Samcrac's Salvage Ford Focus RS Is Rebuilt!Time for drift mode!

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Welcome back to todays video we finally finish up samcracs focus rs!
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vTuned garage
vTuned garage - År siden
Don’t worry guys the bmw will be back soon just had to finish this focus rs!
Emmanuel Lema
Emmanuel Lema - 16 dager siden
So I like to designer the bumper
Emmanuel Lema
Emmanuel Lema - 16 dager siden
@vTuned garage am accept for everything .
Emmanuel Lema
Emmanuel Lema - 16 dager siden
OK I have waiting the BMW to repairo
DMV Nation95
DMV Nation95 - 6 måneder siden
Can I bring my focus rs in to your shop for you to take a look at the frame work to see if it’s perfect I got into a front end accident
rsims7 - År siden
Good because I've literally watched every video on this channel and I need a new episode please :-)
John Webber
John Webber - 4 måneder siden
Hey V!, This is an awesome vid... That's the way to lay down paint of a car!! I'm late viewing it, but it was well worth the time to view.
Your ability to repair, paint and restore cars is a talent you developed and should be doing for a lifetime. Peace!
RobinvdTube - 6 måneder siden
What is the song's name playing at 10:30, great melody and thrive in it =D
Great rebuild vTuned! You guys are great and very talented!
Ache fpv
Ache fpv - 6 måneder siden
I really enjoyed this project, this is the car of my dreams
Victor Deleon
Victor Deleon - 8 måneder siden
Don’t tell Goonzsquad but I like your channel better
Ramon Garciano
Ramon Garciano - 8 måneder siden
samcrac can't do it all. you guys have the space and the equipment
Jorge Toureiro
Jorge Toureiro - 10 måneder siden
Didn't see the DRIFT...:(
JLCUBMH - 10 måneder siden
I've been working in the automotive/mechanical/body repair and customising for over 30 years and this Vtuned geezers work and attention to detail is outstanding and probably is in my top 10 best. I've been watching the work he does on this channel for well over 18 months now, I've also watched the work he has done on other Youtubers channel/cars, ie - GOONZSQUAD,SAMCRAC AND TAVARISH is to name a few. He is still young and is going to get alot better than he already is. Mark my words this geezer is going to be FAMOUS for the work he is going to be doing or done. Just need to add that my pops who has been working on and customising all types of vehicles for over 55 years is also impressed with Vtuned work, My pops has been watching Vtuned video's constantly for the past 6 months and he said he is gonna keep watching...... Thanx Vtuned keep up the great quality of you work geezer........
Biggs4Life 530
Biggs4Life 530 - 10 måneder siden
I want this car so bad. I need to save money and buy a project from Copart to work on like this. Or a truck, something I know I can rebuild and work on but need the $$ in order to make it happen and the tools for things missing. Love your channel man!/Samcrac/Goonzquad!
Michael Wittke
Michael Wittke - 11 måneder siden
Back in the day, the advantage of the "acrylic enamels" was the the lack of need to "buff it out" as it was with lacquers. Technique was important or you you would have to buff in which case, you might as well have used the lacquer based paint to begin with. Needless to say, it not being a "show car" the buffing should have been unnecessary.
roboedar - År siden
That Samcrac dude at the end kinda looks like Lil' Dicky.
Greg Holmes
Greg Holmes - År siden
How many coats of base are you doing?
Michael Yarmie
Michael Yarmie - År siden
Your a slob lego mechanic..Why don't you clean the parts before you put them back on the car?
Taylor Nottz
Taylor Nottz - År siden
I thought sam hit his head a bit too hard and became a little messed up lol maybe the case being as he cant finnish a project alone :/
Di Basser
Di Basser - År siden
Please tell me...what kind of polish do you use for buffing?
Matt Buch0
Matt Buch0 - År siden
love this channel bro, have watched all your vids! keep them coming and keep up the good work 👌🏻
K J - År siden
Its good to see Sam crac-ked up like that sometimes. live your life dude you only human hahaha
Dennis W
Dennis W - År siden
Looks like you do good work. Sam wouldn't get hardly any of his projects finished if it weren't for you and Turbo Mike
Henry Calliste
Henry Calliste - År siden
better than a maako hack job
Lewis Beshers
Lewis Beshers - År siden
Piece? Is that the East coast version.
EnfieldJoe - År siden
What state is your location? I'm thinking TX? Great work. Enjoy watching your videos.
Adam - År siden
marty martin
marty martin - År siden
Dude can lay down a little squirt that's fo sho!
