Samcrac's EPIC FAIL focus RS Gets Fresh Mods and MAJOR ASSEMBLY!

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Welcome back to the channel today we reinstall everything on to the ford focus rs!
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Carlos Zambrano
Carlos Zambrano - 7 måneder siden
Thanks vTuned...!
Swagfest2k14 - År siden
Did Sam crack buy this car wrecked?
yeghia minassian
yeghia minassian - År siden
you going to be a millionaire keep going
Incaensio - År siden
Fram. Must really hate his car.
Tsikriteas Spyros
Tsikriteas Spyros - År siden
gj! but get a set of alloy wrenches for AN fittings.. that german wrench on the 400$ mishimoto oil cooler hurt my brain....
Ivan Willie
Ivan Willie - År siden
signalorangers2k - År siden
Nice work. Did you give up on this car Sam?
mohsin malik
mohsin malik - År siden
Love the work,
Haris - År siden
Please please please get a mic 😡
Ron Kirkland
Ron Kirkland - År siden
Leave Sam Crac alone or there will be trouble Boss!!
funkyzero - År siden
Samcrac sent me. His message is:
"Nice t-shirt man. Be a shame if something happened to it"
Mohammed Arshad Mahmood
Nice job just one thing I noticed is you put a spanner on the battery right next to the Positive terminal it was only a few millimeters from touching the clamp that holds the battery down which is going to earth.
Pro Tech Machinery
Pro Tech Machinery - År siden
anyone else notice sparks flying at 7:10 ??? Stay safe!
Balleknack - År siden
Finally some progress on this build.
kickit59 - År siden
Vtune excellent job repairing Samcrac Focus! Thanks for the cool video! I am already looking forward to the next video!
Dan Whitaker
Dan Whitaker - År siden
Uses Motorcraft oil & coolant. Puts on an STP oil filter WTF?
yoboi01 - År siden
Can you help me with my truck ! Lol , help. I would do anything! VTune is the best
Kevbox2008 - År siden
3:09 = Not something you want to hear your dentist or cardiologist say.
Gab7839 - År siden
Looks like your lens caught some paint, look around the bright spots in the video, there's some kind of fog around them... Btw great work man, you sure are very talented and your channel is growing fast! Keep it up!
HB - År siden
HOLY CRAP, FLAT HEAD SCREWS. I didn't think they made those any more.
u666sa - År siden
Oil cooler in front of a radiator, is that a good idea?
Izzo - År siden
WOW! Am totally blown away by vTuned's no bullsh!t approach of less talk and more work done! Totally digging this...
mktbully - År siden
Coolant pouring skill is on point. Not a drop spilled and no funnel. :D
Mohammed Riyadh
Mohammed Riyadh - År siden
auxmike - År siden
Torque wrench, own one?
B4kerb0y_83 - År siden
This car is the reason I started watching samcrac and now I’m loving the vtuned Chanel. Good move 👍
Dandy Andy
Dandy Andy - År siden
vTuned makes it look so easy! Love this channel. He deserves his own channel on Motor Trend.
brad busch
brad busch - År siden
Great job
brad busch
brad busch - År siden
Great job
ianwynneuk - År siden
Makes it look so easy, when it’s not. Love VTuned - proper master craftsman, just gets it done like it’s a simple job. A true artist.
Ever thought about doing Engine rebuilds?
Paul-Ivo B.
Paul-Ivo B. - År siden
Buy a decent clip-on microphone and STOP SHOUTING.
Adrienne Michelle
Adrienne Michelle - År siden
You have some serious patience🙏
mobilemowers - År siden
Was this car factory turbo ?
Stephen Allen
Stephen Allen - År siden
Just a friendly suggestion. instead of removing the positive terminal, remove the negative terminal or protect the positive so that you don't cause a power surge to different module. at 7:10 you can see the positive cable momentarily hit the positive post causing a power surge. Again just a friendly suggestion
murse cenary
murse cenary - År siden
Make Painting With Your Eyes Open Great Again!
Nick Rose
Nick Rose - År siden
Love your channel.  With alum to alum threads, add some anti seize. You have skills. Keep Killin it.
