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Welcome back to another video in todays video we finish cutting and prepping our 1966 Ford Mustang Now its time to build a fully custom frame to support the 5.0 coyote engine.
Check Out the Eastwood Plasma cutter www.eastwood.com/versa-cut-60-plasma-cutter.html
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Runtime: 21:30


adhitya M
adhitya M - 9 dager siden
Hey bro becareful while cutting the tools !!! @vTuned
Jose Bey
Jose Bey - 12 dager siden
Cool.!!!!......one idea ....
You should paint that Mustang 66 in Black ....Linex ......
I hope not .....that you have no accident with that car .....but if you have one .....the whole car stays in one piece!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.....
Love from Munich, Germany
Rainbow Cookie
Rainbow Cookie - 2 måneder siden
2:30 European plug in usa
Wait that's illiegal
Tonysiete70 - 2 måneder siden
You see how fake this Clown is copying everything goonsquad does he try to please dad in the videos so fucken fake
deankdx - 2 måneder siden
recently was shown your channel, and i love it. this build is very interesting and moving so fast.
looking forward to going back and watching previous repairs(watched the yellow Z4 BMW first, it was cool!)
Umanng Mittal
Umanng Mittal - 3 måneder siden
Love this restoration man, especially the ruthlessness with which you cut the car to pieces!!
Clif Bradley
Clif Bradley - 3 måneder siden
So in essence it's just the side panels from the 66. Wouldn't it have been easier to rip the side panels off a 66 and replace them on a 2015 or newer Mustang? Kind of a travesty to hack that car up that much. Then putting a twin turbo on a V8? The beauty of the Coyote V8 and why it is much loved by even Chevy and Dodge fans, was that it was naturally aspirated. I commend you for being young and doing the work you're doing, but the essence of what these cars represent maybe misses your generation, or so many of you want to go the Ken Block route, but miss even the point of what he was trying to accomplish.
Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer - 4 måneder siden
........"chop the car in half, and make it a little bit wider"....this guy is like a genetic container of "American know-how". I hope he has 10 kids someday.
slaphappy813 - 4 måneder siden
sweet civic.
Troy Tempest
Troy Tempest - 4 måneder siden
2.8% in and 'e says "but man look at this, it's almost there" = visionary extraordinaire infused with positive upbeat attitude humbly presented with Atacama Desert dry humor.
They should teach this guy as a subject at school.
me and you
me and you - 4 måneder siden
Number your videos
mrromantimothy - 4 måneder siden
I hold the world record for getting out from underneath a car and taking off my shoe with a ball of molten metal between my toes .lol
mrromantimothy - 4 måneder siden
Unlike your goon quad friends your actually learning skills to pay the bills. Keep it up kid. And don't listen to the haters and couch commandos
Danny M
Danny M - 5 måneder siden
Great videos. Trying to get into the garage myself. One suggestion. I see the burn holes in your “sneakers”. I had a buddy like you. Always wore sneakers. Haha. Hurt himself a lot. Get use to wearing boots.
Gerald G
Gerald G - 5 måneder siden
This build will be epic.
Aman Aman
Aman Aman - 6 måneder siden
Please write the episode to your video
Jason Day
Jason Day - 6 måneder siden
That's going to be the sickest car dude.
Kauri Channel
Kauri Channel - 6 måneder siden
Can you hire me as your editor haha
Mosquito - 6 måneder siden
Another cut and fit video which takes 5 minutes active work to do, But the video is 21 minutes giving 16 minutes dead time
ali altubaikh
ali altubaikh - 6 måneder siden
again what happened to you at least you doing good with your stuff and family
godfrey wright
godfrey wright - 7 måneder siden
like what you are doing who taught you how to do all this bodywork and jig work
Savaş Kaya
Savaş Kaya - 7 måneder siden
Kırmızı masteki düzeltip toplasan daha iyi olurdu ona çok üzüldüm o pert kazali haline bile aşığım yeni kasa mastengin ♥
Matthew Harbert
Matthew Harbert - 7 måneder siden
Can’t wait for a new update!!
MARIO BECERRA - 7 måneder siden
Viejo has mas videos para esta cuarentena hajaja saludos desde Guadalajara mexico Hahaha
JB Cepeda
JB Cepeda - 7 måneder siden
Wish I new more history about this guy. He is obiously not your weekend mechanic DIY'er. He is talking about cutting the 66 in half and widening it. WTF?
Bruce Sato
Bruce Sato - 7 måneder siden
Is this the same guy that did some frame work for some of “Goonzquad” vehicle’s??? I wasn’t sure.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - 7 måneder siden
Ronald Smith
Ronald Smith - 7 måneder siden
I would build a Kaase Boss 9 or a Boss 429 with 509 cu in engine. That's 4.500 bore by 4.000 stroke.
Alex T
Alex T - 7 måneder siden
Sent here from B is for Build. Love the idea man.