Espen Mons
Espen Mons - År siden
Wow this car looks good as new! Thank you so much for repairing what would hav otherwise ended up in the scrap yard! #Sustainability
Scott Michael
Scott Michael - År siden
I thought Samcrac lived in Orlando....did he move to Chatanooga to be closer to Vtuned?
MrOmcif - År siden
Everything is done thanks to vTuned
Chef JEAN-PIERRE - År siden
Nice paint job. Clean and tight!
Striyd - År siden
dude, the white match is actually bad.
Say no to drugs kids.
אתה כבשה שטופת מוח
The Adam Sandler and Zack Afron Car show
Seth Francis Sim Racing
Is it just me or does Sam look like he smoked some samcrack before this video haha?
Jon Ewen
Jon Ewen - År siden
You don't sand a bit before clear coat?
Timothy Archer
Timothy Archer - År siden
No, you spray clear coat while the final base coat is still curing, for better adhesion between the base and the clear.
JShamar Burrows
JShamar Burrows - År siden
Foe your own health and safety you should have eye protection
networkcrasher - År siden
SamCrack. Dude was hiiiiiiiiigh AF
Roman Drabchuk
Roman Drabchuk - År siden
Hi, Great work! Quick question: what machine, pad and compound do you use for buffing
david Hodgson
david Hodgson - År siden
And lmfao samcracc hahaha
david Hodgson
david Hodgson - År siden
Great video bro !! Just think you spent a lot of time in beginning showing you paint ...maybe just me but it kinda felt forever watching you paint
Love the content bro !! That M4 is beautiful
No Chill Taylor
No Chill Taylor - År siden
samcrac is straight geeked up in this one.
_ COLINWERKS - År siden
Amazing work! Would you be interested in doing paint and body on my Grand Wagoneer? If so, let me know!!
kylekdk456 - År siden
Just came across your page, it's so refreshing to see a real car guy on youtube! Much better than watching samcrac or tavarish pretend to be car guys for ad revenue.
Jim Montgomery
Jim Montgomery - År siden
Really like the builds together. Very cool. Nice job guys and very entertaining!
FullSpectrumWarrior - År siden
Idk if it's been answered yet but does this have the upgraded head gasket?
Da Kid DC
Da Kid DC - År siden
I hope V blows up he deserves a ton of success....a hard working humble good guy.
Filipe Gomes
Filipe Gomes - År siden
Sam had a looooooong night hahha
Filipe Gomes
Filipe Gomes - År siden
Aleluia, miracle hahha
Elias - År siden
It's still not done! My OCD does not accept the bonnet spacing and the missing badge. Better sort that shit out on camera, give it a nice clean. Walk all around it, get Ken Block to drift it on the moon and upload in 4k!! Good job guys
SpeedOften - År siden
you forgot the Ford badge on the front bumper...
Life Unwrapped
Life Unwrapped - År siden
Is Sam on drugs? Odd
FredRick James
FredRick James - År siden
Could Samcrac even build a car without you? Lol
Luke37 - År siden
Cheap Samcrac. Lol
King Brilliant
King Brilliant - År siden
great work, but please, im begging you...ditch the horrible fucking music.
blademansw - År siden
Millions of car detailers the world over all cried out at once at you with that giant ass rotary polisher ;-)
Jacques Koorts
Jacques Koorts - År siden
Just a quick question, is white a color?
Jacques Koorts
Jacques Koorts - År siden
Just a quick question, is white a color?
sean thomas
sean thomas - År siden
zrkn1 - År siden
How do such young men have so much knowledge in this business and their shop is sweet. What the heck, did you guys start when you were 9 yrs. old? It's like a bunch of minions attacking a car and out comes this work of street perfection. AMAZING & GOD Bless America
antony pavey
antony pavey - År siden
and it was at this point that vtuned realized the true meaning of SAMCRAC's username!! #powdermynose
WeThePeople HaveSpoken
I think Sam might be special...... Like short bus special. He definitely looks like a window licker. LMAO. I kid I joke Sam's good people. But he does right?
HQ - År siden
The orange peel focus ST
Pete's Green Machine
Pete's Green Machine - År siden
Should of painted the bottom skirt. Looks yellow compared to the rest of the car.
Mert - År siden
Can you please post more videos ive been waiting for the progress on M4 for agesss
Dave - År siden
12:19 that's the serial killer look
CVRIV ALL DAY - År siden
Ford TCM failure. Thanks for the crappy transmission Ford. Never again.
D M - År siden
Almost 135k. Dude I remember not too long ago when you stated the channel after the goonzquad vid. Nice work.
Engine Informant
Engine Informant - År siden
Yo V tuned, do you kiss dudes cuz im all about you!