Dave - År siden
I'm pretty sure the front plastic crash support was not painted white from factory, it kinda looked weird.
Prince Edward
Prince Edward - År siden
So this is where Samcracs' RS when he is not working on it. This guy is awesome.
Sacatolas Moreira
Sacatolas Moreira - År siden
Darkoptix - År siden
Bruh you be lookin like Anthony Padilla
MAJOR - År siden
Love the videos bro, but please, wipe your camera lens down so it doesn’t look foggy :)
Frode Stillingen
Frode Stillingen - År siden
Samcrac did it right this time! :D let the kids do it.
David Ball
David Ball - År siden
Please tell us you are going to paint and color match the whole car??
henri - År siden
Nice to see someone takes pride in the work they do, these days you don't it that often.
Dan V
Dan V - År siden
That front rebar is not from an RS its missing the tow hoock conection :))
Cody Langston
Cody Langston - År siden
Your doin awesome bro keep up that work .
Andy Helfrich
Andy Helfrich - År siden
You need aluminum wrenches for some of those fittings. It's not a huge deal but nice to have.
Mads julsgaard
Mads julsgaard - År siden
I`m amazed again - great job. Samcrac chose the right man for the job! Best regards for Denmark
Zach M
Zach M - År siden
Wouldn't put that Fram filter back
Niko Brothers
Niko Brothers - År siden
Making it look easy but should have made Samrac do it.... he could have learned a thing or too
swish1onu - År siden
You and Sam had a great collaboration video, hilarious shit
Juanillo Rios
Juanillo Rios - År siden
Rack and Pinion rusty asf😟 need to switch that out
TheRobman - År siden
7:09 battery flash !!!
White Thunder
White Thunder - År siden
You should bill mr cracc for a job well done!
Chingon El Vatillo
Chingon El Vatillo - År siden
Hey Ben time to step it up a something others haven't done yet...a Demon!😉
D. Mat.Zero6
D. Mat.Zero6 - År siden
i would of said "cool mods" instead of fresh mods
Fotis Parolas
Fotis Parolas - År siden
Very Good Job vTuned! Keep it up!
CSGTech - År siden
This channel have the content I love!
D macio
D macio - År siden
I run a body shop opened it when I was 21. Im 29 now and i noticed kids dont like to get dirty any more. Its good to see young guys actually get shit done instead of rambling in the footage. Some youtubers should just stick to youtubing.
Prairie State Auto Restorations
vTuned did more work in one video than Sam did in an entire year on this car.
Vu Nguyen
Vu Nguyen - År siden
Make sure Samcrac doesn't pay you in bananas
Kim Ove Neverdal
Kim Ove Neverdal - År siden
Whoa, bolt on parts which bolts on 😂
Kim Ove Neverdal
Kim Ove Neverdal - År siden
Was there rust on the driveaxle?🤔
Nayef Alanzi
Nayef Alanzi - År siden
great 👏
Abdel Gonzalez
Abdel Gonzalez - År siden
I love the collaborations and crossover episodes! I had to stop and read the comments after the 'eyes closed' burn. Dang son!
D4r3k33 - År siden
Nice build 😀
David Lunn
David Lunn - År siden
I love watching you doing your video's as you make everything look so easy and your knowledge of how to do the jobs you do is massive. Your attention to detail is incredible and some of the steps you do to get even the smallest blemish fixed is wonderful to watch. Samcrac is lucky to have you do the work on the Focus RS and it will be the best car in his fleet (mind you the Audi RS 7 is pretty incredible too). Loved watching the Hellcat video's and will watch all of your video's over Easter.
Simon Blunden
Simon Blunden - År siden
David Lunn totally agree
Josh Heiser
Josh Heiser - År siden
Vtuned changed his clothes three times for the making of this video.
Jurij Silo
Jurij Silo - År siden
1:24 mate you have brand new hood. you don’t need to scotch it, it has special coat, you can spray on it straight away.
i will tell you more, that black coat can cause cancer if you breathe in that dust every day..
i was informed about that by guy who is really professional.
my advice is not to trust strangers like me, in comments section, but ask professionals.
cheers 🤜🏼🤛🏻
Jurij Silo
Jurij Silo - År siden
well i just tell what i’v been heard :)
Mark Livarchuk
Mark Livarchuk - År siden
You can only paint on oem primer after purchase, if it sits for awhile then you have to sand it
Raymond Dunn
Raymond Dunn - År siden
love the work you do man, keep it up
novgaladh - År siden
so why is samcrac not working on his car? that bastard!