Aaron Hawes
Aaron Hawes - 7 måneder siden
I love the way you are just ripping in to this like you've done it multiple times before.
djAnakin - 7 måneder siden
Can't wait to see how this goes. Love the 66! I'd recommend you work on the mic situation. Quite echoy in the shop.
kornelis smook
kornelis smook - 7 måneder siden
So this is What the flinstones looks like nowadays, looking forward to see the results, watching from Holland.
jumbleman - 7 måneder siden
,,,,,, GREAT MUSIC,,, What is the CD music comes from?
Logan Adams
Logan Adams - 7 måneder siden
Believe it when it's done.
Andy Helfrich
Andy Helfrich - 7 måneder siden
How much do the shielding gasses cost, like per minute, when plasma cutting?
Joshua Ogden
Joshua Ogden - 7 måneder siden
3 letters. Nos
MadCarTK - 7 måneder siden
Oh damn, Chris already busted out another video! Wait... who are you?
Doug Drew
Doug Drew - 7 måneder siden
If I had not see your other work, I would not think you were trying to 'rescue' that 66. It is kind of like a Mustang Rhynoplasty. This is going to be a really cool car.
bigman Bze
bigman Bze - 7 måneder siden
Wow bro that shit will look cool
Barry Pearson
Barry Pearson - 7 måneder siden
Another parent supplying the money project.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage - 7 måneder siden
Antonio Vaga
Antonio Vaga - 7 måneder siden
Amigo me gusta lo q estás asiendo pero pon más vídeos para ver q lo termina me dejas bien picado
Oddball Dynamics.
Oddball Dynamics. - 7 måneder siden
I seemed to be watching these vids in reverse. I subs on the first one I watched. I won’t give any spoilers. Can’t wait to see this completed.
Pissed up Gamer
Pissed up Gamer - 7 måneder siden
Next level build
Pissed up Gamer
Pissed up Gamer - 7 måneder siden
Ur channels getting the recognition it deserves cant wait to see this build done old/new mustang
Kery Chesh
Kery Chesh - 7 måneder siden
Its going to cost a tone of money
Patrick Kenny
Patrick Kenny - 7 måneder siden
Really enjoying this build vTuned, great stuff Pat from Aussie.
Glass Vial
Glass Vial - 7 måneder siden
Those rims look perfect for that car. May not be the case by the time you're done, but just from the mock-up they look great.
Richard Scarlett
Richard Scarlett - 7 måneder siden
I dont know a thing about body work or what youre doing but to my eyes it just seems that you are willy nilly cutting chunks of metal out. It would be nice to tell us why youre cutting out particular sections and what your thinking of how to make it right further down the line. Or are you just figuring it out as you go
Julio V
Julio V - 7 måneder siden
Nice job, i became a follower with such a great videos you do doing it with passion. Congrats men, keep it up!
Elevated Motions
Elevated Motions - 7 måneder siden
Clean Machine Auto Detailing
Clean Machine Auto Detailing - 7 måneder siden
Any videos on that crf 😅
Joe Guilfoyle
Joe Guilfoyle - 7 måneder siden
I enjoyed the Enthusiasm but wow you cut so much out .
FoundationFarmhouse - 7 måneder siden
Look at that its almost done 😂🤣😅
Jeff Allen
Jeff Allen - 7 måneder siden
So that’s why the value of my 66 keeps going up! Thanks guys😂
MissionRestomod - 7 måneder siden
Don’t chop the car in half unless you want to pay out the ass for custom glass.
Rob E
Rob E - 7 måneder siden
Apparently cutting it in half is not necessary. You arent the first to try this my friend.
CustomBike - 7 måneder siden
you need another haircut...
Daniel Telhede
Daniel Telhede - 7 måneder siden
Please use hearing protectors, you are still young and do NOT want to get tinitus.
Алексей Сафонов
Алексей Сафонов - 7 måneder siden
На таких катках машина смотрится очень короткая, кузов лучше удлинить.
Patrick Joille
Patrick Joille - 7 måneder siden
cortes concepts
cortes concepts - 7 måneder siden
Taking others ideas and making them your own like i said you were dude cudos to you bro i told you id find out homie
Alex Pagliro
Alex Pagliro - 7 måneder siden
My guy cut out the frame rail?!!??!???
JayDub And the Family
JayDub And the Family - 7 måneder siden
m m
m m - 7 måneder siden
carefull when you keep removing things. not far from here you might step back and wonder where the car has gone..
Jimf - 7 måneder siden
i suggest sectioning the car in the center for a wide body
Stuart Kynoch
Stuart Kynoch - 7 måneder siden
As an owner of many vintage Mustangs I took real delight in watching you remove that hateful rusty cowl. A pox on Ford for that horrific design...
Roald Shakleton
Roald Shakleton - 8 måneder siden
May I ask, how is the new oil pan? I hope it's alright.