Chris Orr
Chris Orr - År siden
I'd love to see a mk3 focus RS painted performance blue. I dont understand why ford didnt do this colour for the mk3
DumpsterBabie - År siden
The difference between vTuned & Tavarish:

vTuned makes money from the actual work, views are just the cherry on top.
Tavarish makes money from YouTube views.
Gregg KUZILA - År siden
How much do you charge for a paint job
Kevin Thelwell
Kevin Thelwell - År siden
Dude this music is sick I feel like I've been on this journey with Samcrac but really happy to see it finish and you guys do fantastic work. Kudos to you.
King Brilliant
King Brilliant - År siden
you mean shit, not sick. its infantile computer music
Jason Langevin
Jason Langevin - År siden
VTuned is there anything you can’t do?! Lol
Dave Jarvis
Dave Jarvis - År siden
Is sam wasted? lol
warriormonx - År siden
Awesome vid boys and RS is looking epic
Greg Scott
Greg Scott - År siden
Why not clean the side skirts before assembly?
Greg Scott
Greg Scott - År siden
you could see the orange peel before it even dried... nice job working out the imperfections though
***Classified*** - År siden
Happens with any paint job, I've never sprayed and NOT gotten any orange peel. Just part of it.
cloudninephoto - År siden
Yeah. Sam is crack-a-lackin' 😎😎.
Jason Straw
Jason Straw - År siden
Very goodworkmanship, keep up the good work. 👍
Robbiemoto - År siden
Great vid but dude stop shouting. 😀
Also Sam has well and truly been on the sauce 🤪🍺🥃🍺🥃
Old Grouch
Old Grouch - År siden
Did you clear coat?
seemore butts
seemore butts - År siden
Suprised the rockers werent cleaned before hand,before putting them back on,nice to be able to have gotten in every nook&cranny
Adam - År siden
That bothered me as well plus there are other parts that weren't even wiped down on the side you can't see when installed before he installed them. Fantastic work but going the extra 1% makes a world of difference to someone like myself.
seemore butts
seemore butts - År siden
Cant wqit to see if all that orange peel is all gone,hate seeing pay good money for paint work,then seeing ORANGE peel when the shop says it's all done and ready for pick up,,but nice job guys,great work
James Streck
James Streck - År siden
12:17 - 12:37 When your dad tries to fit in with you and your friends.
Donna Crozier
Donna Crozier - År siden
Just came over from Samcrac’s channel after seeing the job you did on the RS front end frame. Nice job, and like the channel. You have another new sub.
Brett Fullmer
Brett Fullmer - År siden
I don't always put trim pieces back on a car, but when I do, the car is still wet.
Ed G
Ed G - År siden
samcrac looking like a glitched video game character lol
Sour Words
Sour Words - År siden
This samcrac sounds like lived up to his YouTube name and smoked some crack.
My goodness that was embarrassing!
Julius - År siden
BMW M4!!!
Martin Hayward
Martin Hayward - År siden
2 years later he gets somebody else to finish it
JSxxxxxxx - År siden
All it needs now the Dominos pizza logo and roof light
Stat Ic
Stat Ic - År siden
Haha..... You being professional and grown up while Sam is drunk/high and thinks he back in high school and been listening to dr dre 😂🙈
kellsarah - År siden
The part you painted will stick out like a sore thumb, you didn't match the shitty factory Ford orange peel.
Walter Crim
Walter Crim - År siden
The end was like Mike D and King Ad Rock doing a Beastie Boys reunion.
ianwynneuk - År siden
Sam Crac’s gone street like V! I like it 👍
Visual Learning
Visual Learning - År siden
Goonzquad was here!
John Voltron
John Voltron - År siden
Its a good thing vTuded was around becouse Sam would have took 3 years to finish this car..axxaxa
Abdel Gonzalez
Abdel Gonzalez - År siden
Love the cross channel collaborations! 2-for-1 baby. Keep them coming.
Abdel Gonzalez
Abdel Gonzalez - År siden
Forgot to add...Vtuned, make sure you get a dig/bust in to Samcrac. It adds a lot of spice to the content.
MrGreendragon3 - År siden
oh look its SAM ( definitely on ) CRACK .
ne2i - År siden
Hey Sam you learning sign language or what?
Wan Muizz
Wan Muizz - År siden
So samcrac just do the talking and let others rebuild his car?
MrFixIt - År siden
And it’s rebuilt in just a shade under a decade
HooptieDoodle - År siden
MrZimma Frame
MrZimma Frame - År siden
Didn’t you paint the door handles? They look a way different colour 5:16