Cole Eilert
Cole Eilert - År siden
SS Super Sport sedan next?
Mark Harry
Mark Harry - År siden
I haven't seen all of your videos, but this is the first one that you didn't have dirt on your face.
Jennifer Rosander
Jennifer Rosander - År siden
I wanna know what’s up with the CTS?!?! 🤔🤔 Love your videos!!!
2Moza - År siden
Good Job
2Moza - År siden
Hell Man a Blind man would love to see it :) Sam is like a one leg Man in a ASS kicking competition lol,Just saying hahahahaha
Auto Rebuilds Garage
Auto Rebuilds Garage - År siden
Good video! A lot of progress on that thing
GLeszega - År siden
“I guess he was painting it with his eyes closed” Lmaoo I love when this guy talks sh*t he’s hilarious
Joebiz24 - År siden
V, great work as always. Sam, brilliant move bringing it to V.
Tony Fonti
Tony Fonti - År siden
Do love the work your doing, very impressive for some one your age, but please do not leave wrenches on top of batteries. Nothing good ever come from doing something like that. Keep up the good work.
straight develop
straight develop - År siden
thx for video, i'm support u. respect.
TravisFabel - År siden
As you can see... No. I can't see. Nobody can see. You have 5 damn picture links all over the screen so that I can't see anything.
You need to get an outro and put all of your links in there. That way it doesn't cover up the end of your video.
Tristan Midgley
Tristan Midgley - År siden
Factory white is more yellow then the Fresh paint
Roger Thaine Sr.
Roger Thaine Sr. - År siden
Another Great Video/Quick and to the point
jeremie manninen
jeremie manninen - År siden
Sam Crac should have you put some Turbskies on that car
Rusty - År siden
Love your channel love your work but I refuse to watch the samcrac build stuff nothing against vtuned but he's not cool to watch and dog on others!!
Mike4life palamaryuk
Mike4life palamaryuk - År siden
Good work
Gcal1956 - År siden
U guys give old people hope when we see u building nice stuff.
The rest of your peers are busy getting high, playing video games and molesting themselves.
Good for you guys for not being losers. That goes for your fans who try the same stuff. It ain’t easy. But you will never learn if you don’t try.
Chingon El Vatillo
Chingon El Vatillo - År siden
Hey Ben stop bitting em nails,. starting to look like helmet fingers 😂
King of the scorpio
King of the scorpio - År siden
Is that a Fram oil filter 😔
Danny Arellano
Danny Arellano - År siden
Nice work buster
Nick Chavez
Nick Chavez - År siden
V Tune in a clutch because wack ass Sam can’t fix his own shit. Good way to get your channel out there. Unsubscribe sam’s channel and subscribe V Tune
Matthew Sorensen
Matthew Sorensen - År siden
Nice job 👍
Justin Altemeier
Justin Altemeier - År siden
You have a focus RS and you use that absolute fricking garbage fram oil filter? Hey, V tuned, tell that guy he doesn't deserve to own a roller skate or a Yugo let alone a focus RS. If he is going to trash his engine by running absolute garbage oil filters he is truly a moron get that piece of crap Fram off of there. OMG, then you put an almost as CRAPTASTIC stp oil not-filter on it, Jeeze man use GOOD filters.
Lynn Eddy
Lynn Eddy - År siden
Great video v-tuned !
Totaled2rebuilT - År siden
"Paint it with his eyes closed" that got me cracking up it was a good interpretation of his work!
The Real Cigar Jefe
The Real Cigar Jefe - År siden
Samcrac is a good egg
TK765 - År siden
What would generally be the cost to fix a couple frame rails and replace the core support, 1000 1500 ?
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Yea around there
Black Widow
Black Widow - År siden
This chanel deserves a way more subscribers.
shartne - År siden
Very cool.