År siden
wear gloves when using a grinder
Victor Victor
Victor Victor - År siden
Fix my van
J R - År siden
Flex tape on the crac Sam 👌
vsho - År siden
I love this channel, Adobe collaboration, I swear I was thinking he should contact you when he first was looking for a shop to do the repair, must be ESPN or something lol
Anonymous - År siden
Where do they get there cars from
jeremie manninen
jeremie manninen - År siden
that light crash damage car wasn't to bad nothing a little bondo and a paint job can't fix lol
Niko Brothers
Niko Brothers - År siden
U making it look easy... great work on the focus rs and u didnt even use the frame machine on the frame work
Zakary Palacios
Zakary Palacios - År siden
Serious case of déjà vu
That GUY
That GUY - År siden
Even better the second time viewing 👍🏼
Jason Hanson
Jason Hanson - År siden
You showed how to cut the outside of the frame, but was wondering how you cut the inside to fit?
Mark Dietrich
Mark Dietrich - År siden
It’s true the kid is good,, but u hafta remember too some old guy showed and taught him the right way to do things.
krisone63 - År siden
Pretty impressive, just subscribed because I see that you do things professionally, finally someone on YouTube that I would buy a rebuild from. !!!
Brian M
Brian M - År siden
When you weld the rails back on, are you doing a series of tacks or one consistent bead?
Brian M
Brian M - År siden
@vTuned garage thanks. I have to replace a rail on my build.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Consistent welds
Maria - År siden
Free Hhhh
Free Hhhh - År siden
Wish I had a brother like you 🙄
GLeszega - År siden
You are the man! It was nice to see a samcrac video where someone actually knew what they were doing for once.
Jesse Reed
Jesse Reed - År siden
young talent all these car rebuilders amazing talent no slackers in there shops they get the job done move on to the next project amazing work better looking than brand new
Jesse Reed
Jesse Reed - År siden
shop looking great it's all good
MrWagogo - År siden
Samcrac sent me.
Jesse Reed
Jesse Reed - År siden
v toons vs goonssquad vs dy gang build off sell the cars money goes to charity keep the build to just basic drivers nothing exotic time frame sixty days to purchase a wreck and rebuild maybe ask sponcers to donate products coparts to donate three older wreck cars after auction the cars money goes to your favorite charity
Peter Bishop
Peter Bishop - År siden
Amazing skill you got there Vtuned. Good collab you two
Jesse Reed
Jesse Reed - År siden
good looking cabinets they can put down a epoxy coating on your exciting shop floor check in your area for price quote s
Double R Restorations
Double R Restorations - År siden
Great work as usual vTuned!
Brian J
Brian J - År siden
What happen to the caddie
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Working on it
Mostafa Ibrahim
Mostafa Ibrahim - År siden
vTuned where the last video of hellcat !!!
Joebiz24 - År siden
V the surgeon and Sam. Amazing work. Great video
frank kapsner
frank kapsner - År siden
I like the work you do , great job , well done
K D - År siden
Good job
jacoby Demissie
jacoby Demissie - År siden
Hey vTuned check this out
Danny Oliveira
Danny Oliveira - År siden
vTune love your channel and your work,
Great job bro.
Mike - År siden
Its super cool how samcrac promotes fellow rebuilds channels that are still somewhat small compared to his or goonz\b is for build. Seems like a good dude and he got frame work done by the very best.
Apollo G
Apollo G - År siden
Is there plans for a vTuned garage on the West Coast? We could surely use some of your Awesome work out here.
H Garcia
H Garcia - År siden
Nice👍 great work bud🤘
kitcar111 - År siden
I just found out about your channel from following Samcrac. Good work on the Focus! I’ve been waiting 2 months for the Focus update. Samcrac kept teasing. And I love your channel.
Alvin Brinson
Alvin Brinson - År siden
I figured he was gonna partner with Goonzquad. I wasn't far off.
live and let live
live and let live - År siden
Great colab!
J P - År siden
Love the collaboration, its about time!
And tune, with that cutoff wheel, if I send you gloves will you wear them?
matt monette
matt monette - År siden
I found you from that crack guy
Shawn J
Shawn J - År siden
you know you’re in trouble when a 20 year old calls your job an amateur
superlite2000 - År siden
True craftsmanship!
Tony Busch
Tony Busch - År siden
bro, your a fuckin animal vtuned. the best around. killin it everytime i watch one of your vids. mad love from buffalo ny
Edward VP
Edward VP - År siden
Great work as ALWAYS V!
Ed David
Ed David - År siden
Samcrac sent me and I've been binge watching the hellcat build all day