NJStingray - 8 måneder siden
The 2015 dash! This will be AWESOME
Jesus Lopez
Jesus Lopez - 8 måneder siden
Please make the cupé to fast back conversion on him,that going to be sick
ATownPyro - 8 måneder siden
This guy is a car wizard!
Anton SP
Anton SP - 8 måneder siden
Is so bad cuz you do use the fastback version i will love to see that but anyway nice work, thanks for the content
Dante Estras
Dante Estras - 8 måneder siden
You’ve done good job for Goonzquad, it’s your time to shine and this project will put you up there. Good luck mate from Australia. I can’t wait till you finish this
Bradley Lowry
Bradley Lowry - 8 måneder siden
I love this channel. This guy is gonna go far im hoping the best for him!!
UnkTob - 8 måneder siden
Drinking game- take a shot every time vTuned claps his hands together. Although you’ll probably end up in the hospital, so maybe don’t play that game. LOL Love the build so far! Crazy stuff! 😀👍
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt - 8 måneder siden
Mother of God would you look at the size of that motor in the engine bay of the 66. This is one sick build.
Toosuna Kabooma
Toosuna Kabooma - 7 måneder siden
Im having this memory of actually being the
JROD Jeremy Flanigan
JROD Jeremy Flanigan - 8 måneder siden
This is gonna be awesome!!
Keto Trucker
Keto Trucker - 8 måneder siden
Please keep those wheels and tires. They looks so sexy on there!!!
G A - 8 måneder siden
jehad alkhalaf
jehad alkhalaf - 8 måneder siden
Car builder 🔥
Adam Cornelison
Adam Cornelison - 8 måneder siden
I'll give you my engine from my Nissan for the engine from your Nissan Gtr R35
Steve Moh
Steve Moh - 8 måneder siden
Do not put a widebody
Maria - 8 måneder siden
To The Bar Productions
To The Bar Productions - 8 måneder siden
Making the entire car wider is a sick idea !
Blue Greenish
Blue Greenish - 8 måneder siden
CHOP IN HALF THE STANG MAKE IT WIDE !!!!! even tho the windshield might become a problem
sirpurrcival - 8 måneder siden
I guess it proves that anything is possible. Almost no one could aspire to what you are doing here. I doubt that most body shop guys could pull it off and the cost to get it done would be prohibitive. But it is an interesting exercise. It might be really cool to get some volunteer students in there to work with you. Can you imagine the kind of learning opportunities that could provide and maybe you can get some free labour to boot.
André Fontes
André Fontes - 8 måneder siden
This is the real way to approach this sort of crazy projects with classic cars. Both donor vehicles were wrecked beyond being worth restoring, so doing this is a logical way to save and give a second life to otherwise parts vehicles!
Mike Papa
Mike Papa - 8 måneder siden
simplicity on it's best
Levi C
Levi C - 8 måneder siden
good luck with that plasma cutter mine stopped working just out of warranty and eastwood is no help
Sudheer MS
Sudheer MS - 8 måneder siden
unimaginable to reality VŤ
Sudheer MS
Sudheer MS - 8 måneder siden
Sudheer MS
Sudheer MS - 8 måneder siden
Alf Gjelsvik
Alf Gjelsvik - 8 måneder siden
iam loocking forwared to se how the master Vtuned is going to patch this car back to a driving car;-)vTuned Mustang 2020mod ;,-)
Tezla Rocks
Tezla Rocks - 8 måneder siden
Mind blown. You’re going places my friend. Keep up the passion and motivation. NEVER stop learning. This world needs more young people like you and Goonzquad. You are the/our future of this country....
Norman Mattson
Norman Mattson - 8 måneder siden
Don't put it on the frame machine. The poor guy driving that car will probably pop out.
Alex Chavez
Alex Chavez - 8 måneder siden
There’s hardly any car left ?
Taylor Robins
Taylor Robins - 8 måneder siden
Mustang build off between Vtunes and BisForBuild. Same goal, different strategies. Gonna be fun to watch both
Taelor Watson
Taelor Watson - 8 måneder siden
I don't know why you took that engine out of that 2015 Mustang. After all it's just a scratch
iqcarlospinzon - 8 måneder siden
Super weird....
Gusser - 8 måneder siden
This build is coming out so sweeeeeet! Rock it vTune!
Austin Konold
Austin Konold - 8 måneder siden
I wouldn't even know where to start. Doing great! And hell yeah twin turbos!
Dave Hill
Dave Hill - 8 måneder siden
Sponsored tools are a great thing. My question is, where is the full frame jig? Car needs to be squared up. Be a shame to do all your hard work and after all said and done the left front wheel doesn't touch the ground. And don't try plasma cutting to get at the drive shaft. Unless you gut the interior, or if you got large kahuna's and a very large fire extinguisher.